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Protest Saturday: Stop Western Intervention in Syria

Stop the War bulletin | June 2013 |

1) Protest Saturday: Stop Western Intervention in Syria
2) Public meeting: Woolwich and the War on Terror
3) Together Against War

1) Protest Saturday: Stop Western Intervention in Syria

US Embassy Grosvenor Square London W1A 2LQ
Saturday 15 June 2013 1pm

This week senior US administration figures are discussing a big escalation in the supply of weapons to the Syrian opposition - a policy that has been pushed by Britain and France for months now.

Washington is even considering the possibility of no fly zones - the prelude to the horrific bombing campaign carried about by Britain and France in Libya.

The West's real concern is not a peaceful resolution but that the balance of power is shifting in Assad's favour.

Outside intervention in the civil war is already fracturing states in the region along sectarian lines.

If the West pumps more weapons in to Syria it can only increase the level of killing. It will ratchet up the tension making the prospect of meaningful negotiations ever more remote and threatens to spread war across the region.

Stop the War has organised a protest outside the US embassy at 1pm this Saturday June 15. Please make sure you attend and spread the word.

Take action

  • Join our protest at the US Embassy on 15th June. We are the majority but they will only listen to us if we mobilise!
  • Share the event with your Facebook contacts.

Read more on Syria

Others events

2) Public meeting: Woolwich and the War on Terror

Conway Hall
7pm Thursday June 26

The terrible attack in Woolwich confirmed what the anti-war movement has warned of from the start: that the devastation caused by the war on terror will come back to haunt us. The reality of our foreign wars - drone attacks, night raids, indefinite detention and abuse of prisoners - causes  bitterness across whole regions of the world. Campaigning against the wars is central to stopping a racist backlash.


3) Together Against War

For over a decade Stop the War has mobilised millions against war. The movement has relied on the participation of those who marched, attended meetings and pressured the government to end their wars. Stop the War has maintained its ability to play a leading role in demanding an end to the War on Terror because of the mass membership and affiliation of the broad movement.

To increase our power to stop war we must stand together against war.

Join Stop the War today to ensure a revitalised movement that is ready to stop new interventions in Syria, Iran and beyond.

Your membership of Stop the War will allow you to have your say about our work alongside a coalition of anti-war organizations, and your monthly or yearly membership fee will help us maintain and grow our vital campaigns work.

Monthly contributions by members of Stop the War have allowed us to

  • maintain an office to support the campaigns work of a network of local anti-war groups across the UK and respond to changing events by providing speakers for the media and public meetings
  • hold an an anti-war conference in February that brought together 1000 activists to assess the War on Terror 10 years after the invasion of Iraq and decide the future role of the movement in preventing new military interventions
  • launch a national campaign against UAVs, or drones, after it was announced that Britain's drones in Afghanistan are controlled at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire.
  • produce a popular anti-war web site with the best content from a wide range of journalists and anti-war activists.

You can join online or by telephone on 020 7561 9311

Stop the War Coalition | | 020 7561 9311



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