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Jullian Assange, Bradley Manning and More

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 21 June 2012

On the phone TONIGHT 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific with Kevin Gosztola of The Dissenter blog at Firedoglake, co-author of Truth & Consequences: The U.S. v Bradley Manning and the subject of this interviewWe invite all onto a conference call to discuss Bradley's case, as we prepare to march for him in Pride parades this Sunday (see below for details). We'll also talk about the request by Julian Assange for political asylum in Ecuador. Write Debra Sweet  for details on the one hour call.

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Yesterday we learned that Julian Assange had gone to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to claim political asylum.  By all accounts, his concern is not an investigation of sex crimes in Sweden, for which he has not been charged. His legitimate concern is that, on extradition to Sweden from the UK, his ultimate destination will be the United States.

From a leak of emails from the private security company Stratfor, which has a fat contract with the US government, we learned that the government has a possible indictment of Assange prepared in connection with Wikileaks. 

Glenn Greenwald asks the question many of us have:

Can anyone claim that Assange’s fear of ending up in American custody is anything other than supremely reasonable and rational? Just look at what has happened to people — especially foreign nationals — over the last decade who have been accused of harming the national security of the United States.

They’re imprisoned —
still — without a whiff of due process, and President Obama just last year signed a new indefinite detention bill into law. Moreover, Assange need merely look at what the U.S. has done to Bradley Manning, accused of leaking documents and other materials to WikiLeaks: the Army Private was held for almost a year in solitary confinement conditions which a formal U.N. investigation found were “cruel, inhuman and degrading,” and he now faces life in prison, charged with a capital offense.

While Bradley Manning struggles to mount a defense against a monumental government effort at keeping evidence from his legal team, who could possibly expect Assange to get a fair trial in the U.S?

Michael Ratner, with the Center for Constitutional Rights, representing him in the U.S.,
spoke Wednesday on Democracy Now.

Revealing and publishing the crimes of the U.S. is what Manning and Assange are being punished for.

Sunday June 24: Join PRIDE Marches with the Bradley Manning contingents.  Help build support in the LGBT community:

San Francisco: 9:30 am, Howard & Main Streets
Chicago: 11:00 am, 4500 N. Broadway (front of new Target)
NYC: 11:30 am West 39th Street between 5th/6th Avenues, (Parade Section 4 Order #12)

Add your message/photo to I am Bradley Manning, especially if you can't join us Sunday. Download and distribute the new flier for Bradley Manning.


By Debra Sweet, Director, World Can't Wait


The same central class myth embraced falsely by all social classes, all social movement, brings about a false strategy that leads to co option, corruption, inversion of social demands, social agendas which dis empowers them and resulting in wasted votes, useless votes that brings about class betrayal.   The failure to define social, independent strategies, social principles allows class deformed language, class dogmas and class myths to confuse, negate, corrupt, all social movements.   All class systems, with their mercenary class hierarchies serve ruling classes and automatically betray social demands, trash and waste votes of those who believe that an Elephant can birth kittens.   Class systems,with their class hierarchies promote class corruption, and over time compromise their right-(class)centers, into totalitarian class policies and class Empires.  Only rarely do class systems allow social reforms, and mostly, only as a strategic retreat, to save the class system itself, as was done under FDR who saved Capitalism, yet was falsely labeled as a "socialist."

Social reforms or Class retreats are always reformist class ideologues who believed in evolutionary socialism, through endless class compromises, but ended up with dead social parties, only social in name, while appeasing, compromising class power, eventually even appeasing totalitarian, fascist power as the Weimar social democrats.    Today's Democratic party and Obama play the same historical role and have, instead, produced, not evolutionary progress, but its reversed evolutionary reforms into DEGENERATIVE CLASS, EMPIRE principle which devolves into TOTALITARIAN, EVEN FASCIST OUTCOMES.   True social power, social control means rejecting the class myth that appealing to class parties,  brings about kittens, social outcomes, when all class systems, historically, THROUGH THEIR CLASS DEFORMING HIERARCHIES, FUNCTION TO BETRAY SOCIAL POWER FOR CLASS POWER.  Real social control means reclaiming an independent, indivisible social agency that once existed before class history DEFORMED AND ENSLAVED HUMAN NATURE, under the primitive, social, communism of the social Matriarchy, which was in control over wealth, labor and the means of production.

Two thousand years later, the social Enlightenment tried to establish that indivisible, independent social agency, which defines true independence, indivisibility, universal, and inclusive social power, with viable middle classes, internationally, universally, to reconstruct the social historical mechanism that makes social power, automatic, de facto, inherent, having dissolved all class hierarchies linked to the Patriarchal class mechanism, thereby free from class corruption, free from class degeneration, free from totalitarianism, class tyrants, and class Empire, permanent militarism.   All social movements, especially the War against global Fascism, to reclaim social  democracy must also establish social parties whose social agenda is establishing global middle classes to end class history itself.  Fully developed middle classes, not divisible, partial middle classes that become part of a global social mechanism, would destroy the Fascist shock troops, partially, divisible, corrupted middle classes that serves as the spine for Fascism and parasitical ruling classes.     THE CENTRAL STRATEGIES AROUND THE WORLD BY SOCIAL CLASSES IS TO CALL FOR AN END OF ALL CLASS PARTIES, ALL CLASS POLITICIANS, with their own independent, indivisible social parties that re establishes the social agenda of the social Enlightenment and the social, historical mechanism that existed before humanity became enslaved, co opted, into the class whores, class shills, empire thugs, empire cheerleaders, of class hierarchies serving ruling classes.   False choices, right wing scape goats &  liberal betrayers produces defeat and Fascism.  By definition all class parties are "sociopathic", anti social, because their function is to serve parasitical ruling classes, not its social classes.   When both class parties, all class parties participate in war mongering, lies to instigate wars, lies to instigate sanctions, they become "psychotic" class politicians, (mentally ill) class elties who risk holocausts, to serve a handful of thugs:

Is a Rising Anger, Frustration and Distress Propelling America Toward a Societal Eruption?


"....Now suppose those millions of Americans either stay home or go to the polls with that anger welled up within them. And let's suppose that, as a result, Mitt Romney becomes president and frustrated Americans also have voted the GOP into full control of the House and the Senate. Then suppose Romney, as we might expect, installs the GOP sociopathic agenda within his administration. If this comes to pass, then the American people will watch in mounting rage as they see the dismantling of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and numerous other very important government programs.

And then, as this sociopathic ideology is being put into action we will see the corporations of America fully unleash their massive power on this government and this society. Just think of what would happen if we had a Republican president, a Republican-controlled Congress and Supreme Court, together with the might and unlimited money of U.S. corporations backing their every effort.

So, at that point, what would be the probability that this nightmarish scenario would actually take place in America? Consider the fact that millions of Americans had already reached their boiling point and were desperately hoping for relief from a newly installed government and then, to their utter dismay, they suddenly became aware that the sociopaths in charge had every intention to make their lives even more miserable. How long do you think it would be before this society experienced an eruption of monumental dimensions?....'




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