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Paying The Price For Peace: The Story of S. Brian Willson


Bo has already interviewed Daniel Ellsberg, Father Roy Bourgeois, Medea Benjamin, Col. Ann Wright,  Martin Sheen, Alice Walker, Phil Donahue, Bruce Gagnon, Camila Mejia, Charlie Clements, Charlie Liteky, Duncan Murphy, Ray McGovern, Lou Wolf,  Leah Bolger (current president of Veterans For Peace), Elliot Adams (past president of VFP), Jeff Paterson (of Courage to Resist), David Swanson, Mike Prysner, Carlos Escorcia and others. He still plans to interview Blase Bonpane, Amy Goodman, Kris Kristofferson, Ron Kovic, Ed Asner, Kathy Kelly, Cindy Sheehan & Ramsey Clark. So far we have raised $13,350. We are trying to raise $55,000 by October 11th. Aris Anagnos gave $5,000 for this film. I put in $1,000. Medea Benjamin gave $500. Veterans For Peace LA Chapter gave $500. Veterans For Peace National gave $200. Many people have given $25, Some have given $50. Some $100. Some $200. Some $10. It all adds up. I hope you might be able to give whatever amount you are comfortable with. If you can’t afford any money at all, I do understand. 

I have had Brian on two different book tours in Southern California in the last year. He also met me last November at the Annual School of the Americas Protest Vigil at Fort Benning, Georgia, where I tabled his book: “BLOOD ON THE TRACKS: The Life & Times of S. Brian Willson” and he signed copies.  There is a short letter from Brian below.

Brian will be back in Los Angeles in November for two events. We are having a fundraising party for:  "PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE” at our house in Culver City on Saturday Night, November 3rd.

Then Brian will be honored at the ARTIVIST FILM FESTIVAL on Sunday Night, November 4th at Barnsdall Art Park in Hollywood.

If you would like to make a contribution but would rather not donate on-line, you can send a check to:

Bo Boudart Productions

PO Box 7395

Menlo Park, CA 94026

Or you can click on the picture of Brian & Bo to donate on-line.

Here is the Letter from Brian.

Dear Friends,

Just wanted to get this on your radar... and undoubtedly some of you have already heard about it.

While on my East Coast book tour last fall, a serendipitous connection was made with an award-winning documentary filmmaker named Bo Boudart. Following up on a suggestion from a friend, Bo began focusing his camera on me, and is now in the process of making a film that will revolve around my story while serving to amplify many other voices including those of a number of other peace veterans who have taken strong stands against war (e.g., Camilo Mejia, Ray McGovern, Charlie Liteky, Roy Bourgeois).

Based on the footage already collected by Bo over the last year -- which includes video captured at various book tour events, at last year's annual SOA Watch vigil, at this year's Veterans For Peace convention, plus many interviews, including one with Duncan Murphy, fellow faster and train blocker who recently passed away at age 92 -- this should be a very powerful film.

Like I said, I just wanted to get this on your radar. If you are inspired to spread the word through your own social networks, I support you in doing that, or even making a contribution of your own. Currently, an Indiegogo fundraising campaign is helping to raise funds for production costs, but Bo is committed to finding a way to raise the necessary funds to complete this film whether or not that campaign goal is met. (Click on photo link above for more information.) There is also a facebook page that is being used to help spread the word (

In Solidarity,

S. Brian Willson:

For More Information about Bo Boudart Productions:


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