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Is Peace Getting in the Way of Our War Plans?

What a bizarre circumstance this is.  The irrational Iranians are behaving too reasonably. 

The unmovable Iranians seem to be compromising too readily.

This past weekend, the United States and other major nations finally spoke with Iran. In 10 hours of talks (or 5 with translations), minus a lunch break, Iran agreed to a framework for ensuring that its nuclear program is only used for civilian purposes. 

If this keeps up, the whole basis for war could be lost.  And it's all the result of having finally spent a few hours talking with Iran.  The obvious solution is to cut off the talks, issue ultimatums, lower the threshold for what justifies war, and impose more deadly sanctions than ever.  And that's just what some of our misrepresentatives in Congress are about to try.

Although, the last time Iran tried to agree to ship its uranium out of the country for refinement, talks were conveniently sabotaged by an explosion in Iran.  So, there are a variety of methods for sabotaging paths to peace.

But is this really so bizarre?  Or does peace often threaten to get in the way of the best laid plans to pretend to be reluctantly forced into war as a "last resort"?

Let's not forget that the inspections in Iraq were working in 2003, the inspectors believed they could give more conclusive findings if allowed a little more time, and President Bush pulled the inspectors out in order to begin the shocking and awing.  Bush and his subordinates then frequently falsely claimed that Iraq had kicked out the inspectors.

And let's not forget -- or let's learn now, if we never did -- that the Taliban offered after 9/11 to turn bin Laden over to a third country to be put on trial.  Instead, our government chose a decade of war in Afghanistan, followed by an assassination, followed by the continuation of the war for additional years.

In fact, as documented in War Is A Lie, peace offers and offers to talk have been rejected and hushed up prior to or during World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and many other wars stretching back in U.S. history to countless broken treaties with Native Americans.  During the U.S. war on Vietnam, peace settlements were proposed by the Vietnamese, the Soviets, and the French, but rejected or sabotaged by the United States.  The last thing you want when you're trying to start or continue a war -- and when trying to sell it as a reluctant action of last resort -- is for word to leak out that the other side is proposing peace talks.  

It is to the credit of our society that even proponents of war, even those who argue for its humanitarian benefits to its victims, must always maintain that it is a last resort.  It is to our credit that some in our government at least partially favor using diplomacy.  But others fear giving diplomacy the slightest chance, knowing it is very likely to succeed in many cases.

Some proponents of waging war on Iran admit that they do not fear Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon and using it; they fear Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon and doing the same thing every other nation does with them: not use it.  It would then be harder to overthrow Iran's government.  But those who want quick "regime change" clearly fear Iran agreeing to severe restrictions and inspections, which would eliminate all possibility of pretending that Iran has a nuclear weapons program.

This past weekend's talks clearly suggested that an alternative to war is possible.  This prospect for peace was immediately denounced by right-wing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman and other members of Congress – who may try to block further talks as early as this week.  A Senate effort to prevent the talks from even beginning had been blocked by Sen. Rand Paul. Now Congress is coming back with more deadly sanctions, ultimatums, and resolutions requiring war.

But Congresswoman Barbara Lee has a bill with 21 cosponsors that would allow and require talks, end the Obama Administration's policy that forbids U.S. diplomats to have direct contact with Iranian government officials without express prior authorization from the Secretary of State, and prevent any war not legally authorized by Congress.

Now, who would be threatened by such a reasonable proposal, as long as war truly is the last resort?


David Swanson's books include "War Is A Lie." He blogs at and and works for the online activist organization He hosts Talk Nation Radio

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Western and all class Empires throughought class history have been described as an organic, yet degenerating class process of endless deteriorating class cycles, where partial, class deformed social reforms produced crippled class republics and democracies which corrupted iNto class empires, with its class tyrants, and psychotic class politicians.  It was the basis of the ancient Greek observation of civil societies, as endless class deforming outcomes, which produced social terminology for such deformed class outcomes, namely oligarchies, plutocracies, (class)tyrants, and (class ) empires.   Even the partial, class deformed social reforms and concepts of democracy and republics, grafted into an existing Patirarchal class system, produced the crippled class democracies, deformed city states that became class empires.   Everyone knows about the Late development of the Roman Empire where psychotic, despotic class politicians and Emperors burned down their own cities.


Like the Late Roman Empire, degenerating into totalitarian PSYCHOSIS, the same phenomena exists for all class deformed civil societies who have become class tyrants and Empires, producing the FASCIST PYSCHOSIS of the German Empire Reich, and today the Amerikan global Fascist MATRIX.   Congress, the Executive, and Judicial branches have degenerated into duplicity, corruption, and Fascist totalitarianism.  Congress is held in such low esteem, less than 10 percent, because its class politicians, class parties have been morphing into FASCIST PSYCHOSIS, AND TOTALITARIAN CLASS POLICIES, where all class parties, all class politicians around the world embrace fascist fiscalism, fascist austerity, fascist Capitalism, the wholesale enslavement of many nations to a global, parasitical, FASCIST ELITE.    Their logic, their morality, DECLINE SO PRECIPTIOUSLY, through endless class compromises, militarism, that they slide into SURREALISM AND FASCIST DEGENERATION. Ray McGovern has pointed out JUST HOW SURREAL AND TOTALITARIAN all three branches have become, especially the degenerate Congress, whose class politicans have become NAZIS, WARMONGERS, psychotic thugs.   Ray McGovern said:

"The panel discussion took place against the backdrop of all-too-familiar warnings to Iran that it has one “last chance” to stop doing what the CIA and pretty much all serious intelligence agencies say it is not doing — namely, working on a nuclear weapon.

That’s right; one “last chance” to stop doing what it is NOT doing. This unconscionably surreal — and transparently provocative —"

That would explain, WHY and HOW stupid, arrogant, and morally repugnant  ALL class parties have degenerated, and all class politicians, who Obama brings to Chicago, his corrupt embrace of the corrupt G8 Fascist Capitalist/NATO nations that were complicit and participated in Bush's/Obama's torture, rendition policies, and now are demanding that the world embrace their global Fascist Matrix.  Like the Nazis, they inverted Fascism into definitions of Freedom, all based on their same class dogmas, class myths, always linked to the Orwellian class principle that promotes degeneration, inversion and corruption, through the same class cycles since class history began. This means that THE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE THE WHOLESALE GLOBAL DETERIORATION OF ALL ITS CLASS POLITICIANS AND CLASS PARTIES as class outcomes, deformed outcomes, degenerating class cycles, that promotes Wars and enslavement.  Therefore there is a need to DISMANTLE, DISSOLVE, call for an end of support to all class parties who promote dictatorships, slavery and war.  Only dissolving all class hierarchies with indivisible, independent social classes, middle classes can make humans liberated, more rational, more moral , than the  class rot that exists throughout the world.

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