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So How Do We Hold Rallies to Protest the Day the Iran War Begins If It Has Already Begun and We're Being Eased Into It?

By davidswanson - Posted on 05 December 2011

People are starting to call what the United States and its 51st state are doing in Iran a war.  Not of course in the constitutional sense of requiring a declaration by Congress.  Not even in the sense of the War Powers Resolution which Harold Koh has now informed us allows mass murder as long as those mass murdered are not US citizens.  Not of course in the legal sense in which the Kellogg-Briand Pact banned war.  Not even in the UN Charter sense as "defensive" or UN-authorized.  Also, not in the sense of economic or civil or political transformnation from peace time to war time, as there is no longer any such thing as peace time.  But people are calling it war in the sense in which people recall legends from the murky past.  A powerful mythical word for these necessary and strategic kinetic overseas contingency operations is war.  Remember to bring it up when you're on a talk show.

The Aggression against Iran  is Very Immoral and Evil.

Both the Ordinary People of the United States of America and the United Kingdom should Say Enough is Enough

to the Wasting of Billions upon War Mongering in the Middle East whilst there is so much Poverty and Deprivation

at Home and Protest and Demonstrate

70 Years Ago in 1941 the United Kingdom and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Invaded Iran to Put a Puppet

of their Choosing in Charge and it is Not Liked by Some that Iran has a Government which is Not a Puppet of

Western Greed .

Iran has a Right to Pursue it's Own Political Destiny and to have Sovereignty over it's Own Resources without

the USA/UK Governments Invading .

Peace in the World Not the Endless Carnage of War

Robert For Peace




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