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Reflections of 10 years os Illegitimate US War in Iraq

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 15 March 2013

by  the Steering Committee of World Can't Wait            Samatha Goldman:Ten years ago, I was a student in high school when the war in Iraq began. At 15, I threw myself wholeheartedly into resisting the war. I remember the agony and outrage I felt when despite mass protest, a war based on lies was waged in our names...


Curt Wechsler
...March 19 forever damaged or destroyed the lives of millions of Iraqis in ways we can only begin to fathom. Conceived as a demonstration of military might, the U.S. government failed to recognize the effect of its overreach on its own citizens. It certainly changed me. It opened many eyes to the magnitude of suffering occasioned by complacency and acquiescence to American hegemony.

Jill McLaughlin:
I was pretty much out there on my own for a while not knowing what to do and would go to an action here or there. I remember Cindy Sheehan coming in on a February day for an action and it was below zero but I went. I kept following my conscience even though I'd get distracted now and then. Then I found you guys...

Dennis Loo:
...Because some of the anti-war movement leaders subsequently closed up shop and joined in the chorus of "see no evil,  speak no evil" celebration for Obama, the anti-war movement has not returned to what it was back then and the effort to end these unjust and immoral wars has been all the harder.

Emma Kaplan:
...We mark the anniversary because we cannot let history be rewritten, we cannot let this day go by without remembering what it represents, we cannot let the next generation inherit this horrific world. Most importantly, we remember the illegitimate invasion of Iraq because we must actually fight for a future where people mark this anniversary as a foreign time in history when empires used to exist.

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