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Nationwide April 11th Actions to Close Guantánamo

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 09 April 2013

by Debra Sweet, Director, World Can't Wait         Protests organized for April 11 to close the prison at Guantanamo and support the hunger strikers there are spreading. See the list below. Let us know if you will be protesting that day. Scroll down for more resources.

Protesting at Obama fundraiser in SF April 3. Photo by SF Chapter of World Can't Wait.

Customize this press release for your area:

What: Rallies, Protests, Visual Photo-ops
Where: Across U.S.
When: April 11, 2013

Across the U.S. on Thursday, street protests will support prisoners detained at the U.S. prison in Guantánamo who are engaged in a large-scale hunger strike, which began in early February. Some are now in critical condition.

“The vast majority of the 166 men have been held for more than eleven years without any charge or fair trial, with no end to their detention in sight. The Obama administration must take swift measures to humanely address the immediate causes of the hunger strike and fulfill its promise to close the Guantanamo” says a statement from World Can’t Wait and Witness Against Torture.

The prisoners’ action, described by a U.S. military spokesman as an “orchestrated event intended to garner media attention,” has begun to do “just that, and we intend to magnify their voices,” say the protesters.  The Boston Globe urged President Obama to close the prison because keeping Guantanamo open is “a challenge to our reputation around the world.”  The New York Times said the prisoners’ action is “exposing the lawlessness of the system that marooned them there,” describing the indefinite detention of men long cleared for release as the “essence of what has been wrong with Guantánamo from the start.”

Protesters demand that action be taken by the U.S. government in time to save the lives of the prisoners, with the aim of closing the prison.  In Chicago and San Francisco, nine protesters will wear orange jumpsuits to represent the nine men who have already died in Guantanamo waiting for justice.  At noon, protesters will gather at the White House to focus on the president’s 2009 promise to close Guantanamo. 

Full information on the protests.

(866) 973-4463

Press release in Spanish:
Comunicado de prensa:
Huelga de hambre en Guantánamo pasa los 60 días; Acciones de protesta para demandar un fin a la detención indefinida y el cierre de la prisión

APRIL 11th
Day of Action to Close Guantánamo

New York City, NY
Thursday, April 11, 2013, 4-6pm Vigil @ Times Square Recruiting Center. Contact for more information

Washington, DC
Thursday, April 11, 2013, Noon – 1:00 p.m.
White House  (North Side on Pennsylvania Ave.)
Contact: for more information

Chicago, IL
Thursday, April 11, 2013, 4:30pm, Federal Plaza
Contact: for more information

San Francisco, CA
Thursday, April 11, 2013, 4:30pm, New Federal Building (at 7th and Mission Streets) with procession to Hallidie Plaza
Contact: for more information

New Haven, CT
Thursday, April 11, 2013, Noon – 1:00pm
Federal Courthouse, 141 Church Street, New Haven, CT
Contact: for more information

Seattle, WA
Thursday, April 11, 2013 @ Westlake & Pine
Contact: for more information

Hartford, CT
Contact: for more information

Worcester, MA
Contact: for more information

Raleigh / Durham, NC
Contact: for more information

Milwaukee, WI
Thursday, April 11, 2013. 12noon, Army Reserve, 5131 W. Silver Spring Dr., Milwaukee WI.
Contact: Don Timmerman at 414-342-0158 for more information.

Baltimore, MD
Thursday, April 11, 2013
Contact for more information

South Bend, IN
Thursday, April 11, 2013, Vigil 8-8:30am Monroe & Michigan
Contact for more information

Detroit, MI
4605 Cass St at PrentisSt  in Midtown Detroit, right outside First UU Church House.
Thursday, April 11, from 5 to 6PM

Los Angeles
Theodore Roosevelt High School in East Los Angeles

April 11, from Noon – 12:30PM

Cleveland, OH
April 11, time and location TBD

Houston, TX
4:30-6PM Mickey Leland Bldg., Smith @ Clay. Contact

More details soon on activities in:
Philadelphia, PA; Albany, NY; Northhampton, MA; Ithaca, NY; South Bend, IN; Rochester, NY; Erie, PA; Honolulu, HI


More resources:


Flier: Support the Prisoners Hunger Strike — Close Guantanamo Now!

Find out more about the Hunger Strike

From Guantánamo, Shaker Aamer Tells His Lawyer Disturbing Truths About the Hunger Strike

Guantanamo Detainees Hungering for Justice (Interview with attorney Pat Bronte)

San Francisco Protests Obama's Crimes Against Our Planet

Déjà vu: Defense Officials Downplay Growing Guantanamo Hunger Strike With Bush-Era Talking Points

From the Center for Constitutional Rights:

Emergency: 2013 Hunger Strike at Guantánamo. Learn About It & Act Now.

A grave crisis is currently unfolding at the U.S. prison in Guantánamo Bay. CCR has heard directly from our clients and attorneys for other men that men detained at Guantánamo are participating in a widespread hunger-strike that has been taking place since early February, and some men are now in critical condition. The unfolding crisis at Guantánamo cannot be divorced from the fact that the vast majority of the 166 remaining prisoners have been held for more than 11 years without any charge or fair trial, and with no end to their detention in sight....
Facebook event

One Arrest in San Francisco Solidarity Vigil for Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strikers

*Watch Chris Hayes on MSNBC: Guantanamo Hunger Strike Grows
Broadcast April 4, 2013:

“The dozens of men who have been cleared by the United States government for release should be released immediately, should be paid restitution, and offered legal residence in the United States.

“If that sounds radical or outside the boundaries of political feasability, I would say that shoving tubes up the noses of men a few times a day to force them to stay alive in our prisons, even though we readily admit we have to no reason to continue to keep them, is pretty damn radical, too.”

- Chris Hayes, MSNBC News

Also, from Chris Hayes April 8, 2013:
Watch Guantanamo attorney Pardiss Kebriaei (from the Center for Constitutional Rights) break down some common misconceptions about who is actually being held at Guantanamo, and how much Obama can do right now to close the prison.

Watch MSNBC video



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