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By jimstaro - Posted on 13 September 2010

Rights should not be taken for granted


September 13, 2010 - It's easy to forget that the faces we see on TV, in magazines and in newspapers are real people, just like us.

It's easy to think of the man in the green uniform, leaving on a plane, as a soldier fighting a war, and not a much-loved son going to risk his life. And it's easy to look at the misfortunes of someone you hear about in the newspaper, then reassure yourself it will never happen to you or your family. So why should you care?

Many people agree that the best indicator of the future is the past. So when someone's rights are violated intentionally, it is ignorant of us to believe it will never happen to us.

I'm 15 years old and I am a Canadian citizen.


Omar Khadr was my age when he was arrested. He was also a Canadian citizen and was given these promises by our government. {read rest}

And I'm surprised of the quality for a 15-year-old writer. He appears to be in Saskatchewan, which I think is one of the provinces with the least population (of humans anyway).

He's considerably right about torture not being practiced in Canada, but this shouldn't be taken to mean that it's a good country or, rather, government; because it definitely isn't. It's another Euro-imperialist, colonialist, genocidal, corporatist, and so on government, with action for democracy, rights, and justice from the population, which is like stagnant water, which, in turn, is not healthy, being like in the U.S. Like in the U.S., democracy in Ca is mostly, well, like the U.S. Constitution, "just a piece of paper"; and the population of voters definitely is very responsible for this.

When taser guns were made available to police, the ones in western Cdn provinces went viciously wild with this damn device. This is not officially called torture, but to be zapped with these damn devices is clearly torture.

Not a good government, at all, really, but it doesn't torture; well, except for Cdn First Nations, Aboriginals, the Congolese, Afghans, and so on. Heh, it's necessary for helping Cdn corporations rob peoples' of their natural resources and sovereignties.

Nevertheless, the article is very good and the writer is right about Omar Khadr needing to be returned to Ca. That's true because of torture at Guantanamo, but also because he's a Cdn citizen and could be imprisoned in Ca. He should be released, imo; but if he's going to be kept imprisoned, then it should be in Ca, which can certainly find a cell for him.


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