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No War, No Sanctions on Iran!

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 19 January 2012

When Iranian director Asghar Farhadi received the Golden Globe award for Best Foreign Film Sunday night, he said:

When I was coming up on the stage, I was thinking what should I say here. Should I say something about my mother, father, my kind wife, my daughters, my dear friends, my great and lovely crew. But now I just prefer to say something about my people. I think they are a truly peace-loving people. Thank you very much.

The film, "A Separation" is about, what? The life of one married couple coming apart; the choices people make to stay or go; the fractures between men and women; classes; secular thinkers and fundamentalists?  It may be all of that. Yet, somehow the film got past the mullahs and censors, and Farhadi was in the U.S. to make such a simple and eloquent statement.

Whatever the criticism due towards the actions of the leaders of the Islamic Republic -- and to me those are significant and justify and mass opposition by the Iranian people -- U.S. or Israel making war on Iran is wrong.  In effect, war has already begun against the people of Iran, with the U.S. threatening the people of Iran with the use of "bunker-buster" bombs, shutting down the Central Bank's access to foreign markets, and stopping the lifeblood flow of oil in and out of Iran. 

Tonight, leaders and activists from anti-war organizations will be discussing actions to take aimed at preventing t a U.S. war on Iran. We will be announcing more soon. I would like your ideas and input on how we should go out to the people living in this country to challenge them to act against war.  Please email me.

Meanwhile, a look at this map shows which country is surrounding Iran with military. These are the U.S. military bases we know about which surround Iran.  Who is the aggressor in the Middle East? 

by Debra Sweet, National , World Can't Wait



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