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Scoundrel Media Support for Obama

By Stephen Lendman - Posted on 16 June 2012

  Scoundrel Media Support for Obama


by Stephen Lendman


Months before November's election, New York Times editors made their choice: Obama in 2012. Expect an official endorsement to follow.


Editorial support signals it. On June 14, The Times headlined "The Political Contrast," saying:


Obama's recent Cleveland community college speech "contrast(ed) his goals and the failed Bush-era policies that Mitt Romney is trying to resurrect."


He claimed "no meaningful difference between the trickle-down economics of George W. Bush, rejected (and) the plans supported by Mr. Romney and his Republican allies in Congress."


"All the elements are there, from the slavish devotion to tax cuts for the rich, to a contempt for government regulation, to savage cutbacks in programs for those at the bottom."


Fact check


Earlier, Times editors supported Bush era politics they now call "failed." They endorsed the fraudulent 2000 election results. 


They downplayed Bush's National Guard record, his alcoholism and drug abuse, his explosive temper, and unimpressive academic record.


They ignored his family ties, his record as Texas governor, and unbridled pro-business support.


Ten months after he took office, they claimed recount totals showed he won Florida when he lost. They said the Supreme Court "did not cast the deciding vote" when, in fact, it annulled popular and electoral totals to anoint their choice.


They reported a litany of misinformation. Kernels of truth were buried multiple paragraphs into texts. Few readers saw them.


What Times editors supported earlier they now oppose. Why they'll have to explain. Both parties are in lockstep on major issues mattering most. Not a dime's worth of difference separates them. Times editors know but won't say.


Instead they quoted Obama saying:


"If you want to give the policies of the last decade another try, then you should vote for Mr. Romney."


"You should take them at their word, and they will take America down this path. And Mr. Romney is qualified to deliver on that plan."


They cited Romney "denounc(ing) virtually all forms of regulation, from ones cleaning the air to those preventing banks from engaging in the same destructive behavior that produced the Great Recession on Mr. Bush’s watch." 


"If only the government would get out of the way, he suggested, and stop trying to cover those without health insurance, or keep the groundwater clean, then jobs would magically reappear."


Obama's proposals "are more likely to put people back to work."


Romney's "free-market ideas (are) bankrupt."


"Breaking the grip of these ideas truly is, as Mr. Obama said....'a make-or-break moment for America's middle class."


Unexplained is that both candidates support similar policies. Pretending one differs from the other is false, duplicitous, and pernicious. 


Perhaps George Bernard Shaw had Obama in mind when he said, "Democracy is a form of government that substitutes elections by the incompetent many for the appointment of the corrupt few."


Throughout his tenure, he's done what supporters thought impossible. He governs to the right of George Bush. He wages multiple imperial wars, numerous proxy ones, and plans more at the expense of homeland needs.


He looted the nation's wealth, wrecked the economy, and consigned growing millions to impoverishment without jobs, homes, hope or futures.  


He institutionalized tyranny. He presides over a bogus democracy under a homeland police state apparatus.


He targets whistleblowers, dissenters, Muslims, and environmental and animal rights activists called terrorists.


He spends more on militarism than the rest of the world combined at a time America has no enemies except the ones it invents. 


He partners with Israeli state terror, occupation, and imperial aggressiveness.


He uses NATO as an imperial tool killing machine. He plunges it like a dagger into humanity's heart. He supplements with death squad diplomacy. 


He gave Wall Street crooks trillions of dollars while popular needs go begging.


He presides over the most massive wealth transfer in history. It's the most egregious form of grand theft. Debt reduction and austerity are scams to continue it.


He targets independent leaders for regime change. At the same time, he supports some of the world's most ruthless, corrupt despots. 


He governs lawlessly for monied interests that control him. He supports wealth and power. 


He spurns vital populist interests. He deplores progressive change. 


He broke every major promise made. He exceeds the worst of George Bush. 


He governs by diktat authority. He decides who's free or imprisoned. He chooses who lives or dies.


His kill list institutionalized murder as official administration policy.


He promised to end torture but continues it.


He spurns human needs, rule of law principles, other democratic values, and right over wrong.


He spies on Americans more aggressively than any previous president.


He supports ending Net Neutrality for greater corporate control and enrichment. It's also about suppresssing freedom of thought and expression.


He's waging class warfare against millions of ordinary Americans. 


He supports austerity for those least advantaged at the same time greater wealth gets earmarked for corporate favorites and rich elites.


He plans eliminating New Deal and Great Society gains. He's eroding Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security en route to ending them altogether. 


He wages war on truth through aggressive media control.


He's commodifying education. He plans ending government's responsibility for it. He wants it as another business profit center.


He's destroying decades of hard won labor rights.


He endorses America's race to the bottom. He's heading it for banana republic harshness and impoverishment.


His financial reform is stealth theft and consolidation for global monetary control.


His healthcare plan taxes more, provides less, places profits above human need, leaves millions uninsured, many more underinsured, and makes a dysfunctional system worse.


