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Protest at Downing Street against inviting Bahrain's dictator‏

There will be a protest outside the Prime Minister's office at 10 Downing Street at 4.00 pm Friday 11th May 2012.

Supporters of Bahraini people will protest against the invitation forwarded to Bahrain's dictator, Hamad Al Khalifa, to attend the Queen's Diamond Jubilee starting 18th May.

It is outragous to invite this vicious dictator who is a prolific killer, torturer and absolute despot. The Queen's celebrations must not include this criminal as it will be seen as rewarding his crimes. The three most prominent human rights activists in Bahrain are now languishing in his torture dungeons. International human rights bodies have been banned from visiting the country. Hundreds of activists including leaders of the people are in jail.

Please show your support to the Bahraini people by attending.


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Social langauage and principles are based on inclusive, universal, open ended, infinite set of symmetries which enhance both social wealth and human rights.  All social theorists, beginning with the Greek social thinkers, especially Plato, were trying to reclaim the lost Garden of Eden, , where social power, social control were in the hands of a social Matriarchy, before social surplus wealth brought about by the Agricultural revolution, deformed the social principle into an enslaving class principle, in the emerging class history of Patriarchy.   Once social wealth and the social means of production was lost to Patriarchal classes and its class mechanism, Humanity and the Social Matriarchy began its downfall to slavery, property relations as class relations.

The class myth, Patriarchal myth of the Garden of Eden represents the downfall of social power, downfall of women and most of humanity to slavery and war.  It hides what once existed before class history began an the construction of a de facto, historical class mechanism, which produces in turn the Orwellian class principle of INVERTED REALITY.    Inverted totalitarianism, Orwellianism was born with the birth of class history, where partial social forces, social reforms, like Plato's  attempt to reclaim social democracy, and his Republic, became automatically co opted, corrupted into class republics degenerating into class Empires.    Inverted language reflects inverted reality and represents all class deformed language as a deformed social principle, which defines all class principles.  It is based not on inclusive, universal, open ended parameters, symmetries, instead on exclusive, divisible, hence corrupted social elements, i.e. class outcomes.   Humanity's self enslavement through its class hierarchies and PATRIARCHAL CLASS MECHANISM is ongoing through today's global Fascism.

So long as Humanity has no social control over the means of production, control of social labor, the source of all wealth, class deformed markets, will continute to exist, around since Patriarchy and will never become free markets, social wealth of Nations, as intended by Adam Smith.    This is reason why the Enlightenment and its social theorists proposed Social Labor theories of Wealth in order to produce social control over wealth, and bring with it automatic, universal human rights.   This is also how  and why they called for the creation of INDIVISIBLE, INDEPENDENT middle layers to be the social agency, social mechanism for wealth creation, so that it would reclaim, reconstruct, the Social Historical mechanism that once existed in the Matriarchy.  Reconstruction of cumulative social forces to create critical mass, an automatic social principle required at the same time the dismantling of all class hierarchies linked to its deformed Patriarchal class mechanism.  Without this outcome, a reason why Socialist revolutions and the Enlightenment degenerated into post colonial Fascism and Stalinism,  this failure  prevents social control over the means of wealth and universal human rights.    The ideological dogma, class dogma, that falsely claims that Parasitical classes produce JOB CREATION, hides the fact that social majorities have lost control over social labor and wealth, and therefore justifies their Orwellian class tyranny,  with the use of class deformed logic.    Orwellian inverted language and its class policies continues HUMANITY'S ENSLAVEMENT to parasiticial classes.

So long as Humanity willingly offers its social power diverted, betrayed by class parties, class politicians, class hierarchies, it only enslaves itself, with wasted, corrupted  votes, expecting social outcomes, when class power, automatically betrays them.   Voting for two class parties, both of which were born in the betrayal of the Enlightenment, its social agenda has produced a long history of corruption, totalitarian degeneration, now permanent wars.   Expecting two class parties to produce social justice, social principles, when the whole edifice is based on Parasitical, totalitarian enslavement, is like expecting two horses to produce a cat,  an illogical, self created expectation, self delusion.    So long as the world goes along with any class party, any class politician, they enable enslavement, fascist austerity, fascist capitalism, and Orwellian endless wars.  This also explains the continuous defeats Sibel Edmonds in Classified Woman, encountered at every level of class rule, where the JUSTICE DEPT., CIA, FBI, STATE DEPARTMENT all colluded in a fascist conspiracy, including FASCIST JUDGES, to protect corrupt criminal politicians, class politicians, who were involved in espionage, corruption, criminality for Turkish/Israeli-Fascist Zionist operatives.  It was the combination of social movements, transparency and whistleblowers that finally EXPOSED THE FASCIST EDIFICE OF AMERIKA.

For social forces to become permanent and automatic, INDEPENDENT AND INDIVISIBLE, as the Enlightenment relic, social patriotism, still exists in our PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, A SOCIAL "REPUBLIC, INDIVISIBLE WITH JUSTICE FOR ALL", requires a world revolt, against all or most class hierarchies.  It would signal the death knell of class history, with its  Patriarchal and secular class myths, by dismantling Patriarchy, at the same time establishing global, social, middle layers, as the agency for social control and  the means of production for universal Human rights.   We must end class deformed language and  stop embracing class myths, both religious and secular forms  and expose the rot of the ORWELLIAN CLASS PRINCIPLE that is still with us, since it ended the Garden of Eden.


Various matters


(1) On Wednesday, I was on Cenk Uygur’s Current TV show with Michael Hastings discussing the Yemen bomb plot, and the video of that seven-minute segment is below. The discussion focused on the way in which U.S. “counter-Terrorism” policy in Yemen causes the very Terrorism it ostensibly seeks to battle. Yesterday, The Washington Post reported on several U.S. attacks in Yemen from this week alone and noted: “The latest strikes, aimed at al-Qaeda operatives in southern Yemen, bring the total this year to at least 15, about as many as in the previous 10 years combined“; just this morning, 17 more people were killed by U.S. airstrikes in Southern Yemen. The Obama administration recently leaked that it was escalating its attacks in Yemen to target those who names it does not know — not only with drones but also from the sea — and The Nation‘s Jeremy Scahill wrote this week that still more escalation is likely: “It seems there’s going to be a pretty serious, widespread bombing campaign with ground support in southern Yemen very soon.”

As I did this segment, I actually thought about how complete is the media suppression of the question of what causes Yemenis to want to attack the U.S. Extensive establishment media coverage has been devoted over the last few weeks to Yemen, and almost nobody in those discussions ever raises the question of why some people in Yemen might support such attacks. If you think about it, it’s really quite an impressive propaganda feat. It’s just natural for people who are targeted with violence to wonder what is motivating the attackers — recall the “Why-Do-They-Hate-Us?” bafflement in the wake of 9/11 — and yet that question has been almost entirely disappeared from establishment media discourse:

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