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Last Surviving Nuremberg Prosecutor to Make Important Statement on Legal Status of US Conduct

By davidswanson - Posted on 19 February 2011

UPDATE: Ben Ferencz, the last surviving prosecutor from the World War II Nuremberg War Crimes Trials and founding father of the International Criminal Court, will make an important statement on U.S. foreign policy at an event with David Swanson and Sandy Davies in Boca Raton on Feb. 26, 2011.

David Swanson and Nicolas "Sandy" Davies in South Florida on Feb. 26, 2011

Click for flyer (PDF):

David Swanson will discuss and sign copies of "War Is A Lie".
Sandy Davies will discuss and sign copies of "Blood on Our Hands".

3-5 p.m. Saturday, February 26, 2011
Saint Andrews Estates South Auditorium
6045 Verde Trail South
Boca Raton, FL 33433

PLEASE RSVP to nparker0511 at gmail dot com

Sponsored by Progressive Democrats of America

"While most media continue to ignore the US-installed disaster in Iraq, author Nicolas Davies refuses to do so, and his book 'Blood on our Hands: the American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq' could not be released at a better time. This sweeping work covers US policy in Iraq that spans decades, and is written as a call to action for the US to begin following international law—not just in Iraq, but everywhere. For it was the US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq that, more than perhaps anything else, continues to defile what is left of the tattered reputation of the US." -Dahr Jamail

"David Swanson’s War Is A Lie may be the most comprehensive antiwar statement available in the English language." — Kevin Young

"Not since General Smedley Butler's War is a Racket has a simpler, more brilliant, or truer book been published." — Geoffrey Millard

“David Swanson despises war and lying, and unmasks them both with rare intelligence. I learn something new on every page.” — Jeff Cohen

He, the "Reptilian Agenda" and "Reptilian theory" guy, isn't someone to recommend.

If his reptilian bs, which I'll admit to have learned extremely little about, is just a joke, then he should have made this clear, but he evidently didn't do that, so his intention evidently is to appear to be serious about this and anyone who seriously believes that "theory" or anyone presenting such "theory" should find better sources for education, and a better way to communicate and think about this world. It's obvious that Washington is "cold-blooded", but to try to leave an impression among naive readers and listeners that politicians are reptilian is childish. If he's serious with that "theory", then maybe he should consider possibly merging with the Raelians, who claim that humans were seeded on Earth by ETs. I'm not sure the Raelians would accept his theory, but it's the closest match that comes to mind.

Better is to simply and straightly say that Washington leadership is (humanly) cold-blooded, i.e., heartless, and treachorous; descriptions that truly fit in human terms, even if agonizing truth. No reptiles have these traits, so it's an insult to them and Nature to say or theorize that Washington leadership consists of reptiles; we might add. Real reptiles are not vile! And that's a fact that can't be honestly repeated about Washington leadership. Real reptiles are a higher-level life form!

People who want to "benefit" from hellbent crimes against humanity by turning it all into a joke are not recommendable commentators or communicators. But was he only meaning to joke when he said Washington politicians and their supporters are reptilian? He may've and should've been speaking only in figurative terms, which I hope he was, for his and his followers' sakes; but if he was and didn't make this clear, then he's either a negligent communicator, or an idiot, or someone with a sick agenda. And I've never seen any serious people recommend him.

I'll stick on the latter fact, having never seen any seriously respectable analyst, et cetera, among broadly known persons, recommend him.

David Icke evidently is a nobody that some people seem to have affection for, for some reason or other. He evidently hasn't contributed anything of real value that more reliable or trustable people haven't already covered for, topic-wise.

So, he's a joker and I prefer George Calin, by far. He's a comedian we can clearly trust and enjoy.

When Ben Ferencz speaks, people should make sure to get this on video recording and to post it online and then broadcast, say, the link for the video clip.

It'll be interesting to see what he has to say. Nuremberg WW II trials are certainly fitting analogy for what should be happening today, or what should've started happening several years ago, but didn't. Unfortunately, there's no way to be able to impose a similar process against Washington; doing that evidently is not feasible. But it'll still be interesting to see what he has to say about the present wars.


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