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Impeachment for Illegal War on Libya

By davidswanson - Posted on 27 May 2011

Here's George Will asking why the left does not demand Obama's impeachment for illegal war in Libya. Sure, one answer is that there's NOBODY in Congress, not one single member of any party, even pretending to be inclined to impeach Obama for this. But another answer is that Obama belongs to the Good Party, and if he belonged to the Bad Party then we would be obliged to object to illegal wars.

Get off your asses, people, and back Kucinich's resolution next week to end the war on Libya. And if it fails, then ramp up our demands. If the Senate goes along with the House next week, and if Obama does not veto the bill (as of course he does not want to do) then a new law will override the War Powers Act and "legalize" illegal wars. But the Constitution will remain rotting there in the National Archives. And the Constitution is a higher law than the Forever War Defense Authorization Act of 2012.

Watch for announcements of serious actions to be taken in October, but do not wait.

I think the answer to the question of why no one is even suggesting the impeachment of Obama is easy."There never was an anti-war movement in this country during Iraq and Afganistan". The whole movement was a "I hate GWB and am anti-Republican" movement. Why do I say this? Easy, the day after Obama's election the protests stopped. Period. This President has invaded Pakistan, violated Human Rights, authorized war crimes expanded military action into Yeman,and Libya is extending the stay of troops in Iraq, doubled the force in Afganistan and all he got was the lousy Nobel Peace Prize. It is still almost heresy in the mainstream to try and oppose these wars, or the increase in military spending. If it wasn't for Kuchnich there would be no opposition at all. I really miss my Constitution.


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