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Sam’s Ride for Peace Day 5 Thursday, May 3rd, Part one

Middleburg, VA

This morning, I woke up to a tingling sensation on the ball of my foot. Grandaddy woke me up with a positive “Rise and shine!”  The morning was perfect for a meal at McDonald’s, about a mile away.  We rode there on our bikes and met Ted Fred Wally and Bert.  The morning was cool with a slight drizzle, the kind of weather I love.  I originally wanted to order a plain sausage biscuit, but instead got a nice mcgriddle.  I had never had one of those before.  It was tasty.

We did a bit of running around between a couple hotels and loaded FREDS JUNK into the truck and van,(Yep, it took two to tango!)  Anyway, we rode on the highway a little bit and went to an intersection with a gas station across the road and snacked there.  I had a perfectly glazed donut from 711.  Then we went back on the road, must have been a while because 14 miles turned into 24 miles.  I ended up going up a bunch of “killer” hills, Grandaddy was the one complaining the most (We were going too slow).

We enjoyed the nice country and Virginia mountains and got back on the highway, took another break.  During all that time my bike was screwing me over, rubbing the back fender, brakes were whack. We went to Leesburg, after a visit with Elaine in Middleburg.  I rode in the truck, listening to the two old ladies (Ted and Wally) gripe about how they were wrong about the directions.  I didn’t say anything, but tried not to laugh at this “Grumpy old men” analogy happening before my eyes.

The bike turned out to be acting out for a multiple of reasons.  The chain was stretched out and extra inch; the pads on the brakes were worn slam out, and the alignment on the wheel was also whack. The bill for the repair was close to $55.  When Sam found out, he used his infinite positivity and said ”that ain’t too bad.” Unfortunately I won’t be able to ride on the next day, but hopefully I can get my English assignment done since I have nothing to do, but wait….

Reporting by Aidan Janke
Aidan is Sam Winstead’s great grandson.  He is in the 9th grade at Franklinton High School



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