His agribusiness empowerment policies benefit corporate giants at the expense of small farmers and consumers.


He promised change after eight Bush/Cheney years. Voters believed him. He won the most sweeping non-incumbent victory in over 50 years. He gained Democrat majorities in both Houses.


He's America's first Black president. Nation magazine editor Katrina vanden Heuvel hailed the result. 


She called an Obama administration a "transformational presidency, (a) new era of possibility, a historic opportunity for a progressive governing agenda and a mandate for bold action....Tonight we celebrate."


Despite betrayal and failure throughout his tenure, Nation magazine still supports him. Recent articles asked "What Do We See in Obama?" saying:


On the campaign trail, he's "sound(ing) like the politician many liberals thought they had voted for: principled, smart and commanding rather than the compromised, inept moderate negotiator we have seen so much of."


"That many on the right have distorted Obama’s record beyond recognition is predictable." Despite his "mixed bag" record, "like any elected politician he must navigate the situation he inherited."


In other words, despite hugely destructive policies, "(y)ou don’t know what’s in his heart."


His shortcomings aside, "(h)e’s the best that could be elected last time, and this time."


Another article headlined "Obama Has a Jobs Plan. Romney Doesn't," saying:


"....Romney's prescriptions for the economy would only make a bad situation significantly worse."


Throughout his tenure, Obama did more to destroy jobs, not create them. 


His Jobs Act is a sham. It does nothing to create jobs. It consists of corporate handouts, greater deregulation, and more austerity. It facilitates greater fraud. It exacerbates earlier policies. They replaced higher paying, full-time jobs with low-wage part-time/temp ones.


Still another article headlined "A Politics for the 99 Percent," saying:


"This year will feature the most ideologically polarized election since the Reagan-Carter face-off of 1980." 


"A radical-right Republican Party, backed by big-money interests, has made itself the tribune of privilege and will do significant damage if it takes control in Washington." 


"Staving off that outcome depends on mobilizing the Democratic base."


"....(P)rogressives must expand the limits of the current debate, even as they rally against the threat posed by a Republican victory."


"No one should discount the potential destructiveness of a victory for Mitt Romney."


"A Romney victory would buoy a Republican right eager to roll back social progress, constrict voting rights and exacerbate racial divides in an era of middle-class decline."


"The offensive against labor and workers’ rights would escalate. And Romney’s bellicose foreign policy would make George W. Bush look dovish." 


"If Romney wins, we will spend four years fighting to limit the damage he will inflict on the nation."


"Obama has indicted the right’s extremes, arguing eloquently for public initiatives to save the middle class and revive the American dream."


"He’s made inequality a central theme of his campaign, and he will defend tax hikes on the wealthy and investments in areas vital to our future, from education to new energy."


He "proposed moderate measures in critical areas: an economic stimulus, plus reforms in the healthcare, energy and financial sectors."


"Democrats urge activists to swallow their disappointment with the president and pull together to get out the vote."


"In 2012 progressives have little choice....Now we must reach out, teach, engage and mobilize millions of Americans. We must provide them with a sense of hope, a story of possibility, and enlist" their support.


These and other Nation articles show contempt for ordinary people. They're suffering through America's worst ever economic crisis. Obama inherited dire conditions and exacerbated them. 


Nation editors ignore Obama's imperial lawlessness. They support a man they should denounce. Their blind idolatry and contempt for truth betrays readers.


Despite governing to the right of George Bush, breaking every major promise made, uncompromisingly supporting wealth, power, and permanent imperial wars, consigning growing millions to poverty, unemployment and despair, and betraying his core supporters, Nation editors still place Democrat party politics above principles.


Obama mirrors the worst of right wing policies. His administration inherited hard times and worsened them. 


Republicans promise no better. America's duopoly system is too corrupt to fix. So-called progressive editors are blind to reality. Radical change only offers hope. 


Obama's record reveals his anti-progressive agenda. Believing a second term promises change is shameless, unprincipled arrogance. Rhetoric alone separates him from Romney. Ideologically, each mirrors the other.


Corrupt political decay defines duopoly power. It's too malignant to fix. Change depends on tearing it down and starting over. Obama backers ignore reality.


His entire record reflects betrayal and irreparable harm to millions. Early hope became disillusion, frustration, and anger. 


Imagine what's coming post-November. Obama or Romney makes no difference. Expect the worst of all possible worlds. The only solution is world revolution.


Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at 


His new book is titled "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War"


Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


The social classes around the world are learning a valuable lesson, as they see their social movements crippled, reversed into counter revolution by supporting ANY CLASS PARTY, whether in Wisconsin, Occupy movements, or Arab Spring movements.   As soon as one votes for ANY CLASS PARTY, one is throwing away your vote, your social demands, for class compromises degenerating back into class tyranny and global Fascism. Liberalism may have begun as a social ideology, as revolutionary liberals, but once it betrayed the social Enlightenment by failing to follow through its social agenda of establishing independent, indivisible middle classes around the world as the social agency for social wealth and labor and universal, inclusive rights, its social ideology became crippled, corrupted, co opted, conflated with class laws, class hierarchies still tied to the existing generic Patriarchal class mechanism.   Social Liberalism degenerated into Class-Liberalism, with the betrayal of the goal towards establishing social control, instead, inverting it into the Orwellian, parasitical, class principle and the class ideologies of conservatism and liberalism.

