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Pennsylvania Banned War on Dec. 7, 1682

By davidswanson - Posted on 22 February 2011

In the Great Law. Supposedly. The thing is, I can't find the text online. How GREAT can that law really be? Can anybody find it?


Good luck! There are plenty of links for pages that refer to the "Great Law of Pennsylvania", but what I found is only about religion and culture, what was then viewed as socially and politically acceptable in moral and religious terms; and that apparently was according to Quakers. There was nothing at all said in these Web pages about the "Great Law ..." banning war.

None of the pages I checked provide a copy of this law, so perhaps it did say that war is banned and most people referring to this "Great Law ..." don't have much regard for this. It's an important topic or law, but the past decade, and more, have illustrated that many people don't have much regard for law against war. Supporting war blindly and/or hastily is evidence for lack of regard or respect for war being a crime, a major crime.

Wikipedia should have a copy of the "Great Law of Pennsylvania", or at least considerable information about it, enough to summarize everything this "Great Law" stipulates; but there's nothing at Wikipedia. There are some other encyclopaedia Web sites that refer to and provide one-paragraph intros for this "Great Law", but that's all that's provided.

Hidden history; in part anyway! It's only in part, because plenty of Web sites refer to the religious and cultural part. If that's all there was to it, then you're mistaken; but if you're right, then, well, you are.

The National Archives or Pennsylvania a/Achives doesn't have a copy of this historical "Great Law"? Quakers; might they have a copy? If either of these archives or the Quakers have a copy, then an online copy should be made in order to make history open and available to everyone.

If I understood correctly from some of the pages checked, then there are something like 61 clauses or stipulations (whatever) in this "Great Law", so this should not be difficult to place a copy of online; like at Wikipedia, say.

Hiding history is not good.

where is the text of the law?

for trying


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