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Shockingly the office that told diplomats to act like the CIA was the CIA

The Guardian has the story.


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Why be surprised or shocked about this? Imo, we should not be at all surprised.

One of the most embarrassing revelations to emerge from US diplomatic cables obtained by the whistleblowers' website WikiLeaks has been that US diplomats were asked to gather intelligence on Ban, other senior UN staff, security council members and other foreign diplomats – a possible violation of international law.

What violations of international law has the US not committed? That is the question to ask and there likely isn't a truthful answer greater than 0.

The Humint part of the CIA is responsible, according to the Guardian article, and Dahr Jamail and some other people have reported about Humint being used in the war in Afghanistan. It's part of CIA ops, rather than the analysis branch in or of the CIA, if I understand correctly. Humint works with CIA ops anyway and we know about CIA covert ops; Operation Phoenix, Operation Gladio, international drug trafficking, and more, from former CIA officers and agents, like John Stockwell, Phil Agee and Ralph McGehee, f.e. There's definitely nothing surprising about the CIA's Humint group asking American diplomats to spy. Based on the articles by Dahr Jamail and some other writers, Humint is like all of CIA ops; working for imperialist elites of the US.

The US has been keen to stress that its diplomats are not acting as spies, a label that could endanger their lives.

If the diplomats do all or any of the things on Humint's "shopping list" for them, then they're clearly being asked to spy and it's just that the word "spy" perhaps or probably isn't used; imo.

New cables released tonight reveal that US diplomats at the embassy in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, were ordered to obtain dates, times and telephone numbers of calls received and placed by foreign diplomats from China, Iran and the Latin American socialist states of Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia. The US is concerned about an increasing Islamist terrorist presence in Paraguay, and the influence of China.

That's surely bullshit. The US is most surely not concerned "about an increasing Islamist terrorist presence in Paraguay". The US "leadership", so-called, knows that China and Iran are not Islamist terrorists. The US is the greatest terrorist on Earth, but only calls others the imperialists of the US target terrorists and sponsors of terrorism. Even if some American diplomats spoke and/or wrote about Iran and China representing a potentially "increasing Islamist terrorist presence in Paraguay", this does [not] mean that American leadership really believes this nonsense or, rather, lie.

And I've noticed more than once now that the Guardian (UK) writers can't always be trusted for truthful, accurate, valid interpretations of some of the cables released by Wikileaks. Some present at best very incompetent interpretations or analyses of cables. There was a serious article about this at, I believe, last week, but I don't recall which one this was, so won't look for the link now.

Interviews with Wayne Madsen and Andrew Wilkie:

Wayne Madsen was interviewed last week on RT and I'd like more details from his analysis, but he says enough to serve as a warning about the work Wikileaks is doing with the diplomatic cables being released. As he says and the RT host evidently agrees, Wikileaks has been "cherry-picking", selectively releasing and withholding cables, and what's been released, so far, doesn't depict a favorable image of Arab countries and Russia, while presenting a positive image for Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel. Wayne Madsen says that the cables are favorable enough for Israel that Benjamin Netanyahu hasn't complained about them; and perhaps Netanyahu has even spoken favorably about them.

Wikileaks didn't write the cables, so is not responsible for what they say; but Wikileaks evidently has been wrongly selective. Some of the released cables are like those just described, above, while others illustrate American diplomats as the greatest bunch of gossipers in the world, and these or some of these diplomats cable information they have picked up in their meetings with foreign diplomats to Washington without vetting the information, or certainly without vetting the sources anyway.

Re. Israel, I'll include a link to and excerpt from an article providing a different report about whether or not any of the cables have been unfavorable or incriminating for Israel at the end of this post; the piece by Justin Raimondo on the ISRAELI MAFIA-government relationship.

UFO cables are apparently coming our way soon, too. Wayne Madsen's last words include the observation that Julian Assange is a real "publicity hound" and that Wikileaks will or may soon be releasing cables about UFO's; the E-T kind.

Andrew Wilkie:

People who don't want to consider any criticism of Wikileaks in its releasing of the cables will surely not like this interview with Wayne Madsen, but I recommend it along with the interview with Andrew Wilkie and which is also linked further below. He's Australian, and Independent MP, whistleblower, and formerly served in intelligence and the military. He doesn't say anything critically negative about the release of the diplomatic cables by Wikileaks, saying that they're not providing any information that could endanger national security and/or interests, so far. But he says many are little more than "entertainment" or "entertaining", not substantial.

The interview with Andrew Wilkie is audio-only and I'll provide the link to it, first, since it's of this week.

