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If Elected I Will Indict George W. Bush

By Kurt Daims

A national coalition is forming to assist my candidacy for Town Grand Juror in little Brattleboro, Vermont: this is one of the most important elections in the country today. The Brattleboro town charter grants this office the same powers in the town that the attorney general holds in the state. Four years ago I authored the Brattleboro Indictment Resolution, for the town to draft indictments against Bush and Cheney for crimes against our Constitution (including war crimes). So, by law the town grand juror has both the power of prosecution and the premise to use these powers against Bush and Cheney. Coalition attorney Paul Gillies says the approach is novel and viable, though legal challenges are likely. The authority of the town grand juror is a remnant of the pre-revolutionary elected grand jury system in which justice is accessible to the people at lower levels of government. Such law may be the seed from which the tradition of American justice can be restored . People need to see that justice is possible in the world, and so be inspired in all good human work.

The fed has declined to prosecute, and so have the states. We advocates of justice can't just keep asking them and petitioning them to do it. We have to bang our heads on a different wall. If I draft an indictment, then the issue will present itself to higher government in a different form . That is, it will be a request for extradition.

THE ELECTION IS MARCH 6. Our chances of election are improved if we get people out to vote or if my other initiatives gain some good publicity -- the EMDOVY resolution and a Wall Street tax. EMDOVY (for eminent domain over VY, the nearby nuclear power plant) is now actually under review of legal council for the state legislature. I'm told it, too, is very interesting legally, and I have pasted some notes on it below for your reading. The Wall Street tax could bring money to the town, maybe even reduce other taxes, and is just about ready to publicize. I also spearheaded a "Save American Democracy" amendment resolution (proposed by Bernie Sanders), which is on the ballot. These things could help bring people to the polls.

This is probably the only indictment plan in the control of a willing official, and it is an issue of international humanitarian concern. So, Bush Indictment Coalition is forming to assist with the campaign. Brattleboro people supported the indictment resolution because they wanted justice for the troops, the torture victims and the dead civilians, and will favor me for town grand juror for the same reasons, but they are unaware of the significance of the office. Turnout at the march elections is very low and conservative. Our biggest challenge is to get out the vote. Promise to contact Brattleboro voters on the Weekend of March 2, or to enlist your friends any time. Hearing from people out-of-state reminds local voters that this is a national and international humanitarian issue that demands their vote.

Bob Bowman Lt Colonel USAF (retired) Director of "Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) under Reagan
Sue Serpa, New England Impeachment Coalition
Veterans for Peace War Crimes Prosecution Work Group


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