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Let Me Be Clear

By davidswanson - Posted on 01 January 2012

Let me be clear. 

Obama has always claimed the power to wage war on anyone anywhere, to search, seize, imprison, rendition, torture, or murder anyone.  He has in fact openly murdered US citizens, among many other human beings.

Obama asked Congress to legislate the power for U.S. presidents to imprison anyone without any trial or any legal-looking process whatsoever, and to not make an exception for U.S. citizens.

Obama came close to getting what he wanted. 

He got the power to imprison without trial.

Obama then engaged for the umpteenth time in an abuse as dangerous in itself as any other. He rewrote the law as he signed it. In doing so, Obama gave himself the power to imprison without even military kangaroo courts and without even the formality of pretended "status review hearings."

And the vast majority of organizations and individuals who would have raised hell and resisted this had Obama been a Republican, did not do a god damned thing about it.

Of course, for most of them, the opposition they would have exercised had Obama been a Republican, would have been shallow and phony and motivated by an immediate interest in generating negative press.  Any actual concern over Republican presidents possessing these outrageous powers would, of course, have led to opposition to Obama seizing them, since what Obama seizes will remain for each of his successors.

For details on what was going on during the football games and drinking of New Year's Eve go here.

Hell of a way to start a year, people.

Let's step it up a bit, huh?

Always see Bushes name whenever the subject of War comes up in this country , He is and was the First Family of  Amerikan Dictators and seems he is proud of himself for plunging this country into the depths of world Debt from witch we can never recover . The Money spent on his dirty War policy's is Mind Boggling and could have had every citizen living in the U S living a good life with no poverty in sight , It is the Greed of the wealthy Political  Minds keeping the U S from recovery in anyones lifetime . There is no end in sight for the Military Spending policy and there Need for bigger faster more dangerous weapons of destruction while trying to forbid any other nation from building one . It is sounding more like a Communist Police state the that the citizens of this country are living under when the Political system does things so Worldly Unlawfully and against any sort of common sense in the minds of any reasonable citizen ..    


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