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The Indefinite Detention of the Progressive Voter

By Sam Husseini

Earlier this year President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law. It allows for the indefinite detention without trial for any U.S. citizen deemed to be a terrorist or an accessory to terrorism.

Some might have thought that there would be wide-spread revolt among people who voted for Obama against legalized indefinite detention. And there was some protest, mostly led by Chris Hedges (who did not vote for Obama), with some legal victories against the law.

But the political success seems to have come from the law itself -- in favor of Obama. Instead of provoking a revolt, the result seems to be this:

Obama is in effect telling his supporters: "You better support me more, because I just signed this law saying the president of the U.S. can detain anyone he wants. Now, do you want me to have this power, or do you want Mitt Romney to have this power?"

And so, perversely, Obama by signing a law most of his supporters almost certainly didn't want, has actually ensured a greater grip on them. He has in effect indefinitely detained them.

Solving a problem in a positive way strengthens the citizenry. Avoiding doing so fosters a continual servitude upon the benevolence of corrupt power.

Similar effects are produced by targeting specific "constituencies". Consider:

By allegedly deferring final decision on the XL pipeline, environmentalists concerned with climate disruption are further compelled to back Obama -- with no assurance on the issues they presumably care about. But Obama benefits in a sense since this threat of the pipeline is real -- people who care about this issue feel desperate, needing to stop Romney and minimize long term activism that could propel the emergence of the Green Party or another challenge to the mainstream.

Similarly, rather than resolving the standoff with Iran, keeping "all options on the table" -- the Obama administration maintains the threat of war at a simmer while assured that "Romney is worse."

Because "Obamacare" did not create a new structure, as Medicare and Social Security did, it is largely reversible, so, limited as it was, whatever benefits come from it are largely dependent on Obama winning the election.

This extends to dealings with foreign officials as well. The Financial Times recently reported: "Barack Obama has pleaded with Russia’s president for 'space' to deal with the issue of missile defense, saying he would have greater 'flexibility' after the 2012 U.S. election."

After Obama stated that he personally favors gay marriage, gay pundit Dan Savage wrote: "Gay people better get out there and support the president. If he loses in November, we'll be blamed." What a cowering stance. This is a world where "constituencies" view themselves as such, not as citizens -- and also, where they are made to work for the politician, not the other way around. Politicians thus are not "public servants" as they frequently depict themselves, but as lords that serfs are made to defend lest another "lord" who is worse prevail.

Similar patterns exist on a host of issues from military spending, to immigration, and a related dynamic happens with the Republican Party.

The entire structure of political support, of lesser evilism, of operating continuously out of fear, not only stifles dreaming, but the fixation on survival comes at the cost of actually living.

Sam Husseini is founder of -- which urges principled progressives and conscientious conservatives to vote for the emerging parties they most agree with rather than cancelling out each other votes for the establishment parties they are each imprisoned by. Many of his writings are at:


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Husseini draws the right conclusion, which is a sad state of affairs for progressives in this country, and the nation as a whole.  It is beyond the pale that these two corrupt corporate-controlled major parties conspire to frame the debate within a narrow window, create ballot access laws that are so convoluted to make it near impossibe for any third party to attain it in all 50 states, then proceed to scare the s__t out o us every four years so we continue to repeat our mistake of voting for the candidate we perceive as the lesser of two evils. Talk about crazy--the electorate keeps on making the same mistake and keeps on expecting a different result; we fail to connect the dots between each and every election and the decline of this great nation.

After a lifetime as a Democrat including a short stint in the Green Party, I luckily found a new party to support this year, the Justice Party, and their candidate for president Ross "Rocky" Anderson. If the rule of law means anything to you, if you want economic, social, and environmental justice, then the Justice Party needs you and Rocky Anderson needs your vote.

Rocky Anderson has demonstrated a commitment to "we the people" when he was the only mayor of a major U.S. city to call for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney for dragging us into an illegal war in Iraq. He not only called for impeachment, he actively protested the war and rallied progressives around the call. As a practicing attorney, Rocky has been an an avid defender of civil liberties and has spent his adult life upholding and protecting the US Constitution. During his term as mayor in Salt Lake City, he successfully implemented policies that resulted in a 31% reduction in the city's municipal greenhouse gas emissions within just four years. These are only a few of this man's many accomplishments. Learn more at

While Rocky is the candidate this country needs for our president, the party he is representing is calling for building a people's movement and an alliance among third parties to elect candidates who actually represent us, not the corporations and their wealthy owners. Visit http://JusticeParty

I hope people will start listening to their better angels and abandon fear in this and future elections.  Until we wake up and start voting our principles instead of voting for the lesser of two evils, we will continue to languish in a system that now benefits the few at the expense of the many.

Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.--Ralph Waldo Emerson

A good description of the good-cop/bad-cop scam used by the two corporate-funded parties to keep half the country voting against the other half, but always for a corporate party.

I, and an increasing number of others, see that scam for what it is, and won't be manipulated by it.  I donate to, and will vote for the Green Party because their Green New Deal ( ) is the best way to use government to help CITIZENS, not corporations.

My Green votes send a message to the Democratic Party, telling them WHY they didn't get my vote, and the values I'll vote for.  And this message is sent even if the Greens I vote for don't win.

Starting an opposition party is a PROCESS that spans multiple elections.  Currently there are 135 Greens in office that have won their elections at the local level ( ).  The Green Party recently qualified for a moderate amount of matching Federal funding for the first time in history.  None of this would have been possible without our support of the Green Party is the preceding elections, even when we knew the Green Party wouldn't be taking power in that election.

My Green votes help to build to party still further, to a future point where they can challenge the corporate-funded parties at the State and Federal levels.

My Green votes contribute toward the 5% threshold, which will get the Green Party several millions in additional Federal matching funding and a guaranteed place on the ballot.

My Green votes make it harder for the Corporation for Presidential Debates to continue to censor the Green Party from the presidential debates.

Supporting Green candidates allows them to raise issues the corporate parties would rather remain silent on, like single-payer health care, workers' rights, citizens' rights, slashing the military budget, raising taxes on the wealthy, and the clear and present danger of outrageous corporate power.

Progressive voters are only "detained" if they allow themselves to be fooled by the corporate parties' scam.  As more and more people reject their rigged game, it will no longer keep us from challenging the bipartisan corruption that is suppressing democracy in America.


Watch what they do.  Don't pay any attention to what they say.  

The one thing that seems to really change is that in each election the candidates are bigger liars than in the last election.  Romney has clearly been telling every audience he speaks to for years what he thinks he wants them to hear.  He's the pro-Obamacare, pro-abortion guy from MA who's lied to the Republican base to convince them he's one of them.  Meanwhile, Obama is campaigning now on what he'll do if he's elected as if he hasn't alraedy been the President for four years ... and for those of you who have been Pavlovian trained to answer that with Republican Congress, remember that the Senate has been under Dem control the whole time,and the House was under Dem control and Speaker Pelosi for the first two years.

With both houses of Congress under his control, Obama's first priority was to give money to the bankers. Obama's second priority was to surge the Afghan war.  Obama has started a war in Libya, and done so in an unconstitutional way that even Dubya and evil-Dick-Cheney couldn't attempt.  Obama has surged his drone war in Pakistan, and expanded it to other areas.  

So, don't listen to either of them.  Romney and Obama are both massive liars.  Thus, it makes no sense to try to sort out the details of their lies.  Once you know they are lying, there's nothing to be gained in listening to either one of them because you know they are both liars.  Whatever you hear is a lie, so it doesn't matter what you hear.  Nothing that either Romney or Obama is saying now has anything to do with how they'll actually act as President.  We know that as a fact with Obama simply by comparing his 2008 campaign to what he actually has done as President.  We can be pretty sure of that about Romney just because of the number of lies and flipflops he's gone through to get this far.

There is an easy answer for this.  Vote for someone else.


A vote for Obama leads to a war with Iran

A vote for Romney leads to a war with Iran


I'm voting Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party.  If the USA had some sort of democratic, instant runoff sort of list, my second choice would be Mayor Anderson, Justice Party, and my third choice would be Gov. Johnson of the Libertarian Party.  On my blog (, I had the full list.   I had Obama #11 and Romney as my #12 choice, putting them both above some of the worst sounding tea-party type choices only.  But still, I really, really, really wish that the Greens, Libertarians, Nader, Anderson and the rest would realize that in a winner-take-all style of election, its insane and self-defeating to keep running all these candidates.  WE NEED ONE UNITY OPPOSITION CANDIDATE/COALITION.

I'd say I'm not voting for any Dems or Repubs, but I like my local Dem state senator.  :)

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