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Protests planned for Bush "Lie-bury

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 25 April 2013

by Debra Sweet          Protests planned for Bush “Lie-bury” dedication this week at SMU in Dallas:

I'm sorry I'm not in Dallas this week. You can follow events here. Read SMU Daily Campus: Protests planned for Bush dedication.Dallas Historian Reflects on Bush Complex Debate, SMU History:

“Bush probably reasoned that SMU represented the reddest of campuses in the heart of that reddest of Republican states, Texas, and that his library and the Institute for Democracy would be warmly greeted. Yet, on April 11, Southern Methodist University’s faculty senate passed by a more than two-to-one margin two resolutions calling for the Institute for Democracy to not use the SMU name and to be officially separate from the university...

“SMU professors have resisted having their school associated with the Bush administration because of the president’s policies in Iraq, his record on civil liberties, his executive order that severely restricts scholarly access to presidential archives, and the fear that the Bush think tank will simply be a propaganda factory lying about the president’s record and the multiple failures of his domestic and foreign policies.”

Organizers of the protests this week with The People's Response write:

“Now that a bipartisan blue-ribbon panel has reached the conclusion that President George W. Bush and his top advisers bear “ultimate responsibility” for authorizing torture in violation of domestic and international law, the question becomes what should the American people and their government do.

“The logical answer would seem to be: prosecute Bush and his cronies (or turn them over to an international tribunal if the U.S. legal system can’t do the job). After all, everyone, including President Barack Obama and possibly even Bush himself, would agree with the principle that 'no man is above the law.'”



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