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Response to 12 Steps to Addiction to Voting for Lesser of 2 Evils

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 10 September 2012

  • I haven't answered all of you yet, but I will. Thanks for writing, even if you don't agree with the message.
  • No, I don't wish for Romney to win. To me, the Democrats and Republicans are both "worse," though in different ways.
  • I can't tell you who to vote for. I urge you not to throw away your time, funds, and especially your hopes, on something that has no chance of turning out well. 
  • I do have plenty of hope, but it lies in changing the terms in this country, so that people refuse to put up with the crimes carried out against people here and around the world, by "democracy." Artists like this give me hope:

Brian McFadden, editorial cartoonist carried in The New York Times, as been hitting these points effectively in The New "Due" Process and DNC Swag Bag.

I want to visit the Guantanamo Bay Museum of Art and History, opened this year "when the last detention facility in Guantanamo Bay was officially decommissioned in 2010, an international team of artists, curators and architects began planning and designing a museum that would take the place of the detention facility - a little less than two years later, their workbecame reality."

For more substance to the case that the Democrats dangerously set the basis for torture by indefinite detention to expand, no matter who the president is, see 
Dropping Torture Investigations, Obama Prosecutes Only Critics of Torture (includes video from appearance on RT last week):

The platform of the Republican Party, and Romney in his speeches, promotes reviving the “global war on terror” as a concept, and criticizes the Obama administration for changing its name to the “overseas contingency operation.” I will grant you, there is a difference in approach between the two parties.

But does emphasizing that distinction miss the essential spread and development of the US “war on terror” which the Obama administration has relentlessly pursued?  Beyond the matter of not closing Guantanamo, Obama’s lawyers argue against habeas corpus rights for 6,000 prisoners in Bagram; against even the right of people tortured in Guantanamo and U.S. secret rendition programs to sue for damages; against the release of photos of torture at Abu Ghraib so that people would have seen more of what the Bush regime was responsible for. 


Totally agree. 

Back when Bush was in power, I used to say: What will it take to get his supporters to turn against him?? He'd have to go up in a plane and personally bomb American cities. But even that wouldn't be enough; they wouldn't believe it. It would have to be videotaped and shown on every network in the country. But even that wouldn't be enough; they'd say the video was faked. He'd have to make a speech admitting he'd done it and resign. But even that wouldn't be enough; they'd say he was forced. On and on.

Now I say the same thing about Obama supporters.


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