You are herecontent / Judge Imposes Minimum Sentence, Sympathizes With Disruption of Congress

Judge Imposes Minimum Sentence, Sympathizes With Disruption of Congress

20-Year Veteran Pleads Guilty to Act of Civil Disobedience

President of Veterans For Peace Disrupted Congressional "Super Committee"

Judge Expresses Sympathy With Criticism of Government, Imposes Minimum Sentence

Retired Naval Commander Leah Bolger pled guilty to the charge of Unlawful Conduct -- Disruption of Congress at a hearing before Judge Stuart Nash in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia Thursday, April 12th 2012. Bolger, who is a peace activist and the President of Veterans For Peace, interrupted a public hearing of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, commonly known as the Super Committee on October 26th, 2011

In her statement to the Judge, Bolger said, "I have come to understand what millions of Americans already know—that the actual majority will of the people is of little concern to those in power. We can demonstrate and petition and write letters until we are blue in the face, but those actions are virtually worthless, as we can't compete. Our voice is drowned out by the power of the money coming from the lobbyists and corporate interests. Money equals speech."

Though the maximum penalty for this infraction is 6 months in jail and/or a $750 fine, Judge Nash sentenced Bolger to 60 days incarceration and suspended that sentence. He also required her to make a $50 payment to a victims of crime fund and to perform 20 hours of community service, which Bolger will perform by working 20 hours for Veterans for Peace. She is on probation for nine months and faces the risk of having the 60-day sentence imposed, but says she is committed to continuing to speak out and protest, including when NATO comes to Chicago in May.

Judge Nash heard testimony from Retired Associate Judge Art Brennan who said, "Leah Bolger is not alone in her thinking. Millions of us would do what she is doing if we could summon the energy and the courage to tell our government what it really needs to know. Leah is charged with the misdemeanor of interfering or disrupting Congress. Far from it! She did not interfere with members of Congress doing their duty, representing the people, meeting and deliberating. Instead, she added her own careful words to a committee that needed to hear from the people that Congressional leaders are elected to represent--someone other than the military industrial complex and the corporate super-citizens."

Brennan's thoughts were echoed by attorney/activist Kevin Zeese who told Judge Nash, "In 45 seconds retired Commander Leah Bolger did more to represent the views of Americans and tell the true facts about the deficit than all of the elected representatives on the Joint Committee…(she) did an incredibly brave and patriotic act of citizenship."

Bolger's attorney Mark Goldstone also spoke in support of her action.

Judge Nash said twice that he sympathized with Bolger's criticism of the government. She had asked the Super Committee to stop ignoring the public's demand that wars be ended, military spending be reduced, and the rich be taxed. Nash, however, said that 300,000,000 people cannot all come and interrupt a Congressional hearing. After her court appearance, Bolger said that she would have liked to be able to tell the judge that if our representatives represented us, nobody would have to interrupt them. "It is a disgrace that we have to break the law in order to speak to our government," Bolger said.

Nash's imposition of such a minimal sentence was greeted by cheering from the packed courtroom and by multiple offers to pay the $50 on Leah's behalf. Bolger does not view the $50 paid to a victims' fund as a fine. She asked the court to impose no fine, as she believed no one should pay for permission to speak to our government. "I'm gratified," Bolger said afterward, "that the judge agreed I should pay no fine." The judge also imposed no "stay-away" order barring Bolger from Capitol Hill, despite the government's request for one.

Bolger is also supported by author and radio/TV host Thom Hartmann who called Bolger's actions "a courageous act of civil disobedience" and compared her to Susan B. Anthony. Other notables supporting Bolger include Ben Cohen, Michael Moore, and prominent activist and former presidential candidate, Ralph Nader who said, "Bolger showed what active citizens should be doing peacefully--confronting the corruption head on and making sure the public knows what is really going on. She should be honored for her actions."

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The principle of property relations in class history are fundamentally enslaving class relations. Far from having ended slavery, class

deformed civil society ALWAYS FINDS NEW WAYS, NEW FORMS, to use the Orwellian, inverted totalitarian class principle to enslave.

