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Standing Trial: A Naval Commander of the 99%

By Michael Levitin, OCCUPY.COM

Consider the story of Leah Bolger, the latest American hero up on trial:

She is a young female artist in the Midwest. She joins the Navy at 22, is made Commander and serves two decades as an anti-submarine warfare specialist. After retiring she joins Veterans for Peace and becomes the organization’s first female president. Then, in October of 2011, she commits the crime of interrupting a public congressional hearing of the Super Committee to deliver a message from the 99%: Ends the wars and tax the rich to fix the deficit.

Because of her 45-second transgression, retired Naval Commander Bolger now faces a court trial beginning this Thursday morning, April 12, where she could receive a maximum jail sentence of six months. Bolger, 54, intends to plead guilty and instead use her court appearance to draw the connection between America’s false deficit debacle and the three-quarters-of-a-trillion-dollar defense budget we, as voting taxpayers, spend as the base-mark for failed and unending military ventures overseas.

Bolger, speaking by phone over the weekend, listed four concrete reasons to oppose America’s wars.



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Appealing to such a corrupt, despotic, Fascist system is pointless.  We must not accept subordinated, corrupted, dependent social

power deformed by class hierarchies, class deformed civil societies.  True social power, independent, indivisible social control

implies, demands, the dismantling, dissolving of all class parties around the world, linked to a FASCIST GLOBAL MATRIX.


Social masses around the world are being ignored, completely, by their despotic, class politicians.   They impose fascist austerity,

fascist Capitalism , fascist military alliances, WHEN SOCIAL MAJORITIES OPPOSE THESE POLICIES.   Still, it must be said, our

own STUPID COMPLICITY, IGNORANCE, SELF ENSLAVEMENT, by voting for false choices, class parties, betrayals, expecting social

outcomes when class rule is automatic, is self defeating ideological outcomes.   INTERNATIONAL STRIKES TO SAVE THE CLIMATE,

MOTHER NATURE, HUMANITY, against GLOBAL FASCISM and establish social parties, green party coalitions that oppose all

class deformed enslavement, and a Fascist Capitalism.  We must end class history, Patriarchy, to re establish the Historical social

mechanism that existed before class history, to make social forces independent, automatic, inherent, indivisible, not corrupted

by class deforming class hierarchies and its Patriarchal class mechanism. 

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