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Let's Move Rumsfeld Recently Published Memoir to Bookstore Section Where It Belongs - Fiction, Horror, Crime, You Decide.

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 17 February 2011

Check out our bookmarks that you might insert in Donald Rumsfeld's new memoirs when you pass them by in your neighborhood bookstore. Feel free to copy front and back.

Hey kidz!!! Perhaps a completely new genre is needed?

"Neo-Con Horror Fiction And Fallacy" . . . ;-)

I'm sure that people who read PNAC Neo-Con Donald "Mr. Bullet Proof WMD Locations" Rumsfeld's latest book . . .

. . . would also be interested in:

(clipped headline and by-line)
"Ron Paul Is A Vicious Anti-Semite and Anti-American and Conservatives Need To Wash Their Hands of Him
by David Horowitz"

(full story)

Here is a reader sample:

(clipped text from the above David Horowitz article)
"Long ago Bill Buckley drummed the anti-Semites out of the conservative movement, and the movement thrived as a result."

Hmmm, would William F. Buckley of "The National Review" really consider Two Illegal Wars, Legalized Torture, The Patriot Acts, The Military Commissions Act, The Neo-Stasi DHS and TSA, massive unemployment, and an out of control deficit . . .

. . . as a "Thriving" conservative movement, kidz???

Maybe David Horowitz is refering to the Israeli Likud conservative party's perspective??? . . . ;-)

(clipped text from the above David Horowitz article)
"But the Jew-haters have returned. For years the Texas crackpot, Ron Paul, has been attacking America and Israel as imperialist powers — the Great Satan and the Little Satan, and calling for America’s retreat from the battle against our totalitarian enemies."

Don't you just love how Mr. Horowitz uses the language to create such vivid images? "Jew-hater", "crackpot", "OUR totalitarian enemies" . . .

Not to mention, the subtle way he weaves the "plot lines" . . ;-)

(clipped text from the above David Horowitz article)
"Now Paul is making a priority of withdrawing aid for Israel — the only democracy in the Middle East and the only reliable ally of the United States."

Now, I'm not sure . .. but David Horowitz may have "borrowed" a bit from George Lucas in some parts, but a Neo-Con artist like himself must draw from his environment and experience, right, kid??? . . . ;-)

(clipped text from the above David Horowitz article)
"At the recent CPAC conference Paul’s Jew-hating storm-troopers swarmed the Freedom Center’s table to vent their spleen against Israel as a Nazi state."

Oh, so close . . . Long time David Horowitz fans must surely be disappointed that he didn't come on out and call U.S. Congressman Ron Paul "Hitler #4" . . . ;-)

Funny thing about that CPAC conference where U.S. Congressman Ron Paul won the Conservative Straw Poll . . .

(link to video - approx. 7 minutes)
"Busted: Fox News CPAC Ron Paul Video Deception"

(link to video - approx. 3 minutes)
"WeAreChangeOklahoma - Fox News Ron Paul CPAC Lies Exposed"

Oh, but of course Zionist controlled Fox News explained it all, after it went TRUTH VIRAL on the NEW MEDIA, as a "mistake" . . .

. . . you know, a "mistake" . . like when the BBC lost all its 9-11 archives in that "cock-up" . . . ;-)

(link to video - approx. 1 minute)
"FOX Forced To Apologize Over Ron Paul CPAC Video Deception!"


"Anyone who has read David Horowitz' columns or Donald Rumsfeld's new book and still doesn't trust that Fox News made an honest 'mistake' with the Ron Paul CPAC footage . . .

. . . or doesn't trust that David Horowitz is just as 'Fair and Balanced' as Fox News in his analysis of U.S. Congressman Ron Paul . . .

. . . or doesn't trust that Donald 'Mr. Bullet Proof WMD Intel' Rumsfeld made an honest 'mistake' about knowing where Iraq's WMD's were located . . .

. . . Is A Vicious Anti-Semite and Anti-American and Conservatives Need To Wash Their Hands of Him"

Other "Neo-Con Horror Fiction And Fallacy" authors include:

Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearl, Douglas Feith, Scooter Libby, Michael Chertoff, Dick Cheney, Daniel Pipes, Michael Ledeen, Alan Dershowitz, Dov Zakheim, Philip Zelikow, Jerome Hauer, Henry Kissinger, Philip Zack, Ehud Barak, John Yoo, Viet Dinh, William Kristol and Hillary Clinton

"And when the worlds collide
Said George Pal to his bride
I´m going to give you some terrible thrills
Like a -
Science Fiction Double Feature
Dr.X will build a creature
See androids fighting Brad and Janet
Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet"
- "Science Fiction Double Feature" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show


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