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Report on the Emergency Forum at Cooper Union

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 29 June 2013

240 people came together on short notice on June 19,2013 in The Great Hall of Cooper Union in NYC, and hundreds more watched online as we united to say “We will not be complicit... We DO NOT Consent.” The room reverberated with outrage, support for Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning, and, in some cases, newly acquired knowledge of the crime against humanity unfolding at Guantanamo, where over 100 prisoners are on a hunger strike. 

We clarified the danger of the government surveillance. Speakers challenged us to act at this potentially pivotal moment when the powers that be are engaging in high-stakes damage control to frighten people into submission so that we go along with “the new normal.” The performers brought us together with passion, humor, and drama.

The evening pointed the way forward — a beacon — toward taking responsibility to reach and activate thousands, and then millions, to stop the vast surveillance, and the deep crimes underlying the suppression of dissent.  Initial plans, taking the Close Guantanamo NOW message as orientation, to pack the trial of Bradley Manning next week, support him at Pride Parades, and come out for the Guantanamo hunger strikers began to jell.


Heidi Boghosian, Executive Director of The National Lawyers Guild: Government Spying Chills Free Speech
Greetings from David Greenstein with the Cooper Union
Dennis Loo's tutorial on answering government justifications for surveillance
Aladdin Ullah reading the story of Samir Naji al Hasan Moqbel, published in The New York Times April 14 as Gitmo Is Killing Me
Ray McGovern, with reflections on Nazi Germany
A message from Tom Morello, The Night Watchman, formerly with Rage Against the Machine 
Andy Zee, spokesperson for Revolution Books: Time for Courage — Stop Massive U.S. Surveillance!
Excerpts from the play Bradass87
Mike Daisey's monologue

Also see: A Message on Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, the Press & Government's Pursuit of Whistleblowers from Kevin Gosztol

Statement from the Steering Committee of World Can't Wait:

Indict the Criminals Responsible for Vast Government Spying — Hands Off Edward Snowden


On Twitter: #j19 | Audience is now watching war crimes. Some are watching for the first time here. Horrified.

Via email: "I was enthralled the entire time....your guests were so very pertinent," from a Bradley Manning supporter.


See photos from the forum - 

Watch videos of the various speakers at the forum





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