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Probing New Depths of Inanity in the Tea Party Crowd

By dlindorff - Posted on 01 July 2012


By Dave Lindorff

Let me preface this column by saying that I don’t think all conservatives and right-wingers are stupid. In fact I have some right-leaning friends of a libertarian bent who are really smart, and a lot of fun to argue with. They may have an unquestioning faith, bordering on religious zealotry, in the wonders of the “market,” but like Jesuit-trained Catholics defending the existence of God, debating that faith with them can be entertaining and even challenging.

Having said that, I have to say that the so called “rock-ribbed” conservative crowd -- let’s change that to “rock-headed” -- that serves as the foot-soldiers for the Koch-brothers-funded Tea Party “movement” are really low-wattage.

Back in 2008-2010, their incredibly inane rallying cry was: “Keep your government hands off my Medicare!”

Never mind that the Medicare these bozos were trying to protect is a government program.

Now, after the latest Supreme Court decision, with conservative Chief Justice John Roberts siding with the four alleged “liberal” members of the court to uphold the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare), the new cry from these dopes is that they want to move to Canada “because the US is too socialist.”

I kid you not!

Wally Weldon (@WallyWeldon), is a classic of the genre. In a Twitter, he declares, “I’m moving to Canada, the  US is entirely too socialist.”

Van Summers (@VanSummers) cheeps back, “Screw this commie country, I’m moving to Canada.”

Problem: Canada has what might best be described as socialized health care. Way back in 1947, Tommy Douglas, a social-democratic provincial leader of the prairie province of Saskatchewan, introduced the first public hospital insurance program in Canada. That plan was expanded nationwide in 1957 in the face of militant opposition from the Canadian Medical Association. In 1962, Saskatchewan broadened the program to cover all medical costs, making health care in that province fully funded for all by the government. A conservative Canadian national government expanded the program in Saskatchewan nationwide in 1966. Doctors fees were set buy the provinces, but doctors responded by adding on private charges called “extra billing.”  That practice was banned in 1984, giving Canada the basic system it has to this day.  It’s quality health care at half the cost in terms of share of GDP (10%) that it is in the US (20%)

Canada’s Medicare-for-all program is not socialist in the way that the British National Health program is socialist--with UK hospitals owned by the government and UK doctors receiving state salaries. Doctors in Canada still are private entrepreneurs, but their fees for service are set by the provincial governments. Hospitals can also be private, but patients only pay a nominal charge for treatment in them. Their costs and their reimbursements are negotiated by governments.

Do these conservatives who want to flee to Canada to escape “socialist” Obamacare even know any of this?...

For the rest of this article by DAVE LINDORFF in ThisCantBeHappening!, the new independent Project Censored Award-winning online alternative newspaper, please go to:

Although, historically, Liberalism, Libertarianism and socialists started on the same starting point, social paradigm in the social Enlightenment, it was the conservatives, who conserved the class center, center right position, conserved the class hierarchies, conserved the Patriarchal class mechanism which deformed revolutionary Liberals into class appeasers, class liberalism as a class ideology, and deformed the Libertarian notion of an end to monopoly, class states, turning Adam Smith upside down, to define social markets, free markets into a dogmatic defense of class deformed markets, while falsely claiming it to be a "free market".    Not only was Adam Smith and all social theorist turned up side down, co opted, class compromised, corrupted, inverted, the common deformity with class liberals, class Libertarians, and fake socialists, fake labor parties was their loyalty to class deformed systems that degenerated into class tyranny, totalitarianism, class Empire, militarism, today's form global Fascism.

Their INANITY was the common embrace of their fake centrisms, class centers, which were crippling social power and control into crippled class republics and class democracies, degenerating through endless class compromises into fascist austerity, fascist capitalism, fascist class Empires, which now has produced TWO AXIS OF WESTERN FASCISM, the first under Hitler, Franco and Mussolini, along with the class Empire of Japan.  This class dogma, class myth which all class ideologies hold is the false notion that class systems represent social agendas, when in fact they historically betray them.   The fascist Tea baggers/libertarians worship the same class deformed , totalitarian markets, that class liberals, fake socialists, fake labor party, class appeasers share.  

