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Protest to Stop the Wars on 3/19/2011, the 8th Anniversary of the US War on Iraq

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 06 February 2011

A war begun on the basis of monstrous lies against a country weakened already by 15 years of sanctions, which brought tremendous loss of civilian life.

Stepping out boldly in protest this March against this legacy is more important than ever. We know from our work that many people living in this country think the Iraq war is “over” because some troops were moved to Afghanistan, and the trail of dead U.S. military has slowed. The occupation, still 50,000 U.S. troops strong, with added combat capability of U.S. State Department troops, and tens of thousands of private contractors in 17 U.S. bases, is huge and permanent. Unless it is exposed and stopped by U.S. public opinion and action.

On the 8th anniversary of U.S. war on Iraq (actions March 17-19), we strengthen our demand to end the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan, and the secret bombing and black operations of Pakistan and Yemen.

It’s time to put political opposition to these wars back on the map, in a mass, visible, and determined way.

National Protest in Washington, DC:
Saturday March 19th: details to come

San Francisco
Saturday March 19th: details to come

Los Angeles
Saturday March 19th: Rally and march will gather at 12 noon at Hollywood and Vine

Stop These Wars

Add an event in your area if you can't find a local protest near you. World Can't Wait will supply flyer & poster designs, sample press releases and help publicizing your event.Contact War Criminals Watch:

Resist the War Machine!
Read the call from Veterans for Peace to Stop These Wars

How can the fact that WAR is still being waged in Iraq..and in Afganistan Be kept so out of the news ? When some Main ? News Stations are spreading around pictures of bush, jr and his stepford wife.... who are campaigning so blatantly an attempt to clear his rubbish out of baby jeb can throw his bonnet into the race for prez next go-round ... and this Country not get in an uproar ?? Does that Maniac schizo bush think all he has to do is make a few 'public ? appearances..with a Smily-face and a few Hugs..and a kissy -kissy spree will wipe clean his murderous sweep all across the universe ?? People, Do show some respect...don't ' even look his way. HE and his Cohorts Must be brought up to Trial and Punished for their murderous actions.
Otherwise, this country cannot ever heal from the shame, the loss of respect.. he has brought down on this country . Remember People. Never forget this bush bunch. I wish he would go out of this country and be arrested. At least some other country would not hesitate to put him on trial..and have him..and them..hanged. vgf


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