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Occupiers Defying Orders to Leave

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 29 November 2011

It's thrilling to hear that 3,000 people showed up to defend Occupy LA against the city's plan to shut it.  And, in Philly, people are also defying the city. From CBS News: Occupy L.A. Defies Vacate Order   From

Even as hundreds of police gathered around City Hall, Occupy Los Angeles continued to peacefully assemble in impressive numbers in Solidarity Park (formerly City Hall Park) throughout the night. Accounts put the crowd at over 2,000.

Early this morning, LAPD moved in to evict the encampment. Around 5am PST, police armed with batons and riot gear ordered the nonviolent Occupiers to disperse from the street or face violent arrest. The crowd responded by asking LAPD to lay down their weapons and join them. At least four arrests were made, before the police backed down.

Step back and think of all the public events that occur in major cities -- from parades to ball games -- and there is no problem.  But 200 people sleep in a private park in downtown NYC, and it's somehow intolerable and dangerous. 

It's the message that's dangerous... to the status quo.  Occupying public space doesn't conform with the privatization of literally everything in this country.  Questioning goverment police and private amassing of wealth by the 1% (or whatever relatively small percent they make up) is dangerous, when you're doing it in the streets, and you don't go home.

Watch Miley CyrusCHEERS!  Here's one person who gets that: Miley Cyrus, 19 year old star to young girls everywhere.  Her rebellious anthem "Liberty Walk" was just re-issued over a video montage of global Occupy protests.  The opening text:  "This is dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in ..." 

Some lyrics:

It's a liberty walk, walk
Saying goodbye to the people who tied you up
It's a liberty walk, walk
Feeling your heart again, breathing new oxygen
It's a liberty walk, walk

Read more, and watch it right away!  Here is some feel GOOD culture.  Trust me on that.



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