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The New Lookin More and More Like the Old

By jimstaro - Posted on 15 September 2010

No surprise here, we helped install and than supported the Old. We then totally destroyed the country, this time, and brought in and support the New!!


Amnesty International slams Iraq over prison torture


September 14, 2010 - Amnesty International released a report this week that details allegations of torture at Iraq-run prisons and makes the case that they're no better than the detention centers that the U.S. military ran here from 2003 until earlier this year. It raises yet more questions about the Iraqi security forces that the Obama administration ceded authority to when it celebrated the end of the U.S. combat mission in Iraq.

"New Order, Same Abuses" says that several detainees have died in Iraqi custody due to torture or abuse by Iraqi interrogators and prison guards. It says that tens of thousands are being held without charges and that guards won't confirm missing persons' whereabouts to their relatives, which, for Iraqi families who'd lost loved ones, was one of the most devastating aspects of the U.S. occupation. {read rest}

"Iraq to Pay $400 Million to US Victims of Saddam Regime" (2:39)

RT, Sept. 15, 2010

The direct Youtube link is the following, but the above page has the embedded video (smaller) and two related videos, and two recommended articles, "US Transfer of Iraqi Prisoners: An Ongoing War Crime", by Bill Van Auken for Sept. 14th, and "Business as Usual in Iraq: The War Operation has been Downsized and Re-branded", by Marjorie Cohn Sept. 13th.

Iraq has quietly agreed to pay 400 million dollars to American citizens who say they were tortured or traumatised by Saddam Hussein's regime, after he invaded Kuwait in 1990. It's come as a shock to the millions of Iraqis who're still suffering from the U.S. led campaign - especially since many have received nothing for their suffering.

The following clip was obtained from the above one.

"'Iraqis should be paid trillions by US as compensation for invasion'" (1:25)

RussiaToday, Sept. 15, 2010

Well the violence in Iraq is not abating after the departure of U.S. combat troops. 9 Iraqi soldiers have just been killed by a roadside bomb in the latest attack. Talking about the reparations, Abdel Bari Atwan, editor-in-chief of the Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, says it's the Iraqis who should be getting compensation from the U.S., not the other way round.

Definitely! And like he says, the U.S. owes trillions in compensation to Iraqis; not only billions. Amen to that!

If these Americans claiming $400mn in compensation from Iraq because they suffered a little psychologically when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 or 1991 think they have any valid grounds for this, then they're sick, which they evidently are anyway. Saddam Hussein sent his forces into Kuwait because the regime there was stealing Iraq's oil using the slanted drilling technique, which learned was developed in Alberta, Canada. And then President GHW Bush had lead Saddam Hussein to believe that invading Kuwait was okay or approved by the U.S. when it was really a trap set for the U.S. to pounce on Iraq's forces.

The U.S. owes astronomically more to Iraq than Iraq owes to anyone.

These Americans, if they dropped dead tomorrow, would be doing us all a big favor. This is all hellishly disgusting! It's one thing to be a little selfish, but these Americans are hellishly selfish and really need to drop dead right away. Well, either that, or to wake the f*ck up and retract this sickening nonsense of theirs.


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