Today, the Patriarchal class mechanism with its class hierarchies uses FASCIST AUSTERITY, FASCIST CAPITALISM to enslave, globally,

through a Fascist Matrix.  The invisible hand Adam Smith promoted was NOT  this property principle, class principle, Orwellian, totalitarian

principle, but the social principle, social Patriotism of the Enlightenment which defined and put Human rights and social wealth as the

true definition of   FREE MARKETS, free from the class deforming class hierarchies and Patriarchal class

mechanism, that would make social forces, social control, independent, indivisible, from class history.

The Real Invisible Hand: George Orwell, and Why We Got JOBs not Jobs


"....Their perversion of Adam Smith’s famous Invisible Hand had been shown to be the ultimate in Orwellian Newspeak: nothing more and nothing less than a justification for the dismantling of the New Deal regulatory and social framework that had restrained rampant corporate greed, and which for three decades had enabled a widely shared prosperity.

So what did Obama and the Democrats do?

They doubled down on the free market uber alles approach that nearly destroyed our economy.

They hired new Goldman Sachs executives to replace the old Goldman Sachs executives who’d brought down the house under Bush. 

They bailed out Wall Street, and ignored Main Street.

They paid lip service to economic reform, but didn’t address the biggest causes of the economic meltdown – the repeal of Glass-Steagal and the failure to regulate hedge funds and derivatives..."


But then, that is what class hierarchies, class ideologies do, they invert, corrupt, co opt, substitute social power for class

despotism, ALWAYS a Zero sum game, parasitical totalitarian outcome, a rigged, deformed historical mechanism, that destroyed the social

power, the historical social mechanism through corruption, into the Patriarchal class mechanism in place now for milleniums.   Fascist

democrats, fascist republicans, all class politicians and their class parties have degenerated through long term, decades of deterioration,

endless shifting class compromises of their deformed, false centers, moving into the Fascist territory of corporatism and Fascism itself. 

All three branches of government, four if you include the corrupt, lying corporate media, have become Fascist hierarchies, corporate, imperial

agents for FASCISM, RACISM, EMPIRE and a GENERIC CORRUPTION through the historial class cycles, (observed by the ancient Greeks), that is

cumulative, so corrupt, that Congress, the President, corporate and military class hierarchies are REJECTED WORLD WIDE.   Class

republics degenerate into class tyrants (class politicians) and class Empires:


Conservative Washington Examiner Blasts Bank Settlement: 'It Doesn't Redress The Crime Committed'

So we have long term enslaving class relations, long term degenerating class cycles linked always to the Patriarchal class mechanism.

This generic deterioration, also occurs in all class ideologies, whose false social center, (always a class center, center right position)

shifts endlessly into totalitarianism and Empire bloodletting just like the Nazi Empire of yesterday.  These failed class states throughout

class history, whether it was the Weimar republic, American republic, Israel and many others devolved and lost their (partial, crippled,


How Did We Let this Happen?


"....I mean how did we let this happen to the country." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Here was a woman that was at deaths door just a few days ago and hear she was, lamenting about what the hell happened to America. She talked about the NDAA, the wars and the power of the Federal government. She used the word fascism a few times. This was what was on her mind.

I had to change the subject, she was in a weakened state and I didn't want her to become upset. Still, that question "How did we let this happen?" reverberated through my mind to this day. Indeed, how the hell DID we let this happen? The more I thought about it, the angrier I got.<?xml:namespace prefix = o />

You see, I'm not angry with the government, I'm angry with the people of this country. I spent three years in Germany, asking the older folks that were around when the Nazi's were in power, "How the hell did you people let that happen?" I received the same answer from everyone. They told me that they never understood what was happening until it was too late. They were asleep at the wheel; they were in a self-induced coma...."


SELF INDUCED COMAS, SELF ENSLAVEMENT occurs when people vote for class politicians, class parties, demanding social

power, social control through class power.   However social control, social power cannot exist, INDEPENDENTLY, WITHIN CLASS

DEFORMING CIVIL SOCIETIES, class deforming class hierarchies linked to a long history of ENSLAVEMENT through the Patriarchal class

mechanism and its property/class laws.   True SOCIAL POWER, INDEPENDENT, INDIVISIBLE, social justice REQUIRES DISMANTLING,


stirkes linked to votes for SOCIAL/GREEN parties will end the deformed HUMAN NATURE, greed, class despotism , and end slavery,

wars and Fascism:


How Spain Does a General Strike (video)






Media Scoundrels Promote War

Media Madness: Promoting Society's Worst, Ignoring Its Best









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