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From the Land of No-Poetry

By dlindorff - Posted on 05 June 2012


By Gary Lindorff


Welcome to the Land of No-poetry.

If I succeed in writing this poem

No one will understand me.

It will be like talking backwards.

It will be like autism.


There is no music here,

Except what you buy.


The weather is predictable.

Frogs are two-headed or one-legged

But it doesn’t mean anything.

Up means up, down means down.

Everything makes bitter sense, but what is bitter?

We don’t know anything about that.


Oh, and what is across the street

Has always been across the street.

Where ever you want to go

There is a sidewalk. . .

You have been here forever,

I have been here forever. . .I think. . .


For the rest of this new original poem by Gary Lindorff, resident poet at ThisCantBeHappening!, the new independent two-time Project Censored Award-winning online alternative newspaper, please go to:

Funny poem, but it does have some meaningfulness, say.


It's talking about disneyland, i.e., dizzyland, USA, where people are so dizzied by disney-like "stuff" that they think up is up just because someone says so and without verifying if it's accurate.  Employment rates have climbed, but they've also descended further lower, yet people listen to the up news, while ignoring the reality of the downward path.  Up is up, like 7-Up, a junk producer.  Polluting industry is good, and the environment continues to be poisoned; but we have to look at the good sides of things, not the negatives.  So wake up folks and stop being so negative, pessimistic about life just because that's what reality would move you to do, if you paid any serious attention to it.  Forget the negatives and only consider the ups.  If you don't do that, then you'll be dizzied with all of the false ups and many real downs, so live on the up-side.


Well, I figured that I would give this one a shot anyway.  Might not be a real poet, but it isn't my career anyway. :)

On the eve of Liberal capitulation to Walker's Fascism,  class compromise, Empire compromise, we get complicity with EXCLUSION, duplicity, hypocrisy, class compromises, Empire compromises, Fascist complicity, where totalitarianism is enabled, Fascism is rationalized by both Class betraying parties. The combined corrupt, rotten class result is the extreme totalitarian principle that never compromises,  thereby linking THE CLASS WHORING, LIBERALS to totalitarianism, Fascism.    There can be no poetry, no inclusiveness, when Liberals appease Fascism, totalitarianism, corporatism, Empire, who then wonder why principled Fascists, totalitarians win out over their DUPLICITY, HYPOCRISY.    LIBERALISM, LIKE THE WEIMAR GERMAN REPUBLIC ALLOWED, ENABLED FASCISM, CORPORATISM, TOTALITARIANISM, WHEN OBAMA  SUPPORTED FASCIST EMPIRE, FASCIST CAPITALISM, FASCIST MILITARISM.  Two EXCLUSIVE CLASS PARTIES PROMOTE EXCLUSIVE DIVISIONS, RACISM, IGNORNACE, CLASS OPPORTUNISM.........HENCE THE FASCIST OUTCOME OF WALKER OVER THESE CLASS BETRAYING LIBERALS, EMPIRE WHORES.  WE NEVER LEARN FROM HISTORY, OUR STUBBORN INSISTENCE ON DEFENDING CLASS TYRANNY LEADS TO THIS COMPROMISE WITH FASCISM AND WALKER.


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