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Julian Assange and What is at Stake

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 06 July 2012

For two weeks now, Julian Assange has been at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, while he awaits the government's decision to offer him political asylum.  Dennis Loo wrote about Assange's role in challenging the US empire, published just before the asylum request.

He ends with a challenge to us all:

Let anyone dare to tell the truth about real crimes, well those whistle-blowing traitors deserve to be tortured and die for that! The authorities' fulminations tell us something profound about how precarious their continued rule actually is. They cannot do what they've been doing and they cannot do what they plan to do going forward if they are not able to garrot what the people know. Whistle-blowing and genuine journalism are far too damaging to their designs: real journalism reveals our leaders' hypocrisy and deceit. The workings of their system are so awful that our esteemed leaders must carry out an unprecedented level of repression against truth-telling, inquiry, and protest, or else their castles will be shaken and face ignominious destruction from the fury of the populace rising up to challenge them. WikiLeaks and Assange have already demonstrated the potential for this. We must all rise to defend Julian Assange for his heroic stand against their horrid acts so that we can create more room and not less for him and others to do what must be done.

Dennis updates his piece today:

In the most recent development, last week British police came to the Ecuadoran Embassy in London, where Assange has been staying seeking political asylum, to tell Assange that he should leave the embassy so that they can re-arrest him and then extradite him to Sweden to face "questioning" from a Swedish prosecutor on sexual assault charges. Assange's legal team advised him against accepting the Brit's oh so polite offer of a greased legal railroad, and so informed the British police.

Today, the London police have ordered Assange to give himself up. Susan Benn of his defense committee, says he's been advised not to, since under international law, asylum requests have precedence over extradition proceedings.

Wikileaks has begun releasing 2.5 million emails from the Syrian government, focusing first on its purchase, from an Italian company, of technology used by the Syrian security forces through 2012.

The collusion between Western , FASCIST, class states and their totalitarian proxies, from Fascist Israel to Fascist military dictatorships, is proof that the war is BETWEEN WESTERN FASCIST /CLASS/EMPIRE ALLIANCES/ELITES versus the whole world with its social classes who see their FASCIST GOVERNMENTS enslaving them in a GLOBAL SLAVERY.    SMASH THE SECOND ROUND, SECOND FASCISTAXIS OF WESTERN FASCISM with its Fascist Nato Alliance. Prosecute these Western criminal , totalitarian thugs for their global fascism, which must be defeated by an alliance of international social classes around the world, willing to kick out all class parties, all class politicians, as FASCIST GLOBAL SCUM.


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