Obama holds the same embrace of fascist corporatism as the Fascist Tea Baggers, who falsely believe that class PARASITES who have usurped social control for class control, enslaving Humanity throughout the milleniums of class history, are the source of wealth, labor, when it is SOCIAL LABOR, SOCIAL WEALTH that is siphoned off by parasitical banks, parasitical class systems, parasitical class politicians.   THEY ALL SHARE THE SAME HISTORICAL BETRAYAL OF THE SOCIAL ENLIGHTENMENT, USURPING THE SOCIAL AGENDA FOR INDEPENDENT, INDIVISIBLE MIDDLE LAYERS AS THE SOCIAL AGENCY FOR SOCIAL CONTROL, IN THE SAME WAY THE PATRIARCHAL CLASS SYSTEM, WITH ITS CLASS HIERARCHIES USURPED THE SOCIAL MATRIARCHY BY TURNING UP SIDE DOWN SOCIAL CONTROL FOR CLASS DEFORMED HUMAN NATURE AND HUMAN ENSLAVEMENT.

We must stop this class myth, class dogma, defense of class hierarchies, and its Patriarchal class mechanism which falsely claims paternalism, social unity, social principles that are in fact crippled class outcomes devolving into slavery, wars and Fascism.  STOP ENABLING, SELF DEFFEATING, SELF ENSLAVEMENT through throw away votes, which falsely assumes that CLASS SYSTEMS SERVE SOCIAL CLASSES, WHEN THEY ENSLAVE , BETRAY THEM. KICK OUT ALL CLASS POLITICIANS, ALL CLASS PARTIES AND ESTABLISH GLOBAL SOCIAL CLASSES TO DISSOLVE PARASITICAL CLASS HIERARCHIES, RULING CLASSES AND END OF PATRIARCHAL CLASS HISTORY.

The social paradigm is inclusive, universal, international, unlike exclusive, class systems and their fascist, class thugs.  Finding a common denominator in history, social principle, allows FOR CRITICAL THINKING.  Fact based education is not enough, it only explains what is in the past tense, which is what makes History Boring, unless it is allowed to come up with universal moral judgements that threatens all class thugs who wish to corporatize education into Fascist drones where science and technoloy in the hands of class thugs, serves to enslave the social masses.  A liberal arts education that includes philosophy, history, political science MUST INCLUDE THE SOCIAL PARADIGM, because it will expose not only the Republicans as Fascist class thugs, but would include the fascist democratic party, Bi partisan fascist Congress and the Fascist Supreme court as totalitarian, class elites involved in global Fascism, through fascist trade treaties, fascist military alliances.   HISTORY is Patriarchal class-male, his story, which focuses and justifies milleniums of class enslavement by class shills, class whores, WHO DEMAND TOTALITARIAN CONTROL OVER HISTORY:

Fear & Loathing in Texas: State Republican Party Seeks to Ban Critical Thinking in Public Schools

Platform Prohibits Teach Higher Order Thinking Skills


"What is it about the political rightwing in the Lone Star State? It seems like they are now competing with Arizona to take the lead as the nation’s most anti-education and anti-intellectual state.Image courtesy of Ejercicio Cerebral

Here is the actual language from a position statement in the 2012 Texas Republican Party Platform:

Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.

Where does this Republican fear of critical thinking come from? One would have to surmise it may be derived from two sources: Either (1) they learned some nifty reactionary ideas from the Arizona struggle against HB2281, the law banning the teaching of Chicana/o Studies in public schools, or (2) they understand that Texas public schools are now filled with a majority of minority [sic] students, most of them Mexican-origin, and it may not be a good idea to encourage them to become anything other than servants of the 1% by denying them anything but rote learning and vocational educations...."




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