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In Memory of Our Friend Anthony D. Wagner: Truth Seeker and Truth Teller

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 20 November 2011

"Veterans' Day" is used almost universally in this country as a day to honor imperialist wars and "warriors,"  But today we honor our friend Anthony Wagner, an Iraq veteran who spoke out against the war, including as part of the We Are Not Your Soldiers tour.

It is heart breaking when we lose someone who tried to change the world for the better, for all humanity. In his short time Anthony Wagner, World Can’t Wait activist and Iraq Veteran Against the War (served in Iraq March 2004-March 2005), tried to do just that. It is with profound sorrow that we of the Chicago World Can’t Wait chapter share that Anthony has died.


                                                                    Anthony Wagner

He was truly another casualty of these murderous wars. And though our hearts ache at the loss of him, we can say with much joy and appreciation that Anthony touched not only our lives, but the lives of many youth who, because of him, did not and will not go and kill and die in U.S. wars and occupations.

Anthony toured with We Are Not Your Soldiers, a project of World Can’t Wait, speaking in high school and college classrooms to share the horrendous realities of these wars and occupations – through all the pain – and to call on youth to actively resist recruitment. Anthony was an eloquent speaker, with great heart and humor, and his was a voice that many youth could hear because he dared to share the truth of his experience in the Iraq war, and he dared to say that no one should have to kill and die for U.S. empire. He was a talented young man who studied at Columbia College in Chicago and was a film maker. He and his younger brother owned Wagner Brothers Media. Anthony was much loved and loved much. Humanity has lost an intelligent, creative, sharp-witted, and loving soul. We will miss you, Anthony, and we honor you as a truth-seeker and a truth-teller.

Watch Anthony's video: Challenge from an Iraq Veteran



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