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Khadr saga: Unanswered questions

By jimstaro - Posted on 07 November 2010

Unanswered questions in 8-year Omar Khadr saga

{In this image released by the U.S. Defence Press Operations, Pentagone, on Oct. 31, 2010, shows a file photo of Canadian Omar Khadr constructing an IED (an improvised explosive device). Canadian extremist militant Omar Khadr was sentenced to 40 years in prison on Oct. 31, 2010, but only faces eight years under a plea deal. Courtesy U.S. Defence Operations/AFP/Getty Images}
{My question: What's the difference with what he was doing as to any soldier occupying his country, prepping munitions, using same, and most soldiers are fighting now are the young who've grown up in the carnage, both theaters! And his/others resolve could be hardened by his treatment in captivity with torture, no trial and no contact! Same with the criminal terrorist elements that seek retaliation well beyond the borders!}

Nov 05 2010 - On the upper deck of the ferry stand two svelte women with long braids, big smiles and camcorders capturing their final moments at the world famous naval base.

One woman, the blonde, is a Madonna impersonator. The dark-haired performer is a Cher lookalike.

They were brought to the island for a Saturday night show at the thatched roof Tiki Bar — a rally-the-troops, Bob Hope-style performance.

The night after the party, a military jury sentenced Toronto-born Omar Khadr to 40 years in prison, unaware that a plea deal capped his sentence at eight and gave him the chance to return to Canada by next fall.

“Madonna” commiserates with a reporter about the journalist’s tent accommodations, since the performers stayed at the VIP condos. She believes journalists were forced to live there because we wrote “bad” stories.

Just another vaudevillian Gitmo moment, but perhaps as good a starting point as any to reflect on 23 visits to this famous prison and dissect the eight-year Khadr saga. {read rest}


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