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Make "War Is A Lie" #1 on Amazon on November 22nd

By davidswanson - Posted on 12 November 2010

Let's bump Glenn Beck and Dubya down the charts. On Monday, November 22nd, ask everyone you know to buy "War Is A Lie" on Amazon in print or Kindle.


also write reviews at Amazon.


But how the heck did Glenn Beck get high on the bookseller chart; not enough people buying other books, too many Americans being in poverty, now?

I don't know why people would be interested in Bush's book, except for analysts, researchers, say. It otherwise surely has no real value for reading.

Maybe those books are being bought by corporations and wealthy people buying multiple or many copies just to push these books high on the bookseller chart. Most Americans should have little interest in either. People really for human rights, justice and peace surely have no need for those two books.

"War is a Lie" certainly sounds good after reading that it provides considerable historical overview for illustrating the point in the title. And not being historian, it would be on my list of immediate purchases; if it wasn't for the financial situation.

Why would anyone buy Glen Beck's book or worse still the Chimp's? I will buy some copies of the aptly named "War is a Lie." I'll also get some copies for my benighted family members who know how to read.

Thank you! And then let me know what you think of it!

Buy my book. That will show those nasty old right wingers.

I would much prefer to buy Chris Hedged spectacular analysis

Death Of The Liberal Class.

It explains it all very well..

Including how the vewy vewy wibewal pwogwessives have lost the working class.

Folks, you all need to start listening to those who have been right all along instead of those who have been disaterously wrong all along.

People like Ralph Nader who warned about corporate power corrupting BOTH parties. He warned about how corporate money has corrupted just about everything in this psuedo democracy.

You all lstened to the vewy vewy wibewal pwogwessives who screamed "Bad Nader. Spoiler."

Karma, Ain't it a motherf***er?

i campaigned for Nader and reviewed and promoted your favorite book, which is discussed in my book as well

the interesting thing about books is that, unlike armies or sports teams or political parties, you aren't supposed to read just one and then declare your undying stupid hatred for all other ones :-)

Your website is harder to read than it used to be because the type is not black. Could you ask them to put it back to black type?

but i'll see what i can do

are you saying it's really dark gray but not black, or is it some other color for you?

I'm not sure that medium-dark is right. The gray might be lighter than medium gray.

It's still readable for me, but I guess it would be easier to read if it was black.

For me it is dark gray rather than black. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I was out walking dogs. :)

IF you did, you sure did the hell kept it quiet.

You have pull Mr Swanson.

This site used to be an Impeachment site, right? I had contacted you here, asking that you, who has some pull publicly call on Obama to agree to hold Bush/Cheney etc accountable or not vote for him. Not just you but others who believed in accountability. This was BEFORE the (s)election.

Your response was, well no response.

I campaigned for Cynthia McKinney and then voted for Nader when I realized that the Dem apologists (or infiltrators) in the Green Party were IMHO deliberately sabotaging her campaign.

So excuse me if I call bullshit on your campaigning for Nader. I know I sure did not see it. Unless of course you are talking about 2000 and not 2008..

Chris Hedged is right.. As in 100% correct. This is not about buying a book and foreswearing all others. It is about political analysis.

Chris Hedges is right. So was Ralph Nader. The Supreme Court decision to allow the flood of corporate money is EXACTLY what he warned about.

Dear God in Heaven people, wake up. You are all being played.

We need a democracy movement in this country.

the most effective course for an individual to help reform our broken govt to the point where decent people can be elected always involves in every election voting for a decent person is debatable -- you want to assume it, not debate it, and then you want to assume that anyone who ever disagrees with you is such an idiot as to imagine the bastards currently in power are doing a good job, and then you want to spend your energy fighting with those you thus caricature rather than working to fix the system, much of which work has to happen in between elections -- all of which i respectfully find well intentioned but misguided

Interesting use of a phrase.

Well intentioned but misguided.

That is what Minnesota Senator Mark Dayton said, when asked in the Senate to have an investigation into voter fraud in Ohio, 2004. Right after Senator Barbara Boxer had asked for an investigation into Voter Fraud in Ohio. That as an aside only happened when the "Boxer Rebellion" happened in California. There could be political lessons garnered from that.

Look, let us get to the heart of the matter.. The current system is broken.. I hold that it is irreparably broken in it's current form. You council others to work to "fix" the current system.

There in lies the difference.. As an aside, you do gain access to some corporate media.. Like MSNBC, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow etc etc.. Limited but some.

Chris Hedges on the other hands. Well not so much. Not at all in fact..
Who owns MSNBC? GE.. Weapons manufacturers.

The owners, as George Carlin points out ALLOWS you to be on their TV stations. They do not allow Chris Hedges on.

There is a reason for that.. The golden microphone rules. If you have gold or provide cover for those who have the gold, you gain the golden microphone. If you speak out in real opposition of those who have the gold, well then, no golden microphone.

There lies the central position that I and others hold..

