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By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 04 April 2012

NO to NATO & U.S. Wars!

May 20-21 the NATO military alliance will meet in Chicago.  Is this a sign of international cooperation and diplomacy at work in Obama's hometown, as NATO claims?

No. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a military alliance through which the U.S. and its European allies dominate through military aggression, keeping the globe safe for Western imperialism. The greatest crimes of the US "war on terror," the massive death of civilians, the network of secret prisons and rendition, and the "humanitarian" interventions have all been done with NATO's forces and sometime, with its hand-wringing for appearance' sake.  Bill Ayers writes in
We Say NO to NATO:

US military spending alone accounts for nearly half of the world’s military spending; add NATO countries, and the figure jumps to three quarters.Under cover of NATO, 9,000 British troops were deployed to fight a US war in Afghanistan, offering a fig leaf presented as “coalition forces” to US military aggression.

Purportedly set up as a defensive organization, in 1999 NATO’s mission statement was rewritten to allow for offensive action across the Eurasian landmass. Since 1999, NATO has waged war in four countries on three continents, none of which are near the North Atlantic region: in Southeast Europe’s Yugoslavia, North Africa’s Libya and Central and South Asia’s Afghanistan and Iraq.

World Can't Wait calls on everyone to come to Chicago May 20/21, earlier if you can, and join in the protest, along with Occupy Chicago and the United National Antiwar Committee

Photos from the protests at NATO HQ in Brussels, Sunday April 1


NATO in Chicago Protests May 12-22

NATO is the most important military alliance the U.S. has.  Because thousands will be there to protest NATO/US war plans, the city of Chicago is being made into a police state while NATO meets in May.

We're calling on you to be there with World Can't Wait.  But first, we're calling on you to call into a phone conference:

Thursday, April 5
Conference Call
10 EST  /  7 PST

We'll begin planning for World Can't Wait's work May 12-22 in Chicago as part of protests at the NATO meetings.

Whether you can be in Chicago or not -- we are working on housing and transportation -- be a part of planning how World Can't Wait will focus on the mission of STOPPING the crimes of our government.

Writers, editors, film makers, sign painters, speakers, drivers, all are needed to be a part of our team.

Write me for details.

Debra Sweet, Director, World Can't Wait






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