"Andrew Wilkie on WikiLeaks' Rudd revelations" (8:51)
Dec. 6th, 2010

The federal government refuses to comment on revelations that Kevin Rudd suggested force might be needed if China could not be successfully integrated into the international community. The inner thoughts of the former PM on the rise of China come via a leaked diplomatic cable on the WikiLeaks website.

Interview with Wayne Madsen:

"Assange: WikiLeaks will publish secret UFO reports" (4:30
RTAmerica, Dec. 3rd, 2010

This past weekend, the whistle blowing website WikiLeaks released thousands more confidential US State Department articles that could damage foreign relations. However, it seems as though Julian Assange has become too comfortable with the spotlight and is unwilling to give it up. With his pending Interpol investigation and rape charges, he will be in the spotlight for some time. Plus according to RT Contributor Wayne Madsen, Julian Assange plans to release hidden UFO reports.

Cable re. Israeli goverment-mafia relationship:

There has been an article about a cable regarding "ISRAEL'S MAFIA" and government, so I wonder if Wayne Madsen has learned of this cable.

"WikiLeaks Exposes Israeli Mafia’s Growing Influence
Cable reveals Mafia-government connection -- But US media don't care to dig for the story

by Justin Raimondo, Dec. 3, 2010

I got the link from the copy at Uruknet, which omitted "story" at the end of the title.

The article has supporting links.

I love how the pundits are yawning over the latest WikiLeaks revelations: oh, there’s nothing to see here, it’s all so boring, no "smoking gun," so let’s just move right along. These people are just plain lazy: they want "scoops" delivered to their front doors, all neatly packaged and labeled as such. In short, they don’t want to have to do any work, beyond the usual cut-and-paste. Which is why a lot of the really juicy stuff coming out of WikiLeaks continues to elude them.

Take, for example, this excerpt from a cable dated May 15, 2009 — entitled "Israel, A Promised Land for Organized Crime?" – sent by our embassy in Tel Aviv, which deals with the rising influence of Israeli organized crime:

"As recently as March 2009, Zvika Ben Shabat, Yaacov Avitan, and Tzuri Roka requested visas to attend a ‘security-related convention’ in Las Vegas. According to local media reports, all three had involvement with OC. Post asked the applicants to provide police reports for any criminal records in Israel, but without such evidence there is no immediate ineligibility for links to OC. Luckily, all three have so far failed to return for continued adjudication of their applications. Nevertheless, it is fair to assume that many known OC figures hold valid tourist visas to the United States and travel freely."

What are organized crime figures doing showing up at a "security-related convention" in Las Vegas? Well, it seems Mr. Zvika Ben Shabat is the President of "H.A.Sh Security Group," an Israeli company that offers security services worldwide. Indeed, they just signed an agreement to start a joint venture with India’s giant Micro-Technologies, a company which is described as follows:


In other words, they specialize in snooping, otherwise known as spying. The first Micro Technologies/H.A. Sh Security Group project is a "command and control center" to be built in Mumbai, India. As for what the H.A.Sh Security Group specializes in, well, take a look at these Youtube videos: here, here, and here, for starters. And get a load of who is the Chairman of H.A.Sh Security: none other than retired Major General Dan Ronen, whose resume appears here:


Gen. Ronen is listed as the Chairman of H.A.Sh Security Group, with Mr. Ben Shabat, variously described [pdf] as the President, Vice-President, and Director. So why is one of Israel’s former top cops in a business relationship with a known member of the Israeli Mafia?


Ominously, the cable goes on to bemoan the fact that Israeli organized crime figures are no longer automatically prevented from entering the US due to a change in the rules. As the author, someone named Cunningham, notes in an appended comment entitled "OC [Organized Crime] Slipping Through the Consular Cracks":


Yet it was due to media reports that the author of the cable determined the connection of Messrs Ben Shabat, Avitan, and Roka to organized crime. Is this good enough to have a "reason to believe"? Ask the Office of Legislation, Regulation, and Advisory Assistance – which is what our embassy in Tel Aviv (and, indeed, our embassies all around the world) must do before they can refuse a visa to an applicant on that basis.

Not that the Israeli Mafia has had any problem entering the United States in the past – and making its presence felt. As Fox News’ Carl Cameron reported on December 17, 2001:


Israel’s hi-tech military sector is booming in the midst of a world economic downturn, and the "homeland security" industry is something they’ve jumped into head first, as Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania knows all too well. It was Rendell who hired them to oversee Pennsylvania’s security – until it was revealed they were spying on legal citizens groups who were protesting the construction of a local power plant. Israeli "security" firms are operating all over the US, as well as abroad, in airports, and government facilities, and if Israeli organized crime is now a factor in that booming industry, then surely that’s a major security concern – or ought to be.