Once the INVERTED TOTALITARIAN class principle was clothed in its new form, Capitalism, going into the industrial revolution the defeat and degeneration of the French Revolution and Enlightenment was complete.  Out of it emerged the first class tyrant, Napoleon who established the class state, class laws, the Napoleonic code, the French counter revolution, Thermidor, was complete devolving into a class Empire much like the English revolution under the Puritans devolved into a colonial, capitalist outcome.   The failure of the English, French, American, Western revolutions to establish social control over wealth and labor through independent, indivisible middle classes meant that their republics would become crippled with class corruption, ALL CLASS FORMS INCLUDING SLAVERY, crippled class democracies, much like the first democracies in Ancient Greece, which too grafted partial social reforms into their Patriarchal class mechanism, slipping back into a de facto class republics, class democracies that would through class cycles and degeneration morph into class tyrants, class tyranny and class Empires.

The German intelligentsia of the Enlightenment understood early on that the development of class-Liberalism, conservatism and liberalism was the establishment of class ideologies which betrayed the social Enlightenment and meant that the French revolution had failed.   Beethoven understood this only too well, having initially supported Napoleon and the overthrow of the Feudal class systems as a way to end class history itself.   However, once he saw that Napoleon had claimed himself the role of an Emperor and established class laws, he tore off his dedication sheet  and music to him and renamed it Eroica.   Beethoven called him a tyrant, a class tyrant, because he had not ended class history, let alone Feudal class power, which continued throughout Europe.   It is odd that today's class parties, democrats especially, still have not acknowledged that Liberalism was born through class betrayal of the Social Enlightenment, and that all class parties around the world, play the same role today.   Beethoven knew that class Liberals had betrayed social power, and could not represent social power, only betray them permanently, until the next social revolution reclaimed the social agenda of the Enlightenment, which also is the same agenda of socialist parties, that have not appeased class power, Capitalism.

Class parties cannot represent social power, social control of wealth and labor, anymore than expecting Elephants to birth kittens, because they betrayed social power and democracy  hundreds of years ago with the rise of Capitalism, the industrial revolution. It betrayed social power and democracy thousands of years ago with the rise of the Patriarchal class mechanism usurping the social power, social control of the social Matriarchy.    Voting for class parties means enslaving yourself to class power, that can only degenerate over time, into totalitarianism, Fascism, like the present Democratic party. This degenerating class process has happened throughout the milleniums of class history producing totalitarianism, class tyrants, permament militarism of class Empires,  and today's form, global Fascism.    Obama, democrats, LIKE ANY CLASS PARTY, like the Egyptian class parties, relgious or secular, can only BECOME TOTALITARIAN FASCISTS, BETRAYING  SOCIAL REVOLUTIONS.  Once the social classes have failed to support social parties, green parties and make it their goal to re establish the historical, social mechanism that once existed in the social Matriarchy, they will be BETRAYED ONCE AGAIN, just as the social Matriarchy, social Enlightenment became corrupted, co opted through the generic Patriarchy and its class mechanism, first  enslaving women into property, class relations and finally all of humanity.  

Class deformed Human Nature, enslavement,  is not inherent or  the original sin of Man, but is a Patriarchal religious class myth to hide the downfall of social equality, the downfall of women, the downfall of humanity itself,  similar to the Free market, secular class myth, which has  never existed, but  was up ended, inverted, co opted, corrupted, conflated by turning Adam Smith and this social theories up side down, into class deformed markets, that are never optimal job creators, but ZERO SUM, parasitical negations of social wealth and universal rights. The class deformed terminology, "competition" hides the reality of enslavement.  Every time one uses the class deformed terminologies of "Freedom and Competition", realize it is the inverted reality of Enslavement and Totalitarianism/Fascism.    It rather reflects the BETRAYAL OF SOCIAL HUMAN NATURE, by class history, repeating the betrayal into Capitalism, repeating the class defeats of Egypt, of Wisconsin, around the world BECAUSE WE INSIST ON OUR CLASS MYTHS, CLASS DOGMAS, RELIGIOUS OR SECULAR, and expecting social power from class parties, instead of rejecting all class parties, all class politicians for true indivisible, independent social classes, middle classes that is free from INVERTED TOTALITARIANISM, FASCISM AND WAR.  WE MUST RECLAIM THE NATURAL LAW, LAWS OF REASON, LAWS OF MORALITY, LAWS OF SYMMETRY AND BALANCE THAT ARE INHERENT IN SOCIAL RELATIONS, SOCIAL CIVIL SOCIETIES, THAT ONCE EXISTED BEFORE CLASS HISTORY.


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