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Spurious Terrorism Indictments

By Stephen Lendman - Posted on 01 July 2012

  Spurious Terrorism Indictments


by Stephen Lendman


On May 19 and 20, NATO occupied Chicago violently. Downtown residents were in virtual lockdown. No-fly zones were imposed. Elaborate barricades were erected. Constitutional rights were suspended.


Getting around was hazardous. Anyone could be stopped, searched, interrogated, or arrested. Chicagoans were under siege.


NATO is the world's first global war-making alliance. Largely a US imperial tool, it's a killing machine. Its 28 members and dozens of partner states comprise about one-third of the world's nations.


They menace humanity. For days, thousands protested nonviolently during their Chicago summit. Police brutality confronted them.


They faced no-holds barred surveillance, vigilantism, and brutality. They're viciousness is infamous. Their tactics include physical confrontation, flagrant abuses, and criminal assaults. Their odious reputation is well-deserved.


In full riot gear, they faced off against peaceful protesters. They blocked free access to public streets. They bludgeoned anyone confronting them. Pitched battles erupted. 


Innocent victims were brutalized. Carte blanche authority let them harass, abuse, beat, detain, and levy false charges. Dozens of arrests were made. Most were held for a day or so and released. Others weren't as lucky.


Activists were targeted. Constitutional law was discarded. On May 17, an NLG press release condemned a preemptive Bridgeport neighborhood raid. At least eight arrests were made. No one committed a crime.


Witnesses said cops burst into a six-unit apartment building violently with no search warrant. Doing so is illegal. They entered guns drawn. 


One tenant was tackled in his kitchen. Two were handcuffed for two hours in their living room while police searched their apartment and a neighboring one.


A search warrant produced four hours later had no authorizing signature. Beer-making supplies and cell phones were seized.


Three youths were charged with possession of incendiary devices, material support for terrorism, and conspiracy to commit it. An indictment explained below added more spurious accusations. 


Corroborating evidence wasn't explained because there is none. The NATO 3 are innocent.


Nonetheless, on June 20, AP headlined "NATO protesters indicted on 11 counts in Chicago, including terror-related and other charges," saying:


A grand jury indicted Brian Church, Jared Chase and Brent Vincent Betterly on 11 counts. They include four terrorism related ones and "half a dozen new charges."


Days before NATO's summit began, they were arrested. Illinois' anti-terrorism statutes were used for the first time. All charges were baseless. 


Defense lawyers gave AP the 12 page indictment. It "provides no details about the evidence" because there is none. Church, Chase and Betterly are victims. They committed no crimes. They're bogusly charged. 


They face long prison terms if convicted. A July 2 arraignment is scheduled.


On June 20, the National Lawyers Guild Chicago chapter headlined "NLG Uncovers Terrorism Indictments in Chicago NATO Protest Case," saying:


"Eleven charges come without any supporting evidence."


NLG lawyers representing the defendants were initially denied access to charges brought against them. Finally the indictment was obtained. Charges include:


Providing material support for terrorism.


Conspiracy to commit terrorism.


Multiple counts of possession of an incendiary device.


Conspiracy to commit arson.


Solicitation to commit arson.


Attempted arson.


Two counts of unlawful use of a weapon.


Defendants are detained on a $1.5 million bond. NLG attorney Michael Deutsch said:


"The prosecutor controls the grand jury and is able to obtain a rubber-stamped indictment for any charges it desires."


"The fact that the indictment charges the defendants with 11 serious felonies, including 'terrorism' and two separate 'conspiracy' charges for the alleged possession of 4 makeshift incendiary devices shows that the State is intent on continuing its strategy to sensationalize this case."


It's common prosecutorial strategy when no evidence exists. Juries are intimidated to indict and convict. Headlines stoke fear. Innocent victims are imprisoned despite no plot, crimes, or intent to commit them.


It's the American way.


Illinois terrorism statutes were used for the first time. "(I)nfiltration and the politicization of criminal activity are common to other contemporary high-profile cases elsewhere in the country."


Chicago NLG spokesperson Kris Hermes said:


"The common thread running through the NATO 3 case and other similar contemporary cases is politically motivated infiltration."


"Given that no Molotov cocktails or other incendiary devices have been used at any political demonstration in the U.S. in recent memory, questions of whether law enforcement is in fact provoking or manufacturing criminal activity remain unanswered and extremely relevant."


At least two infiltrators ("Mo" and "Gloves") framed Church, Chase and Betterly. They were involved in a months-long Occupy Chicago investigation.


In April, they were arrested during protests to keep the Woodlawn Mental Health Clinic open. Questions remain about the "intent" and "breadth" of their involvement.


They were also arrested in Bridgeport where the defendants were apprehended. They've since disappeared from view and haven't been seen. Six other activists arrested during the raid were released uncharged after 30 hours in custody.


"The NATO 3 were formally indicted by grand jury on June 12th and are expected to be arraigned at 9am on Monday, July 2nd in room 101 of the Cook County Courthouse at 2600 S. California."


