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So Much for Putting Your Hope in a Dept of Peace

By davidswanson - Posted on 22 April 2012

The group that has been pushing hardest for a Department of Peace is now pushing an Obama strategy that is almost certainly intended to facilitate war:


The Peace Alliance


This Monday, April 23rd, the peacebuilding community will mark a historic milestone.

President Obama will speak at the US Holocaust Museum on Monday to unveil the Atrocity Prevention Board, a high-level board within the National Security Council, which will greatly enhance our country’s capacity to make peacebuilding a priority.

Listen to the President’s speech via webcast at 9:45-10:30am ET Monday, live from the Holocaust Museum:

After the speech our team will visit the White House to celebrate this milestone.  Join us virtually at 1:00pm ET at as Senior Administration officials speak on a White House panel describing the role of the Atrocity Prevention Board.

Years of underinvestment in civilian tools, like diplomacy and development, have hindered the US government’s ability to help prevent atrocities around the globe. Establishment of the interagency Atrocities Prevention Board (APB) is an important milestone in developing a comprehensive policy framework to prevent future atrocities.

We are proud to be a part of the Prevention and Protection Working Group, a coalition of peacebuilding organizations that have advocated for this reform.  Over the last seven years The Peace Alliance has called on the Administration to focus on making peacebuilding a priority at the highest-echelons of power. Monday’s announcement is a major development towards making that vision a reality.

Please tune in for the President’s speech on Monday and the following panel discussion to celebrate this historic development.    

-Aaron, Eli, Matt, and the Peace Alliance team

Twitter The Peace Alliance
P.O. Box 27601, Washington, DC 20038 | Phone: 202-684-2553


Hey kidz!!!  Cui bono?  Who benefits from "Yom Hashoah" or "Holocaust Remembrance Day"?


Why does the war cry of "Never Again" only apply to a single group of humans that claim this

special "victim status" and unique suffering . . . and not to any of THEIR victims?


As film maker Anthony Lawson asks, "Iran Bashing, Terrorism,  and Who Chose The Chosen

People, Anyway?"


I have noticed that since President Jimmy Carter first signed the Executive Order to establish

the President's Commission On The Holocaust(TM) . . , to be chaired by Elie "No You Can't See

My Tattoo" Wiesel back in 1978,  that this 8 Day Holiday of "Yom Hashoah" has developed into a

system of INTOLERANCE instead of TOLERANCE . . .


. . . much like "Never Again" has become a battle cry of ZIonism's Pre-Emptive Wars and Genocides

rather than a message of PEACE.


I find it particulary interesting to compare the "icons" of "Yom Hashoah" season  with the icons

created by Madison Avenue and Hollywood for the "Santa Claus" mythos.


After all, any school child can tell you that "Santa Claus" lives in a castle at the North Pole and has

a toy factory run by  Elves.  "Santa Claus" has a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer with one special

reindeer named Rudolph that has a glowing red nose.  Santa's neighbors include a flying

lion named "King Moonracer", a "born again" Abominable Snowman, a snowman named

Frosty and another snowman,  named Sam, that plays a banjo and sounds like Burl Ives.


Anyone who tries to tell a child the TRUTH about this BIG LIE of the "Santa Claus" mythos

is "anti-Christmas" and a "Scrooge" . . and in general a most despicable person for destroying

the magical dreams of children at Christmas.


Likewise, any school child can tell you that "6 MILLION Jews" died in THE Holocaust(TM) and

anyone that questions that is an "anti-Semite" and a mean ol' "Holocaust Denier" . . .;-)


During the magical time of "Yom Hashoah", everyone around the world gathers together to

tell stories and create "art" that tells the story of THE Holocaust(TM) . . . and anyone that tries

to spoil the spirit of the season for the children is just a mean ol' "anti-semite" and

"Holocaust Denier".


. . . that once upon a time, God's Chosen People, the only truly GOOD people, were bannished

from their God given land by the EVIL Romans and forced to live amongst the wicked goyim in

what was known as the "Diaspora".  Because the Chosen Ones were so GOOD, the wicked

goyim were jealous of them and were always mean to them for no reason at all.


After many years, one particularly EVIL group of people called "Germans" hated the Chosen Ones

so much for no reason that they elected the most EVIL amongst them to lead a campaign

against the totally innocent children of God.  His name was HITLER . . and he was more

evil than Pharoah (Passover), Haman (Purim) , and Antiochus (Hanukkah)  put together.


These EVIL Germans called themselves "NAZIs" and they came up with a plan called

THE FINAL SOLUTION at a place called Wannsee that was so secret that no one has

ever been able to prove it. . . that is how diabolical these EVIL Germans were.