Cameron’s four-part Fox News investigation into Israeli spying in the US seemed to posit a connection between the Israeli government and the Israeli Mafia, and, thanks to WikiLeaks, we can now see the link made visible. ...

If that isn’t scary — and newsworthy — I don’t know what is. Yet our laid-back pundits, and "journalists" — who want a story delivered on a silver platter — complain that there’s nothing really new to be found in the WikiLeaks cables.

That’s because they aren’t looking.

Comments on Justin Raimondo's article:

Note that these comments are not to downplay the value or importance of the cable the article is about and the Fox News part of the article, for I do think that this information indeed is important and great to have in the form of a cable from American diplomats. And we gain new information from the cable, but what it says is not really surprising; and what the cable basically describes of Israeli mafia in the US is surely not going to be real news for everyone.

It's an important and certainly educational article, definitely recommended reading, but I will add some additional comments.

It's been known for a very long time that there is Israeli organized crime and that it included international drug trafficking. If recalling correctly, it also included child sex slavery, forced prostitution for "dignataries", elites, arms trafficking, and probably trafficking of diamonds and other financially valuable things. The drug trafficking was known back in the 1960s and possibly, or probably, earlier; but it's not surprising. The Bush family is reported as having been associated with international drug trafficking since the 19th century, or early 20th anyway, f.e.

It's also been known that Israelis spy on and in the US. This was reported many times since 2001, but it was also known before 2001 that Israel spies on and in the US, including to steal top secret information or documents.

It's been additionally known that the CIA, FBI, DEA, and LAPD, all of which are said to have been surprised about the Israeli mafia ops in the US, according to Justin Raimondo's article; well, it's been known that they have also been into drug trafficking for a long time, as well as other crimes, including extreme ones.

Were they really surprised about the Israeli mafia presence in the US? I wonder. It was reported several or more years ago that many Israelis passing themselves off as students in American schools, as well as other Israelis in the US, were caught by the FBI spying in the US.

Airport security in the US under "war on terrorism" policies, and possibly before 9/11, was contracted out to one or more Israeli "security" firms, according to reports by people like writers for the Alex Jones Network.

Not directly related, but related enough are videos with Michael Springman (sometimes spelled Springmann), and Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer about Able Danger, available at Youtube and probably some other Web sites. Mike Springman worked at the US consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, if I am recalling the name of the town or city correctly. What these two people expose in videos, and possibly writings, is the US, the State Department and CIA, possibly also FBI, facilitating the entry of Saudis the State Department considered to be terrorists or associated with terrorism into the US; but Mike Springman's personal account also informs viewers that the Department of Justice and Congress were rather also complicit.

There are also one or more relevant videos with Michel or Michael Levine, a former DEA agent or officer who became a whistleblower. There are the famous writings of an American investigative reporter on the FBI with respect to drug trafficking, Gary Webb; and I think there are some old videos with him, as well. John Stockwell, who served in the CIA for 13 years, including as CIA station chief in Angola, became a whistleblower and part of what he exposed in writings and video interviews still available online was CIA drug trafficking. Former CIA agent or officer Ralph McGehee might've also contributed to exposing CIA drug trafficking, arms trafficking, but if neither of those two topics, then certainly other CIA crimes.

What would be most surprising in all of this is that the CIA, DEA and FBI, and I guess also State Department, would be truly surprised about Israeli mafia presence and ops in the US. The US embassy people in Israeli sending the cable to Washington could very well have been truly surprised, but, well, see the videos with Mike Springman and you'll be able to see what my point is. He did everything a person in his position possibly could to get Washington to act correctly and was only spurned, mocked, ridiculed by the State Department, CIA, FBI (I think), Dept of Justice and Congress. Lt. Col. Shaffer also did everything he possibly could to keep Able Danger going, but this was obstructed by Washington and US military command.

They would know about Israeli mafia, and Israeli mafia-government relationship, association.

"WikiLeaks: State Dept. wants intel on African acceptance of GMOs"
by Tom Laskawy, Nov. 29th, 2010

I got the link from an article at The article also had a link for a very short, tiny piece from Dec. 1st on the same topic, but it's not really wording adding a link for it in this post.

This is the State Department asking or telling American diplomats to conduct spying in African countries for the obvious profit of Monsanto, but the CIA would act no differently. Both work for the corporate and financial elites and imperialists of the US.

The following article is relevant even if it's not based on cables being released by Wikileaks.

"Media Disinformation: Scientific Magazine falsely accuses the Vatican of supporting engineered GM crops"

by Rady Ananda,, Dec. 3rd, 2010

The elites will do any and everything to enslave humanity, or whatever will be left of us after they're finished with they're projects.

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