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Sometimes Civil Disobedience Is the Only Way

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When you vote for ANY class party that cannot promote independent, indivisible, inclusive, universal social forces, social principles, you re voting for a historical deformed, rigged, Zero sum, class mechanism that negates your social vote, social demands, social control of civil society.  You are in effect voting for the extension of class history, self enslavement, through the class parties and its class hierarchies, tied to the now, milleniums existence of the Patriarchal, class mechanism which destroyed, corrupted the Social historical mechanism that was once part of the SOCIAL MATRIARCHY, where independent, indivisible social forces and social control existed.

Patriarchy as an inverted, corrupting, totalitarian despotic, class mechanism, with its corrupt class hierarchies and deformed (class) politicians, class elites began the Orwellian, totalitarian, class principle which would enslave Humanity through milleniums of years, through different class forms, from Patriarchal slavery to present world wide Fascist Capitalism with its global fascist Matrix.  What all class forms, class systems have in common is their subordination of social power, its inversion, paralysis, through corruption, ideological and policy making, through property laws that are in fact class laws/relations which enslave humanity.   It first happened by deforming, corrupting the social Matriarchy and its egalitarian social wealth and kinship relations, that began the enslavement of women into property, class relations as chattel slavery.  It then proceed to enslave most of humanity through the same class deforming functions you see in all class hierarchies, namely INVERSION, INVERTED TOTALITARIANISM, the essence of the class principle.

Of course, to hide this enslavement of humanity by Parasitic class elites, and its Zero sum negation of social power, into Class power, requires class myths, whether cloaked in religious explanations, like the Bible, which justified the enslavement of women through male, class hierarchies, that ultimately enslaved the majority of men themselves.  It was through the same DIVISIBLE, class hierarchies, which made sections of the male, partially developed middle layers, its artisans into complicit class deformed ENABLERS of the parasitic oligarchies and class Empires which enslaved humanity through its DEGENERATING historical class cycles.   These early forms of Patriarchal enslavement did not need a vote for legitimacy, only its complicit role of layered sections that upheld the rigged class enslaving system.    Early forms of democracy, republics and votes in ancient Greece did little to end the RIGGED, ZERO SUM GAME, ENSLAVING CLASS SYSTEM, where class hierarchies EXCLUDED social power, social control, social forces.   The result was ALWAYS DEPENDENT, SUBORDINATED, paralyzed social outcomes, i.e. CLASS OUTCOMES.

Social reforms, social power within class deformed civil societies, can never be independent, indivisible, hence ALWAYS DEFENSIVE, always corrupted, where partial social gains can be overturned, dismantled to produce class republics.  Even  FDR social reforms DEGENERATE through historical class cycles into Class Empires, via the ORWELLIAN, INVERTED TOTALITARIAN CLASS PRINCIPLE.  It is always a Zero sum game and a rigged social outcome, CLASS OUTCOME, where class deformed language, class dogmas, continue under SECULAR CLOTHES, but still  enabling social classes to ENSLAVE THEMSEVLES.   When voting for class hierachies, class history, AND ITS PATRIARCHAL CLASS MECHANISM, you  have falsely embraced the CLASS MYTHS, CLASS DOGMAS, hence your own enslavement, that class centers are social centers, when they are false centrist, class arguments, endless class compromises, which degenerate class parties, into totalitarian, Fascist parties, like today.

WHEN YOU VOTE FOR CLASS PARTIES YOU ARE ENABLING MILLENIUMS OF CLASS HISTORY, CLASS HIERARCHIES, CLASS DOGMAS, CLASS MYTHS, AND YOUR OWN ENSLAVEMENT.  ONLY THE COMPLETE REMOVAL OF ALL CLASS PARTIES WORLD WIDE, will reclaim the social principle, social control of wealth and human rights, as inclusive, universal outcome, through the social agency, of an INDIVISIBLE, INDEPENDENT MIDDLE CLASS established throughout the world.   The Zero sum game, rigged enslaving system, totalitarian Orwellian class principle would have no corrupt links to enslave humanity.   That was the agenda of the early revolutionary Liberals and later its international socialists, before existing class hierarchies put on the new clothes of Capitalism, and later the FASCIST clothes of totalitarian class Empires in Late the first round of Fascism, in the first Axis of Fascism, under Hitler, Franco and Mussolini, NOW THE SECOND ROUND OF GLOBAL FASCISM UNDER U.S./NATO/ISRAELI FASCISM.  They will completely NEGATE the popular will, because many people now are making the connection that votes for class party MEANS AUTOMATIC BETRAYAL, where social demands are transmuted into FASCIST AUSTERITY, FASCIST CAPITALISM, hence the global revolt against all class parties.   These global parasitic, totalitarian elites need to move into global Fascism to maintain their power.


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