These EVIL Germans made up stories about how their country had been destroyed

by a war created by God's Chosen Ones and how all their wealth had been stolen

by the innocent children of God.  Based on this, the EVIL Germans arrested the

Chosen Ones and threw them into DEATH CAMPS.  These diabolical Germans

were so cunning that they called these DEATH CAMPS "Labor Camps" and even

put in swimming pools, theaters, and soccer fields.


Thanks to courageous film makers like Academy Award winner Steven Spielberg we

know the TRUTH about the things that went on in these Death Camps . . . from

the hair collected to stuff mattresses for German Women to the little girls that

had to repeatedly eat and deficate diamonds.  It was only after the allies finally

defeated these EVIL Germans . . .  that the truth came out about the bars of

soap, lamp shades, ash trays and shrunken heads made from the bodies

of the Chosen Ones since they were the only ones in the "Death Camps" that



Seeing these horrors, the world justice was swift . . . really swift . . after a good

20 minutes of testimony at the Trials at Nuremberg, it was determined that

6 MILLION of God's Chosen People were murdered in Gas Chambers

and ovens.


That is why we have the Nation of Israel today . . . because the world felt

so guilty about not doing anything to help these poor innocent victims.

This is also why no one says anything about the genocide of the Palestinians,

questions the Federal Reserve/IRS racket, or looks too closely at the attacks

of the U.S.S. Liberty or the events of 9-11 . . . or tolerate ANYONE that questions

any part of this holiday story . . .


 . . . because we all have to share the burden of guilt for what those EVIL Germans

did to the innocent Chosen Ones  . . while the rest of us did "nothing".


This is a debt that can never  be repaid . . .

This is a crime that can never be forgiven . . .

This a  story that can never be questioned . . .


And that is what "Yom Hashoah" is all about, Charlie Brown . . . ;-)


 . . . and you'd better go along with the "spirit of the season",  because

Abe Foxman all his special helpers at the ADL are watching YOU, schmuck!!! . . . ;-)


"You better watch out, you better not cry
Better not pout, I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town
He's making a list and checking it twice
Gonna find out who's naughty and nice
Santa Claus is coming to town
He sees you when you're sleeping
He knows when you're a wake
He knows if you've been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake"

- "Santa Clause Is Coming To Town" by John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie




A chosen people produced by Patriarchs is the beginning of CLASS NATIONALISM.    First, the class deforming functions of class hiearchies and its Patriarchal class mechanism must EXCLUDE, INVERT, SUBSTITUTE, independent social classes that existed in the social Matriarchy into subordinated, enslaved social layers.  The Patriarchy EXCLUDED women and their social power with all of humanity degenerating into property/class relations.  It was the source of the downfall of women, and signalled later, the downfall, enslavement of  ALL of humanity, deforming its Human Nature.    EXCLUSIONARY, deformed social principles become class principles, class nationalism.   Patriarchy and its class system through Father families produced class laws, class despotism, class nationalism, where all PARTIAL social reforms BECAME CO OPTED, corrupted, made dependent, NEVER INDEPENDENT from class tyranny.

But then Patriarchy and all class system, thereafter, from Feudalism to today's Fascist Capitalism has produced the same failed class history, failed class states, totalitarianism, and class nationalism.    The failure of the Enlightenment, and its social thinkers to follow through on their social agenda, social revolutions, especially the French revolution, to establish INDEPENDENT SOCIAL FORCES, an independent social, middle class, free from class hierarchies and its milleniums of Patriarchal class tyranny and enslavement, meant that the revolutionary social liberals would themsevles become DEFORMED, into class shills through the same existing class hierarchies, NEVER DISMANTLED, DISSOLVED, with fully developed middle classes around the world.

All class states, even those who promoted social reforms, like FDR and Plato's, democratic/republican attempt to reclaim the independent social power of the Matriarchy, had their social reforms stymied, paralyzed, dismantled, through class dogmas, class myths and class nationalism.   Class republics degenerated into Class Empires, inverting the SOCIAL PATRIOTISM, into CLASS PATRIOTISM, CLASS NATIONALISM, and ultimately into totalitarianism, Fascism.  The Holocaust cannot focus ONLY on victimization, whether Jews, socialists, gays, crippled groups,  IT MUST ADDRESS THE ISSUE OF FASCISM, both its first round, Axis powers under Franco, Hitler and Mussolini, BUT ALSO ITS SECOND ROUND, AXIS OF WESTERN FASCISM, this time the U.S. Empire, NATO thugs, and Fascist Zionist Israel.   Israel became a FAILED ROGUE, FASCIST STATE, just as all other class states degenerated into totalitarianism, reflecting the failure of ALL OF CLASS HISTORY, enslaving humanity, through fascist austerity, Fascist Capitalism, fascist occupations, Fascist military alliances.  NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNLESS WE DISMANTLE CLASS HISTORY, class hierarchies, refuse to support class politicians and their degenerating, deformed class parties.


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