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Up the Revolution!: Arise Ye Homeowners of America, You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Mortgages!

By dlindorff - Posted on 19 October 2010

By Dave Lindorff

The American Revolution, for all the pious talk about freedom and the Rights of Man, was at bottom simply a matter of people not wanting to pay their taxes. It was about rank self interest, and it was a powerful movement.

That rank self-interest could spark a new revolution--hopefully one that will still also advance the cause of freedom and the Rights of Man.

Two issues are rushing to the fore that could have most Americans grabbing pitchforks, guns, shovels, bats, mop handles, and whatever else they have handy that could be useful in the streets.

The first is Social Security, and the angry mob is going to be the Baby Boom Generation whose members, myself included, have paid 13-15 percent of income into the Trust Fund now for over 40 years, expecting that at 66, we could retire and collect our pensions. Now the greedheads on Wall Street and their toadies in Washington are trying to say that we shouldn’t be able to count on that money. They want to make us wait until we’re 68, 69 or 70, and they don’t want to give us cost-of-living adjustments. They say that the money’s going to run out before we die (unless we oblige them and starve), even though the reason for that is that they’ve been stealing all that money and giving us Treasury Bills in return, which they now plan on refusing to honor, saying it would mean raising taxes on our kids. (Actually those T-Bills could be retired by taxing the rich, and leaving our kids alone.)

Anyhow, when we hit 66, let me tell you: if our money isn’t there, or if we get to 76 and they try to take it away (and right now I’m supposed to be able to count on collecting $22,000 a year when I retire), we’ll be ready to take out Washington and Wall Stree. And we could do it, too. Some in my generation, remember, spent a few years in Vietnam, and they got the skills. Me, I’d be willing to take lessons.

But that’s only part of it.

The other is the housing fiasco, and that’s an even bigger cause for rebellion....

For the rest of this article by DAVE LINDORFF in ThisCantBeHappening!, please go to: ThisCantBeHappening!

The above article gives two very good reasons, and there are others that could be added, with one being about emp-/unemployment, jobs/no-jobs, offshoring and outsourcing to foreigners in other countries, as well as to imported "temp" workers, like for hi-tech jobs, who are definitely not needed, and which all is related to capitalist globalization. But, anyway, the two reasons specified in the above article should be understood as being truly strong reasons for actively opposing the continuing "unnecessary" wars, i.e., wars of aggression/against peace, and the huge military spending budget.

These two latter realities basically should always be underlined when referring to critical issues like the two mentioned in the above article. There are two important reasons for doing this. One is that there indeed is a strong relationship. The other reason is that these wars are criminal from the start and U.S. military spending is so huge that it can only be due to sociopathia and psychopathia. No [sane] people would ever even contemplate spending this much for the military. Only [in]sane imperialist and economic elites, as well as all other profiteering parties, could give any serious consideration to spending this much money on the military and expanding militarization; geographically and, say, aero-spatially or spatially.

This should motivate all voters to cease voting for unvettable political candidates. Everyone who votes for unvettable candidates will be [complicit] with or in the economic destruction of the country, as well as in the criminal wars, MIC racket, and so on.

I'm not sure, but imagine that if all voters understood this and understood it well, then few unvettable candidates would be supported in electoral campaigns. So I think the problem is that too many people still don't have a good understanding of what's going on, the big picture.

"Gov. Barbour Must Free the Scott Sisters
Life for an $11 Robbery"

by Anthony Papa, Oct. 15th, 2010

In February, 2009, I wrote a story about a tremendous injustice in Mississippi. Two young sisters were given life terms for a robbery that netted $11. They had already served over 15 years in prison for a crime they say they did not commit.

The case was brought to my attention by Nancy Lockhart, an advocate who had been fighting to free Gladys and Jamie Scott for years. Nancy had heard about my work as a freedom fighter and asked for my help. I told her I was bombarded with requests similar to hers all the time. After being granted clemency after serving 12 years of a 15-to-life sentence for a non-violent drug crime under New York's Rockefeller Drug Laws, I developed a burning desire to help those that are imprisoned because of unjust laws.

I agreed to read the Scott sisters' transcripts and realized that the only way they would regain their freedom would be through a pardon by the governor of Mississippi. Now, it seems that this is a distinct possibility thanks to the national exposure brought to their case by recent coverage in USA Today and the New York Times.

On Monday, Bob Herbert of the Times wrote a passionate plea for Governor Haley Barbour to give the sisters a pardon or commutation of their sentence. Herbert went on to say:

"The appeals process for the women has long since been exhausted. It is up to Governor Barbour, who is considering petitions on the sisters' behalf, to do the humane thing. A pardon or commutation of sentence -- some form of relief that would release Jamie and Gladys Scott from the hideous shackles of a lifetime in prison -- is not just desirable, it's absolutely essential."

I agree. For those like the Scott sisters who have fallen through the cracks of the cruel criminal justice system, their only hope to regain their freedom is through public pressure on elected officials. I hope Governor Barbour will show campassion and give the Scott sisters the opportunity to be reunited with their family as soon as possible so they can end their living nightmare.

Please contact Governor Barbour by phone at 1-877-405-0733 or 601-359-3150 or email at

Prison for a theft of only $11! Life terms! Even one year, six months, two weeks would be ridiculous even if the sisters were guilty; but they were given life terms and have already served 15 years or more, for a mere $11 theft!

The "leadership" loves making a laughing stock of the country while "screwing" citizens. It seems they'll do it every way they can.


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