They're up against prosecutors determined to convict. They'll use every dirty they know to do it. 


Ordinary people face long odds. Victims charged with terrorist related charges rarely achieve justice.


Despite no plot, crimes, or malicious intent, NATO 3 victims may face decades in prison.


It's the American way!


Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at 


His new book is titled "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War"


Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

Adam Smith and the revolutionary liberals of the Enlightenment clearly confronted the Feudal, class state and its links to totalitarianism, Mercantilism, with a social movement, social ideas, and social thinkers/activists.   Their aim was to confront and end, not just the Feudal class system degenerating into class tyranny and its state Absolutism,totalitarianism, but ending all class systems, class history itself, which has been enslaving, brutalizing its social classes.   Class history, class tyranny was the product of  parasitical ruling classes, with their mercenary, totalitarian elites, seizing, usurping social control over wealth, labor and the means of production, so that they could falsely claim, create the class myth, class dogma, with social rhetoric, that all class systems are paternal, and that Corporations, Capitalism is the source of wealth, so called wealth/jobs creators.

Of course social movements and Adam Smith, revolutionary liberals, knew that labor, social labor was the source of social wealth and therefore called for establishing a social agency, international, universal middle classes to reclaim social control over wealth, labor and means of production. The whole classical school of Economics is based on social principles, universal human rights, not only in the political realm, but linked to the economic interests of social middle classes, who by definition are independent, indivisible, with social justice for all.   One can still see this social principle, Enlightenment principle, social fragment, expressed in our PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, and was anchored in Adam Smith's definition of social wealth tied to two labor theories, one absolute, the other relative, and his symmetry of economic forces, supply and demand, that defined his "free markets."   One could say that revolutionary Liberalism, and its Libertarian Strain, against monopoly class power and class states, were the basis of all social theories including socialist, Marxist thinkers, where  they all started on the same social, ideological ground.

We know from History, that the Enlightenment was betrayed early on by class compromisers who failed to establish international, independent, indivisible social middle classes, which would have slowly dissolved, crumbled the class hierarchies which are the backbone of the generic Patriarchal class mechanism that props up all class systems.  All class systems betray the social agenda of re claiming social control over wealth, labor, and the means of production, and its partial social outcomes, social reforms, do not move towards evolutionary socialism, instead, often are co opted, corrupted, inverted, to serve class power, whose class center, always center right, degenerates, instead, towards monopoly class power and totalitarianism.  This is what happened to FDR social reforms, and what will happen to Obama's half assed health care reforms.   Once the Enlightenment failed in its social agenda to establish social control over wealth, labor and the means of production, the social mechanism linked to the Social Matriarchy never took place and like Adam Smith and his social theories of wealth WERE TURNED UP SIDE DOWN, co opted, corrupted, inverted, back into the Patriarchal class mechanism, and all social theories before it and after, were hollowed out into class theory, pretending democracy, pretending social power, when it was class corruption and finally class tyranny.

Many class compromisers, defenders of class systems belonged to many forms of class ideologies, tying conservatives to class liberals, and devolving former socialists, labor leaders into class whores, class shills, class thugs, fascist mercenaries , SOCIAL ONLY IN NAME.  This is the central failure of all class ideologies, and their class politicians, who use social rhetoric, like Obama, to hide their class whoring betrayals.  It is based on the HISTORICAL CLASS MYTH, both its religious and secular form, the former Patriarchal class ideologues who established the religious class myth that the downfall of social control of wealth, downfall of women, enslavement of humanity was due to "original sin", when it was the class deformed Human Nature initiated by the Patriarchal class system, scapegoating women for this outcome.    The secular form produced the same HISTORICAL CLASS MYTH, class dogma, that class systems produce social outcomes, when instead, it betrays them. All class systems betray social power, make false social claims to social principles, instead, enslaving humanity through class ideologies, class parties, and its class politicians.  

The act of  voting for "mainstream", class parties and their totalitarian class politicians is the act of throwing away one's vote, because it appeases all class systems, whether it is the religious class appeasers, like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt or the fascist Christians and Liberal class whores, who call the fascist, totalitarian market, the  "Free market."  IT IS THE BETRAYAL, ENSLAVEMENT OF CLASS SYSTEMS.   Such an inversion of reality, corruption, co option of the word "Freedom"  into Fascism, was the stuff of Nazi ideology, which proudly claimed that the enslaved labor in their concentration camps, "Work" was freedom, when it was slavery.  This is typical of inverted, corrupted capitalist, totalitarian class ideology.   Voters of class systems, class parties falsely assume that their vote is about social control, democracy, when it is about SELF ENSLAVEMENT and a self inflicted class myth.   These two forms of class myths, religious or secular, have turned the whole world into a global class tyranny, Fascist judicial systems, fascist judges, fascist Police thugs, and fascist class politicians.   Western Enlightenment was betrayed, then degenerated into Global Fascism, reflecting Chicago's devolution, degeneration and  Fascist Zionist, Mayor, along with the fascist democratic party, through Rham Emanuel, and his Nazi, Gestapo, Fascist Police.


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