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Our Letter To FBI And SEC Gets Results From DOJ, Congress And Media


On Monday, July 11th, our attorney Kevin Zeese sent a letter to the FBI and SEC requesting parallel criminal and civil investigations against Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp (owner of Fox News) for apparent violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), which prohibits US companies from bribing foreign officials. In short, evidence has emerged indicating employees of News Corp bribed police and other officials in the UK to obtain information for use in hacking into voice mail, medical records and bank accounts of politicians, celebrities, murder victims and British soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. At least 13 people have been arrested in the UK in the growing phone hacking and bribery investigation, and we wanted to ensure that US law enforcement investigated News Corp here. Several news outlets are reporting that News Corp may have tried to hack into the voice mails of 9/11 victims.

Shortly after our letter was sent, the press began quoting Mr. Zeese and our letter when reporting that News Corp officials could face massive fines and long jail terms if found to have been in violation of the FCPA. Both Republican and Democratic members of Congress have now called for hearings and investigations, including several who invoked the FCPA.

On Thursday, the FBI confirmed that it had opened an investigation into News Corp, and indeed on Friday, Attorney General Eric Holder confirmed that federal law enforcement agencies were investigating the matter.

Ironically, or perhaps not, it was recently revealed that News Corp gave $1 million to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, reportedly in support of their campaign to help weaken the FCPA. Given the situation the Murdoch's multi-billion dollar corporation now finds itself in, it may come as little surprise that it would hope to undermine U.S. laws which evidence suggests it violated. has launched a new campaign called to make sure that News Corp and its employees are held accountable for committing crimes under US law if, in fact, they did so. No criminals, no matter how wealthy or well politically-connected should be above the law, and it falls to the Department of Justice to guarantee US laws are enforced, even against powerful international conglomerates operating out of the U.S., as is the case with News Corp.

Please check out our new campaign and add your voice by SIGNING the letter to the Attorney General so he understands that we want aggressive prosecution under the FCPA as appropriate. The site has tons of information about this quickly growing scandal, as well as links to other action items. So please tell your friends about it and link to it from your favorite blogs and/or social networking sites.

On Monday we are announcing our offer of a reward for new information leading to the arrest and conviction of any News Corp employee who engaged in phone hacking, bribery or other related crimes in the US or under US criminal law.

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Well guys how about to request an investigation into 911 controlled demolition attacks ? ... thatd be cool ..


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