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Japan Is Catching War Fever

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            Dramatic changes this week in Japan, as the Abe government  took major steps – against the wishes of the majority of Japanese people – to transform Japan into a national security state with echoes of pre-war militarism. And, once again, Okinawans are to be sacrificed on the altar of the U.S.-Japan military alliance.


            Joseph Gerson



Japan & Okinawa


Outlays to Okinawa to rise by 15%

Nakaima cuts deal with Abe

Base time frame uncertain

Okinawa approves relocation of controversial US military base

Beijing and Seoul furious at Shinzo Abe's visit to Yasukuni Shrine

Japan – Abe’s Militarist Nationalism


Japanese Premier Visits Contentious War Shrine


With Shrine Visit, Leader Asserts Japan’s Track From Pacifism


In Textbook Fight, Japan Leaders Seek to Recast History

Risky Nationalism in Japan


Most oppose using force to aid ally: poll



Japanese PM's war shrine visit clouds military ties with Seoul


China, Koreas fight over dynasty



China must retaliate for Japanese prime minister’s war shrine visit: official media

Mao Zedong was no god, says Xi Jinping, in delicate balancing act

Southeast Asia

Thai army chief calls for end to violence but fails to rule out coup


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