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POP QUIZ: How well do you know the U.S.?

1) How many US military personnel does the DOD estimate were raped or
assaulted in 2010?
1) 0
2) 5
3) 76
4) 113
5) 15,790

2) Democracy supposes who should rule?
1) Wall St.
2) Pentagon
3) Federal Reserve
4) White House
5) The People

3) What word does not appear in the US Constitution?
1) Justice
2) Tranquility
3) Welfare
4) Liberty
5) Democracy

4) Of the 68,379 US veterans who had at least one VA outpatient visit
related to military sexual trauma in 2010, what percent were men?
1) 3%
2) 7%
3) 18%
4) 26%
5) 40%

5) The US Conference of Catholic Bishops is investigating:
1) priests' relationships with women
2) bishops who hid pedophile priests
3) the pope's history as a Hitler Youth
4) papal infallibility
5) the girl scouts

6) What US military service was implicated in the Secret Service's
recent prostitute scandal?
1) Army
2) Navy
3) Air Force
4) Marines
5) All of the above

7) US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas:
1) received a college degree in midwifery
2) was a highly decorated war hero
3) did charity work in a refugee camp
4) donates his income to the Red Cross
5) has not said a word on the Supreme Court in years

8) How many rapes or sexual assaults were reported in the US military in 2010?
1) 3
2) 15
3) 135
4) 252
5) 3,158

9) Thomas Jefferson said, "I hope the country is ripe for suppressing
them by degrees, but entirely in the end,"about:
1) cockroaches
2) fire ants
3) head lice
4) Indians
5) banks and bankers

10) If military personnel who have committed rape or sexual assault
are forced to retire, they receive:
1) no benefits
2) 1/4 benefits
3) 1/2 benefits
4) 3/4 benefits
5) full benefits

11) The President of the US can legally order you killed if:
1) you murder more than 10 people
2) you molest more than 100 children
3) you steal over $1,000,000
4) you cause over $10,000,000 in damages
5) he thinks you're a terrorist

12) To whom does America's motto pledge its trust?
1) Wall St.
2) White House
3) Pentagon
4) Congress
5) God

Hint to correct answers: All are the same number.

Charles Rayner Kelly is a retired educator, a philosopher and a
novelist. Among his books are LITTLE POOR MAN The Story of St. Francis


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