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Lila Garrett's Upcoming Show on KPFK on Monday Will Focus on the NDAA Catastrophe

Friends:  Monday morning from 7 to 8 is the last day for our winter fund drive.  On CONNECT THE DOT we will offer

David Swanson’s new book WHEN THE WORLD OUTLAWED WAR for a $95 contribution, 


(16 Qualities of the Successful Organizer) for your $50 pledge, and other goodies.  Both Swanson and Mann will be guests.  Both do a great job of political analysis as you know.  Tune in and pledge if you can.  Make this the best mini fund drive possible.   Now that our Constitution is virtually shredded by the incomprehensible passage of the Nat’l Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) by both houses of Congress with overwhelming “AYE” votes from both Democrats and Republicans, we need KPFK’s voice of reason more than ever.

Here is my opening for CONNECT THE DOTS, MONDAY 7 TO 8AM

Good Monday morning.  Welcome to Connect the Dots.  I’m your host Lila Garrett beginning to understand our Congress and our President a little better.  When is the best time to ram the most punishing bills through the Congress?  Not when everybody’s paying attention.  Not when groups like the Occupiers are at the height of visibility.  Not when we’re watching presidential debates and wondering what asylum they emptied to find these candidates. No.  The best time to hit us where it hurts is when we’re feeling merry. Yes Christmas is upon us and our government is filling our stocking with all kinds of goodies.  They’re reducing unemployment insurance from 99 weeks to 55, extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy for one year, cutting benefits to the elderly, disabled, and poor.  They’re guaranteeing that there is only one job for every 4 unemployed….and best of all, with the Defense Authroization Act they have just given absolute power to the President. 

So if you are having trouble believing that this year Santa is a tea partier, don’t hesitate to open those gifts early.  Then  get on the phone fast, call your Senator and your Congressperson and tell them to get rid of that Defense Authorization bill NOW!  

The "Defense Authorization" bill puts $600 billion more into the military, impedes nuclear disarmament, builds more nuclear plants despite the fact that they all leak,  funds huge production of robotic weapons…known as drones, and not only prevents transfers out of Guantanamo.  It re activates the hell hole.   But wait, there's more.  You might say HR 1540 is the worst bill that passed Congress because of Section 1034.  This section gives presidents limitless power to make wars and to lock people in prison-- the worst change ever made to our federal government.  It undoes  the War Powers Act, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. It gives Presidents the power to declare anyone  a terrorist, including citizens, and imprison them…even have them killed without formal charge.  For the moment it’s Heil Obama.  But by January 2012 it could be Heil Gingrich. And who do we have to thank for this giant step toward fascism.  That cuddly looking Democratic Senator from Michigan,  Carl Levin. You remember Carl Levin, the Senator who wears his glasses at the end of his nose like granny used to do.   Well he and his buddy Republican Senator John McCain, whose bitterness over not winning the presidency becomes more lethal every day, came up with the Defense Authorization Act.  In a fit of unbridled paranoia the United States Congress passed it. In one fell swoop they did what the nightmare Bush-Cheney were unable to do in 8 years.  The Senate, with a Democratic majority, let’s not forget that, and the Democratic President  committed the Constitution to the trash.

You think perhaps I am exaggerating?

With us now is a man who spends his life researching these things, writing great books about them….one of which we’re offering as a premium today…..He’ll give us details on the

this War Authorization Act.  And he’ll tell us something most of us never knew; there was a time, not so long ago when war was outlawed.  The United States was a signatory to that law and it has never been repealed.    The book is WHEN THE WORLD OUTLAWED WAR.  The guest is David Swanson.  And the subject of the moment is what does the Defense Authorization Act, passed in the Congress on Dec 14th 2011 with half of the Democrats in the Congress voting for it,  mean for our Democracy?  


David Swanson, welcome to Connect the Dots. 


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