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Obama DOJ Asks Court to Grant Immunity to George W. Bush For Iraq War

By Inder Comar

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., (Aug. 20, 2013) — In court papers filed today (PDF), the United States Department of Justice requested that George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Paul Wolfowitz be granted procedural immunity in a case alleging that they planned and waged the Iraq War in violation of international law.

Plaintiff Sundus Shaker Saleh, an Iraqi single mother and refugee now living in Jordan, filed a complaint in March 2013 in San Francisco federal court alleging that the planning and waging of the war constituted a “crime of aggression” against Iraq, a legal theory that was used by the Nuremberg Tribunal to convict Nazi war criminals after World War II.

"The DOJ claims that in planning and waging the Iraq War, ex-President Bush and key members of his Administration were acting within the legitimate scope of their employment and are thus immune from suit,” chief counsel Inder Comar of Comar Law said.

The “Westfall Act certification,” submitted pursuant to the Westfall Act of 1988, permits the Attorney General, at his or her discretion, to substitute the United States as the defendant and essentially grant absolute immunity to government employees for actions taken within the scope of their employment.

In her lawsuit, Saleh alleges that:

-- Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz began planning the Iraq War in 1998 through their involvement with the “Project for the New American Century,” a Washington DC non-profit that advocated for the military overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

-- Once they came to power, Saleh alleges that Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz convinced other Bush officials to invade Iraq by using 9/11 as an excuse to mislead and scare the American public into supporting a war.

-- Finally, she claims that the United States failed to obtain United Nations approval prior to the invasion, rendering the invasion illegal and an act of impermissible aggression.

“The good news is that while we were disappointed with the certification, we were prepared for it,” Comar stated. “We do not see how a Westfall Act certification is appropriate given that Ms. Saleh alleges that the conduct at issue began prior to these defendants even entering into office. I think the Nuremberg prosecutors, particularly American Chief Prosecutor Robert Jackson, would be surprised to learn that planning a war of aggression at a private non-profit, misleading a fearful public, and foregoing proper legal authorization somehow constitute lawful employment duties for the American president and his or her cabinet.”

The case is Saleh v. Bush (N.D. Cal. Mar. 13, 2013, No. C 13 1124 JST).

See the attached certification, publicly filed on ECF / PACER system.

For further information contact:


901 Mission Street, Suite 105
San Francisco, California 94103

Certification of Scope of Employment.pdf52.2 KB

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If certain acts of violation of treaties are crimes, they are crimes whether the United States does them or whether Germany does them and we are not prepared to lay down a rule of criminal conduct against others which we would not be willing to have invoked against us - Source

The 2003 invasion of Iraq was an unlawful act of aggression and an international crime - the Supreme Crime Against Humanity. It cannot be justified under any reasonable interpretation of international law. It violates the outer limits of laws regulating the use of force - it amounts to mass murder

They are War Crimes whether George W Bush did them or Adolph Hitler

WHAT OUR GOV IS RESPONSIBLE FOR, AND DOING IT IN OUR NAME!!! (Preview  (11-3/4 minutes)  These 3 videos MUST be viewed by every single American citizen!  bushbaby, cheney, condy, wolfowitz and rumsfeld, et. al., are responsible for this - WHY ARE YOU, THE "SO-CALLED" AMERICAN PEOPLE ...  ALLOWING THESE MASS-MURDERING GENOCIDISTS TO WALK AROUND FREE ON OUR SOIL?  WHY ARE YOU NOT ENRAGED??

TO NOT DEMAND THEIR ARREST AND IMPRISONMENT FOR LIFE FOR CRIMES OF HIGH TREASON, WAR CRIMES, AND SOCIOPATHIC FALSE FLAG WARS - MEANS WE-THE-PEOPLE ARE GUILTY OF COMPLICITY - WHY DO YOU NOT REALIZE THIS, FELLOW AMERICANS? (Preview  The effects of (tongue-in-cheek) "low level" radiation.  For anyone who knows someone unfortunate enough to work in (therefore who is endangering their families by their career choices) the nuclear industry, listen from 6:00 to 6:45, and try to talk some sense into their heads.  Why will that fail?  Too much money to be made.  I wish there was some way I could record a loop from 7:55 to 8:10 and repeat it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over - until Americans FINALLY hear it.

And for all you (again tongue-in-cheek) 'christians' out there who believe the BIGGEST LIE of all - - that WAR IS A NECESSARY EVIL - try going to sleep tonight after re-listening from 8:13 to 8:38 and witnessing from 15:40 to 16:45.  This is why reichpugnicans don't want universal health care - because they knew the price tag for their highly endorsed glory wars would come afterwards and all are determine they are not about to pay up for treatment of our own warriors exposure to the diabolical weaponry they used

I've done my homework since 1979; Three Mile Island was my wake-up call re: the abomination that is fission.  There are many more videos on YOUTUBE; I strongly suggest that as American Citizens - you be a witnesss a WITNESS of this belligerent INTENTIONALLY INFLICTED EVIL by our own government, which is far worse than terrorists because WE are the ones with all the missiles, all the bombs, all the chemical weaponry, all the depleted uranium, all the land mines and DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONRY.

(I wonder how MILLIONS of gung-ho "War is a necessary evil" christians are gonna escape this on their oh-so-zealously-awaited Judgement Day?


 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"If they've done nothing wrong, they have nothing to fear."

Let them EAT the words they so often repreat!

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Save pardons and immunities for those who act in the name of the People.

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