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New York Times Ad On Closing Guantánamo

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 10 May 2013

by Debra Sweet                     My friend Stephen Phelps, Senior Minister at The Riverside Church, signed The New York Times ad on closing Guantanamowe plan to publish next week, and sent a note saying he would “begin to send the hope around to some others.”  This hit me strongly.  For the last four+ years, since Obama promised to close it, nothing hopeful has come out of Guantanamo.

It’s only the courageous, and desperate, actions of the prisoners which provide hope now, and which are enlivening the rest of the world with the idea that now Obama must, as Lynn Feinerman put it in 
Tikkun Daily, “Close Guantánamo. Repatriate and rehabilitate those destroyed by it.”


25 former Guantanamo prisoners just wrote Obama demanding he close the prison. They  say that force-feeding (for which even more “medical” personnel have been brought in recently) “demonstrates the absence of any morals and principles the US administration may claim to have regarding these men,” and cite:

  • The abuse of the prisoners’ religious rights, such as the desecration of the Qur’an
  • The use of chemical sprays and rubber bullets to “quell unrest”
  • Regular and humiliating strip searches
  • Extremely long periods in total isolation
  • Interference in privileged client/attorney relationships
  • Lack of meaningful communication with relatives
  • Arbitrary imprisonment without charge or trial

Ahmed Rachidi, a former prisoner released to Morocco, said recently:

The Obama Administration claims they are on a hunger strike because they want better treatment or better food. But that is not true. They are on a hunger strike because they want justice. They want freedom. They want to go home to their families. And this time they will not quit.

I hope we don’t fail to see how horrific a hunger strike is.  Rachidi goes on:

This will be the last hunger strike. To stop eating is the only way prisoners can exert any control when they are powerless. But this time Shaker and the other prisoners don’t have the same strength, the same energy they used to have. Mentally and physically they are very weak. I am worried that something can go wrong, that someone will lose his life… Guantanamo is a concern to every human being who believes in democracy, who believes in human rights, who believes in the rule of law. We don’t have a lot of time. We need to come together to force President Obama to restore the rule of law and put an end to this disgrace.

In the thirty-six hours since we debuted the ad text, and began asking people to sign on, circulate it, and donate for its publication, I’ve been very heartened by the comments and donations, from $5 to $1,000. The lawyers who represent prisoners are a group with every reason to have given up in defeat, since they are barely allowed to get to Guantanamo, and now their clients are visibly weakened, some unable to converse.  They are signing on, and helping raise funds.

Activists, artists, academics, lawyers, elected officials: this is an urgent call to you.  Unite your voices together to support justice for the prisoners in the “newspaper of record” on the 100th day of the hunger strike. 

Publishing this ad will resonate in a way other actions don’t, and could help create a situation where the Obama administration is forced to respond.  Let’s get into the streets around the world on May 17-19 as part of taking hold of the moment where how a society is measured comes down to closing Guantanamo, and gives hope that the war crimes this country has perpetrated can be addressed.

Stop the Torture! Close Guantanamo! End the War Crimes and Violations of Fundamental Rights!

Read the content of the ad, add your namedonate, and find out more about spreading the wordabout it. If this statement is truly going to have the society-wide impact it needs to have it has to be seen by many thousands now, getting involved by donating, signing, and sharing with many more, right now. 

Signers include:
M. Cherif Bassiouni, Emeritus Professor of Law, DePaul University School of Law 

William Blum, author, Killing Hope 
Elaine Brower, World Can't Wait
Barney Bush, Vinyard Indian Settlement
Shahid Buttar, Bill of Rights Defense Committee*
Carl Dix, Revolutionary Communist Party

Andy Griggs, Interreligious Communities United for Justice & Peace*
Mike Ferner, Veterans for Peace
Tina Foster, International Justice Network, Bagram Lawyer
Candace Gorman, Civil rights Lawyer
Maryam Hassan, Save Shaker Aamer
Tarak Kauff, Veterans for Peace

Joyce and Max Kozloff
Dennis Loo, World Can't Wait
Cynthia McKinney, 2008 Power to the People Campaign
Rev. Stephen Phelps, The Riverside Church*
Cindy Sheehan, Tour de Peace
Debra Sweet, World Can't Wait
Sunsara Taylor
Dennis Trainor Jr.

Andy Worthington,


Take Action!

Help create conditions where Obama administration is forced to respond to the hunger strike, release prisoners, close it now!

**100 Days of Guantanamo Hunger Strike: International Days of Action May 17–19

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Stop the Torture, Close Guantanamo. Sign and donate to get this ad in next week. 

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Past time to tell world: #Gitmo must close now! NYT ad on 100th day



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