During the 2008 presidential campaigns, he was basically banned from being able to democratically participate in debates between Dem. Party candidates, leaving only Clinton and Obama, due to MSNBC/NBC, i.e., GE. That happened, from what I recall, six times.

At least you allow dissenting voices here.

I had just noted the article below. About Rob Kall's review of your book (which is a fine book I am sure)

You see, Rob Kall booted myself and about 40 other regular contributors of his Op Ed News site. Including his former Co-Editor Rady Ananda.

Our "crime" was saying what Rob Kall is saying about Obama. BEFORE and right after the (s)election.

I have been booted off of so many "progressive" sites like Op Ed News, Common Dreams etc etc it has made my head spin.

Mr Swanson, we need a democracy movement in this country. Where all voices are respected and allowed.

However, to have that we need to recognize the reality that we do not have a democracy now..

No matter what issues I may have with you Sir, I would still like to thank you for "allowing" me to speak..

and much to your disappointment i'm sure :-) i agree of course with last two comments

but nbc is comcast now

Comcast Corporation ..., founded in 1963, is the largest cable operator and the largest home internet service provider in the United States, providing .... As of August 2010, Comcast's proposed acquisition of a majority stake in NBC Universal is pending government approval.


Acquisitions and joint ventures


NBC Universal

Media outlets began reporting in late September 2009 that Comcast was in talks to buy NBC Universal. Comcast denied the rumors at the first, while NBC would not comment on them.[51] However, CNBC itself reported on October 1 that General Electric was considering spinning NBC Universal off into a separate company that would merge the NBC television network and its cable properties such as USA Network, Syfy and MSNBC with Comcast's content assets. GE would maintain 49% control of the new company, while Comcast owned 51%.[52][53] Vivendi, which owns 20%, would have to sell its stake to GE. It's been reported under the current deal with GE that it would happen in November or December.[54][55] It was also reported that Time Warner would be interested in placing a bid, until Jeffrey L. Bewkes the CEO came out and said "No",[56] leaving it highly likely that Comcast wouldn't have any other bids to worry about.

On November 1, 2009, The New York Times reported Comcast had moved closer to a deal to purchase NBC Universal and that a formal announcement could be made sometime the following week.[57] On December 3, 2009, the parties announced that Comcast will take a controlling 51% stake in NBC Universal.[58]

So GE would apparently remain a strong controlling party.

Under the subheading of "Controversies", there are several and one is about "Network neutrality", about which the EFF is cited. Comcast sends "forged TCP RST (reset) packets", which disrupt "multiple protocols used by peer-to-peer file sharing networks", and based on what's cited from the EFF, this is an evidently serious issue. But there's "also evidence of Comcast using RST packets on groupware applications that have nothing to do with file sharing".

Re. the latter part of the overall Net neutrality issue, Wikipedia additionally says the following.

Kevin Kanarski, who works as a Lotus Notes messaging engineer, noticed some strange behavior with Lotus Notes dropping emails when hooked up to a Comcast connection and has managed to verify that Comcast's reset packets are the culprit.[94] A lawsuit, Hart v. Comcast, has been filed accusing Comcast of false advertising and other unfair trade practices for allegedly advertising unlimited high-speed Internet access while in reality working to restrict their customers' usage of the Internet.[95]

Wikipedia says more on Net neutrality faux-pas measures by Comcast, but doesn't explicitly say what the present situation is. Actually, the page apparently does give a present status on this issue, only it's stated under the next controversy, which is about Comcast spending a lot of money for lobbying.

Lobbying efforts

Analysis indicates that Comcast spends millions of dollars annually on government relationships.[105][106] Regularly Comcast employs the spouses, sons and daughters of influential mayors, councilmen, commissioners, and other officials to assure its continued preferred market allocations.[107][108][109][110]

Comcast occasionally lobbies against "à la carte" bills that would give consumers the option to purchase individual channels rather than a broad tier of programming. Although they claim the reason for this is to keep customer costs lower,[111] these issues continue to garner attention from state governments, the United States Congress and former Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin J. Martin.[112]

The FCC's decision to sanction Comcast for its 2007 P2P blocking was overruled on April 6, 2010 by the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. (my emphasis added) The question before the court was whether the FCC had the legal authority to "regulate an Internet service provider's network management practice." According to a three-judge panel, "the Commission has failed to make that showing" and the FCC's order against Comcast is tossed.

Other controversies are described in the page, but I'm not sure that any of them are really important; but I guess they are for Comcast users.

Anyway, it doesn't seem to be a good company and GE evidently remains a strong controlling party.

If you think that I am somehow disappointed that you have not booted me off and that for some reason I actually get off on being booted off of various progressive sites, you could not be farther from the truth.

I have become horrified at the level of suppression of voices that I have experienced on "progressive" sites like Op Ed News, Common Dreams etc etc.

