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Immigrant Rights Supporters Protest Anti-Immigrant Crowd

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 12 July 2014

When ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement buses tried to drop children off at a US detention center in Murrietta, CA, last week, a crowd of anti-immigrant "go home" protesters blocked the buses.  The sight recalled nothing so much as the White Citizens Councils greeting Freedom Riders in the South, or racist crowds demanding segregation of schools.

In a most bizarre twist, the Dean of Morgan State University's Journalism school suggested sending the children to Guantanamo because there's a lot of empty space there. NO! Close that torture camp now.

But on July 4, and since, immigration rights supporters showed up in equal and larger numbers.  Revolution reported

"People came to the immigration detention center in Murrieta from all over Southern California and beyond on the 4th of July to insist that the children with and without parents flooding across the border in Texas be treated humanely, with care and concern, and not as animals or criminals. And they came to challenge and confront the reactionaries whose ugly anti-immigrant xenophobia and pro-USA chauvinism has been given center stage in the national—and international—news all week...

"A high school student, dressed in white, told Revolution she had set up an event page on Facebook calling on friends to come dressed in white, and to march silently from the Wal-Mart a half mile away to the detention center. Though she was only familiar with a couple of her new 'virtual' friends, 30 people showed up for the July 4th march!

"A number of people from Murrieta came to oppose the racists. Two sisters from Murrieta—one in high school, the other in college with a young daughter—came together, carrying two handmade signs that each said: 'Our Land Is Your Land. Bienvenidos!' over a rippling American flag. They had first come to the detention center on Tuesday after hearing that anti-immigrant forces were out there."

A few photos capture a little of the chaotic and very political scene, which has continued for days.

A very popular Tweet: 



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