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Kucinich Announces Legislation to Protect Congress’ Constitutional Authority to Declare War

Washington D.C. (August 9, 2012) – Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution grants Congress the sole authority to authorize or declare war. Yet, instead of getting authorization from Congress, Presidents of late have preferred to get “authorization” from the United Nations or other international bodies instead of Congress for the participation of U.S. Armed Forces in hostilities. Most recently, the President authorized U.S. military action in Libya through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), with the “authorization” from the United Nation’s Security Council. That is not a substitute for a Congressional declaration of war or authorization for the use of military force and it is in clear subversion of the Constitution. 

Today, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) announced legislation, H.R. 6290, that would prohibit the deployment of a unit or individual of the U.S. Armed Forces or an element of the intelligence community in support of a NATO mission absent prior statutory authorization for such deployment from Congress, as enshrined in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.

“There is no doubt that another war of choice can happen again at any time. After 10 years and trillions of dollars spent waging wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is clear that we cannot afford to further commit our already overcommitted military. The war in Libya cost the United States $1 billion.

“According to NATO’s website, NATO is currently operating in Afghanistan, Kosovo, the Mediterranean Sea, the Horn of Africa and Somalia. Other recent NATO operations have taken place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iraq, Greece, Pakistan, Sudan, the Gulf of Aden, and most recently, Libya.  Even 13 years after a U.S.-NATO led intervention, 5,576 NATO troops (PDF) remain in Kosovo. Seven hundred eighty one of them are U.S. troops.

“Congress must reestablish itself as a coequal branch of government and ensure that the U.S. is not committed to another NATO mission absent prior Congressional statutory authorization,” said Kucinich. “The Constitution is clear: Article 1, Section 8 provides only Congress with the ability to declare war or authorize the use of military force. Congress cannot stand by idly as the Constitution is circumvented.” 



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Take any major, important position, majorities say one thing, their class elites ignore them.  Class systems betray, co opt, corrupt, substitutee, invert reality, conflate totalitarianism into Freedom, like the Nazis conflated slave labor in concentration camps as Freedom:  "Arbeit Macht Frei" (WORK/SLAVERY/ENSLAVEMENT =FREEDOM)   All class systems and their class elites, including the deformed middle layers, shock troops for parasitic class systems define parasitic class control as FREE MARKETS, when it is class deformed, totalitarian, Fascist Capitalism. Humanity has been enslaved throughout our many class systems, as class whores, class shills, ideological thugs, have convinced majorities to vote for class parties, class politicians, to throw away their votes by voting for self enslavement, class delusions, TROJAN HORSES, class whores who BETRAY and call inverted social principles, class principles....... social outcomes.  CLASS SYSTEMS have not produced kittens, social justice, and cannot produce social control over civil society, so long as class hierarchies, deformed middle layers are blackmailed, co erced, to defend Fascism and call it Freedom as German Fascist Capitalism did.   Fascist austerity are not Free market solutions, social outcomes, but Fascist Capitalism, permanent militarism by class empires.

The reason class systems can corrupt, co opt social power is that they DO HAVE PARASITICAL CONTROL OVER THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION, and can blackmail, bribe, corrupt social power, INTO A ZERO SUM GAME of totalitarian thugs that ignores social majorities.  This power has enslaved HUMANITY FOR MILLENIUMS OF CLASS HISTORY.  This same deformed class principle has co opted, corrupted the U.N. and its agencies, INTO WESTERN CLASS WHORES, CLASS THUGS, that violates international laws and even violates, even the U.N. CHARTER against agression, War crimes by placing class whores, Westen ideological thugs, liars, in U.N. agencies, as puppets for the FASCIST BUSH, FASCIST OBAMA, FASCIST NATO, WESTERN FASCISM, falsely claiming that Iran, Iraq are threats and have nuclear weapons.    If class systems can negate Democracy at home with POLICE FASCISM, it can just as easily co opt, corrupt, substitute international laws, the U.N. itself,  for Western Global Nazis, be it the fascist democratic party, fascist republicans, Nato fascist militaries, OVER-RIDING SOCIAL MAJORITIES AROUN THE WORLD WITH COPORATE FASCISM, WESTERN FASCISM.

Only the complete rejection of all class parties, all class politicians, establishment of a global social agency, fully developed middle classes around the world can finally neutralize the class defomed hierarchies, fractured, subordinated into fascist shock troops for totalitarian class systems, from class positions back into social control over civil society.  We must end class history, AND NOT FALL INTO THE CLASS MYTH THAT ELEPHANTS, (CLASS SYSTEMS) can birth kittens(SOCIAL CONTROL AND JUSTICE) when their function is to usurp, invert, co opt, corrupt, substitute, falsely conflate class despotism with false social claims, false social rhetoric, as all class systems have done, since Patriarchy, the first class system enslaved Women into property/class relations, and then proceeded to enslave the whole of Humanity through ZERO SUM SOCIAL POWER RIGGED CLASS SYSTEMS.   BOYCOT FASCIST OBAMA, FASCIST DEMOCRATS, FASCIST REPUBLICANS, FASCIST NATO, FASCIST ZIONIST ISRAEL, WESTERN FASCISM, NOW PROMISING TO BECOME A GLOBAL FASCIST MATRIX:


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