When I say thank you for "allowing" me, I really mean it...

you'd be disappointed that i agree with you on almost everything

if you're not, that's good

Was booted twice. I got the first boot corrected by e-mailing the editor of CD. The second time, which, like for the first instance, was for no valid reason, just nonsensical bias against critical statements about reality and/or describing realities or certainly highly probable realities about extremely dark aspects of the war on Iraq, I didn't bother to get the boot corrected, but might eventually get around to contacting the editor again. It was too frustrating the second time to have any motivation for trying to get the boot corrected, but it's been over a year now, so frustration has dissipated.

It's total nonsense to boot people just because the booter disagrees with what the user says and I never said anything offensive. I think the second time was due to a double posting, but it was important or very important information ignored by most people with no one mentioning the topics in CD user comments and CD posting no articles mentioning the topics. So to try to increase the chances of drawing attention to the highly important subject, I double-posted and was promptly booted, the account having been closed.

There's too much waste with useless articles at CD. Some, if not many, news articles are of little value; there sometimes is too much redundancy with news and views articles; many views articles are pointless, only eating up readers' time when people should, instead, be reading [informative] articles about [important] topics. So I did as I often try to do and which is to post article links and excerpts, as well as personal analysis, on topics that either no or too little attention is being provided for.

That is not conduct meriting "the boot process". Giving the boot when it's truly not merited is definitely not representative of being [for] democracy, et cetera.

But my frustration about the second boot has pretty much completely dissipated, so I may get around to trying to create an account again at CD one of these days. For Web sites that are supposed to be about [real] and important news, as well as views and analyses, the providers of these sites really need to allow people to contribute openly, instead of forcing some biased "maintream" rule. Otherwise, they may as well promote theocracy, f.e.

Perhaps some disagremennt on how to get there. That is fine.

At least you do not supress dissenting voices and ideals. Unlike so many "progressives."

calls for violence and people selling unrelated crap

about violence surely not being a winning approach. However, I also believe that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr was right when he said that he was not going to support violent demonstrations, but could understand people if and when they did react with violence because of the extreme injustices of government and society.

I won't incite violence, but can't say that it would not be understandable and forgivable if some people did employ violence. It's not going to help in a situation like Americans have in the US, f.e. It apparently doesn't hurt when we consider examples from some European protests, but it might definitely hurt if it was done in the US.

The right to physical defense when physically attacked is something I'll never speak against, however. F.e., Iraqis and Afghans, people of the Congo, and Haitians, have the right to try to physically defend themselves and their countries against the murderous, genocidal aggression and predation against them. They might not win, but that doesn't take away their right to try to defend themselves and their countries.

Americans aren't physically attacked in the US, so there's no point at all in using violence to protest against the rogue government's politics. What Americans need to do is to grow up, develop real and sane common sense, and unite behind the urgent need to clean up this government; no more elections and re-elections of unvettable, and criminal, political candidates. Since voters are the problem with their disgusting ways of treating political citizen [responsibility], this is what needs to be corrected and violent demonstrations aren't going to be a solution for this problem. To remedy problems, competent doctors competently diagnose what the problems are and then apply appropriate solutions. Negligence and bias among voters is not solvable with violent protests. Education is the answer, but many voters are as dense as brick.

For me, there's a serious distinction between these contexts and I won't treat them as identical and having identical solutions. The best solution for the problems Iraqis, Afghans, the Congolese, Haitians, and many others genocidally oppressed and preyed upon because of the US et al is for Americans to clean up the government of the US; but Americans take [forever] to attend to this most urgent need. If they kill us, then "we begged for it" to happen.

In regards to Common Dreams, it is a simple fact that lots of peopl are banned from there. How many? God knows.

Each and every one that I know was banned for posts that were critical of Obama annd the Dems BEFORE the (s)election. This is not just Common Screams but has happened wholesale across the "progressive" blog-o-sphere. I have been banned from Common Dreams, Op Ed News, Green Party Watch, so many "progressive" list serves etc etc that it makes my head spin. Not for any calls to violence or attacking people but for simply pointing out the unvarnished truth about Democrats complicity in, well take your pick. Same goes with so many "progressive" rallies.

Just yesterday there was another one at Bush's Library. Present and speaking was Medea Benjamin, Colleen Rawley (who I know personaly) a Democrat elected official and a whole host of others. All have one common attribute. All are a variety of Dem apologists.

Present but not "allowed" to speak was Cindy Sheehan.

There is the real story folks. The "golden microphone" rule for "progressive" blogs, rallies, events.

If you have the gold or speak for and/or carry water for those who have the gold (the corporate duopoly) then you get the golden microphone. If you speak out in strong, unafraid opposition to the corporate duopoly, then the golden microphone will not be allowed or even ripped out of your hands.

The level of supression of voices in the "progressive" movement has been stunning to say the least.
Thank God for Truth Dig and even this site.

This would be a great topic for Project Censored. If they do not censor it themselves. That is how cynical and non trusting I have become.


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