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New Mexico House Passes Bill for Overturning "Citizens United" Through Constitutional Amendment


We’ve just won our biggest victory ever!  Yesterday, the New Mexico House of Representatives passed our bill, 38-29, calling on Congress to amend the United States Constitution to overturn the infamous Citizens United ruling* and return our democracy to the people.

In a bi-partisan vote, a Republican and an Independent joined Democrats in supporting this bill, working together to make the New Mexico House one of the first full state legislative bodies in the country to officially endorse a Constitutional Amendment to reverse Citizens United.  

The action goes next to the New Mexico State Senate, where a committee will consider an identical bill today, and, we hope the full Senate will soon follow.  

If you know anyone in New Mexico, please ask them to call their state Senators, urging them to join their House colleagues and support bill #SM3.  New Mexicans can look up their state Senators here:

We also have terrific news from Massachusetts, where the state Senate President Therese Murray has just announced she’ll support a similar bill of ours, also calling for a U.S. Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United.

It’s just incredible to have so much momentum behind our campaign.

This is a great moment to pick up the ball wherever you live and run with it.  Can you call *your* state legislators now?  

You can look them up, and even make free phone calls, here:

Urge your legislators to:

“Please introduce or co-sponsor a state resolution calling on Congress to amend the U.S. Constitution, over-ruling Citizens United and restoring democracy to We, the People.”  

If they ask for a sample resolution, you can refer them to:

With your help, today’s good news from New Mexico and Massachusetts will be just the beginning.  

Thanks so much for being part of our historic campaign.


- John

John Bonifaz, Executive Director
Free Speech For People
Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

* To be precise, the bill actually calls on Congress to pass an Amendment and to send it to the states for ratification, per Article V of the Constitution.


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