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Soldiers suffer. America sleeps

By jimstaro - Posted on 20 October 2010

War rages. Soldiers suffer. America sleeps

October 19, 2010 - How is it possible for a country to be at war on two fronts for nearly a decade and not be plunged into constant fits of epic soul-searching? Whatever trick of light makes it possible to pretend "We, the People" have nothing to do with wars waged in our name overseas also blinds us to its tragic legacies at home.

In a little more than two weeks, a nation suffering from willful amnesia about Iraq and Afghanistan will either vote for new representatives who share their myopia -- or retain those incumbents most skilled at exploiting it.

If polls are to be believed, these wars are too low on the list of voter priorities to prompt much turnout on Election Day. Although more than a trillion dollars has been spent on the wars, that's an unthinkable abstraction to the vast majority of us.

If we could see it as the most obscene example of the hijacking and theft of government revenue in American history, there would be historically high turnouts in the midterms and for every election after that for at least a generation. {read rest}

Mr. Norman,

It is impossible to solve the problem of endless wars for U.S. backed transnational corporate empire with an election in the U.S. Both political parties are owned by the huge transnational corporations. We have a democracy in name only.

The only principled position for one who opposes our wars (both Afghanistan and Iraq are illegal without the. required by the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution, vote of the U.N. Security Council) is to refuse to vote in an election which offers only choices in criminality. Please refer to "Progressive Dilemma" for an analysis

Think of the U.S. democracy as top down, decisions are made by our ruling elites. Candidates are vetted by the same. Media coverage is extended only to those who pass establishment muster. Funding for anyone outside this mainstream is non existent with the exception of the wealthy.

A more democratic democracy would be bottom up. The ideas and decisions would come from the people and implemented through representatives who are actually responsible to the people and not the millions of corporate dollars now needed to compete in this sham of a democracy.

Voter apathy in the U.S. is an indication that many Americans understand at some level of consciousness that our system is rigged for the wealthy.

The U.S. is sociopathic and has been throughout its history. International law defines jus cogens as areas of law that are so contrary to a civilized society that they can never be legalized. The six areas of jus cogens are genocide, slavery, wars of aggression, torture, maritime piracy and territorial aggrandizement. The U.S. is not only historically guilty of all, but currently guilty of all. Please refer to "Sociopathic America" for a simple analysis

Nick Egnatz
Munster, IN


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