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Sights and Scenes from the “One Nation” Rally in Washington, D.C.

By BillyClub - Posted on 02 October 2010

On the National Mall, on Oct. 2, 2010, in Washington, D.C., at the Lincoln Memorial, a massive rally/march was held. Its organizers advocated for jobs, peace, quality education, a single payer healthcare system and for other important social justice issues. For background on the “One Nation Working Together” rally/march and for the latest crowd estimates on it, see: Check out a slideshow of 50 photos of the rally, at: Flickr.


The U.S. is starting to look [human]!

It's nice to see this many people gathering in DC even if, like one of the interviewed persons said, not everyone there is of perfect ideals. Some are evidently there only because of job concerns, rather than really being against U.S.-leadership-lead crimes against humanity with theater and covert, unreported wars. It's nevertheless important and necessary for a national movement to form, and what this video shows certainly seems to inform viewers that there is such a movement that's begun to form.

The number of demonstrators at this event can seem to not be large, because the many people there are spread out over a very large area, rather than being all concentrated in a relatively small area. If viewers keep this in mind, then it certainly looks like this was indeed a very large-scale event in total number(s), and it's surely of historical proportion or scale.

It's [impressive] and I hope that the pols finally realize that they need to cease their rogue and treasonous ways. And it's a little surprising that COINTELPRO-like police state wasn't present to crack down against all of these demonstrators, but it'd also be more surprising if the government tried to oppress this massive number of demonstrators. The COINTELPRO-like cops and pols must have sour expressions on their faces today.


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